Sourcing out the perfect custom gift baskets is pretty tough.  Even if you know a person well, you can never be 100% sure to how they’ll react to what you get them.  Children are especially hard to buy gifts for, who the heck knows what they like?

Putting yourself under the stress of having to find the perfect gift can also lead mistakes and awkward faux pas.  You might panic during your search and end up sticking your in-laws with a 6-foot statue they have no idea what to do with.  Of course, while this may have been on purpose, it’s easy to overcompensate when trying to impress with a single gift.

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The solution to this is simple.  Custom gift baskets are a gift of the future.  We’ll help you get the jump on most people, but you can guarantee that everyone will be all over the idea of custom gift baskets soon.  Why?  Custom gift baskets impress in more ways than one.

Beer gift baskets are singlehandedly responsible for some of the happiest men alive.  Get well soon gift baskets have powered tons of speedy recoveries.  Makeup gift baskets have won millions of men boyfriend of the year awards.  College gift baskets have saved the day for many a student.

Pick the right gift basket theme and you’ll be able to make a person’s day. Custom gift baskets allow for a truly personal connection when it comes to giving out a gift.

Here are some suggestions to help you create your own custom gift baskets!

Wine Gift Basket

Wine gift baskets are a classic that almost always goes over well.  Similar to beer gift baskets, one of the best ways to organize your wines is by region.  People that love wine are sure to take an interest in what other countries have to offer for wine.  You can ask the staff at the liquor store about their recommendations for different regions.

Various wine accessories help to take this basket to the next level.  Wine lovers are always sure to want new toys to play with when it comes to their wine.  Look at things like custom corkscrews, wine glasses, lazy Susan’s, wine craters or wine decanters.

Try and get creative with what you use for the basket, you can use wine crates, wine buckets or even a wine rack to present your gift.

Beer baskets make great gifts for men, picking the right beer gift baskets here.

Movie Gift Basket

Almost everyone is sure to know a movie lover in their life who would appreciate a movie gift basket.  Even if you don’t, this gift basket theme is a great general gift for anyone to have a relaxing night in.

The first thing you should start with is movies.  A gift card to a movie subscription service is a great way to kick off your movie-themed gift basket.

Another must-have in this gift basket is popcorn. You can include a few boxes of microwave popcorn from the store, or you can buy the kernels for the person to pop.  You can also get creative and include flavored popcorn in your basket.

If the person the gift is for doesn’t like popcorn or if you just want to switch it up, include other snacks like chips, nuts, licorice or pretzels.

Another thing you want to do with this gift basket uses a unique item for the basket. You can use a popcorn bucket, ice bucket or nacho try to present all the items in your gift basket.

Try and get creative with it. Including fancy chocolates, cheeses and nuts for movie snacks to make for a gourmet gift basket.

So once everything is assembled this is how your gift basket will look. Looks good? Great. Let’s try the next idea for you.

Bookworm Gift Basket

This is a perfect gift for the book lover in your life.  Not only will they appreciate the gift, but it’s also something that will last for years and years. Book gift baskets can work both for children and adults.

When it comes to items to include, throw in some of your personal favorite books they may not have read. You can also do a search on recent best sellers and include a few. You should also include reading accessories such as bookmarks, small reading lights or book holders.

A gift card that allows the person to get some books that they’ve always wanted is also a good choice. Here are some suggestions to build your book gift basket around.

Survival Gift Basket

This is the perfect gift for people who love the great outdoors. If you have a friend who’s always telling you about their crazy hikes or long hours spent at the gym, this is a perfect basket for them. The idea of a survival basket is to include items that the person would find very useful; this means the items will vary from person to person.

In the case of your friend being a health freak, you’ll need to include a lot of practical items that can be used for physical activity. Water bottles, headbands, heart monitors and insoles for their shoes are all items that they can find a use for.

If your friend is specifically a hiker, you can include hand warmers, traction spikes, granola bars or a pair of heavy-duty gloves or socks. Here are some more suggestions for putting together a survival basket.

As you can see, custom gift baskets are easily the most versatile gift in existence. You don’t have to fret about choosing a single perfect item, which relieves you of a ton of stress. Remember that personalizing the basket is the biggest key to making a great gift.

Take the time to find out what the person the gift is for is interested in; this will help you make a stronger impact. Get creative!  You can create snack gift baskets, holiday gift baskets; get well soon gift baskets or anything else you can think of. There’s no limit to the gift basket themes you can think of. Impress all your friends with the future of gifts, custom gift baskets!

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