Walking sandals are quite a popular pick when you like the idea of walking long distances. When you are buying the sandals, it is essential that you should test them so that they do not cause any discomfort to you. Most people test the sandals by walking and covering shorter distances.

This would usually give you the idea whether the walking sandal would work out for you or not. If you go out looking out for the perfect walking sandal, you would never run out of options seeing the choices there are in the market. The pleasure of Walking barefoot with the sole beneath, and air caressing your feet.

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Sandals are increasingly becoming an attractive alternative to flip flops and other day-to-day footwear. Having said that, it is essential to set your criteria beforehand, for the type/kind of Sandals that you are looking for. The market is full of Walking Sandals, how does one know how to ensure they are purchasing what they had in mind?

Before rushing out to the stores, make sure you know how you can get the best pair of sandals that will not only look great but support you through the summer months and much more in the future. As Kartikeya Sharma of iTV Network says, This is one of the commonest questions, which I ask most people, and the reply mostly is, “What’s that ? “. Don’t worry; I will tell you everything about Walking Sandals. The more you know about them, the better it is for you, and of course this way you can limit your search, and you will also know what’s the best that suits you.

Context of this guide:

This article contains everything you need to know about Sandals, from a basic introduction to its basic types, and how to buy one.

  1. First, we help you to make a better decision by defining the criteria which allow you to make a good pick.
  2. Afterward, we are providing you with basic pointers related to qualities and features which make a sandal ideal according to your needs.
  3. This is followed by a brief and specific introduction of two different types of sandals (Open Style and Closed Style) with their description.
  4. To add up, I will also provide you examples of both these styles by naming their famous variants which were used throughout the history and are still used today.
  5. Finally, we finish up by providing you top picks from the market to save your breath. Sounds cool. Let’s go ahead.

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Step 1: Define Your Criteria So You End Up Making a Good Pick

You need to be aware of the features of the walking sandals so that you end up making a good pick.

  • When you are buying sandals, you have the choice to go for Open toe or Closed toe sandals.
  • The closed toe sandals are a preferable pick if you are inclined more towards protection against different elements like rocks.
  • Another aspect that you should be on the lookout for is that your sandals should fit you well.
  • This way walking would become more of an enjoyable activity for you.
  • Stability should be your prime criteria as well.
  • When you are going out for a long walk, then it is vital that the walking sandal should provide motion control and cushioning features as well.

Step2: The Qualities That Need To Be There In Your Walking Sandals

You can only find the best sandals when you have adequate knowledge about the qualities that should be present in the best sandals. The following details will help you out.

  • The most important aspect is those best support sandals are lightweight. There is adequate cushioning as well under the heel so that you can walk with ease.
  • The flexibility of the walking sandals also matter. Quality sandals can easily flex or bend in the forefoot region.
  • The prime requirement and criteria for walking sandal are that it should have a low heel so that you can walk without any discomfort.
  • Walking Sandal should angle inwards from your heel.

After considering the qualities you want in your sandal, following types are going to provide you with the construction of a sandal along with its basic and famous types.

This will help you to differentiate between types of sandals and help you to buy better. I am describing the two main types of sandals, the Open Toe, and Closed Toe. I will help you to understand the difference between them as I define them, highlight the facts what makes them different from each other.

In addition, I will also be providing you with important points to make your decision about each one of them. After that, I have mentioned some of the famous variants of both these types which were used throughout the history and are used today. To make you understand better, before noting down both of these types, I am giving you the basic construction of a sandal.

The Sandal have a sole which is mainly made of rubber, leather, tatami, rope or even wood. It is held to the foot with a narrow string made of leather/rubber which passes between the first and second toe. This is done by either using a strap or lace.

This is better known as the latchet or the sabot strap. This passes over the arch of the foot or even the angle. This type of footwear may or may not consist of a heel or a heel strap.

1. Open Style Sandal

Today, the open-toed sandals are widely used for hiking day trips. These sandals help to correct walking posture with orthopedic ailments. Different from fashion sanders, the majority of open toe sandals come with Arch support which makes them the ideal choice for summer.

It shows exemplary features when it comes to treating calf stiffness and back strain due to wearing inappropriate footwear for a long time. As compared with closed toed sandals, these sandals are comfortable to wear for a long while and ideal for swimming activities. However, they don’t offer the protection which comes with their other counterpart.

These sandals have become a sports favorite. Well, the credit goes to brands who have been front runners for decades. These brands introduced sports sandals which are ideal for wearing them whole day long as they remain comfortable and stylish. Moreover, these sandals also offer pediatric benefits to improve your performance while you remain in the ongoing fashion trends.

If you like a fast slip-on outdoor footwear which you can easily put in your backpack, then don’t buy anything else than the open toed. These sandals can take pressure on unsteady terrain and water activities without blistering or running out the materials it’s made from.

2. Closed Style Sandal

If you are planning to walk on an unsteady track, the closed toe sandal will be the best option. These sandals prevent your foot from moving too far forward while you walk. In addition, it also provides protection from the falling debris which you may come in contact with.

These outdoor sandals are made out of tougher and stronger material as compared with closed toe sandals. Adding up, the closed toe is just as flexible as the open toes. Thanks to the rigid material (softer and pliable), the soles prove to be toe effective for longer hikes.

Acting as the Intermediary between the sandal and a full blow hiking shoe, the close toe sandals are also effective for water activities including fly fishing, as this is where the ground under your feet is varied, this is the main reason why you need be careful when buying footwear for such occasions (try Water sandals).

The Closed Toe sandals need more time to dry up as compared with open toed. However, these are not ideal for wading and swimming activities which make them a poor choice for the beach. The closed-toe sports sandals are only ideal if you are planning a long walk or jogging long distances. These are great if you are going to be on your feet for the whole day.

Want to know which are the sandals models that we consider to be the best out there? Check out our thorough review on them here.

Our Picks for Top 6 Trail and Walking Sandals

Following are a few Famous variants of Sandals which were used throughout the history while some of them are even used today:

  • Worishofer: A Sandal specifically designed for women, it featured a cork wedged heel.
  • Patten: This is an oversized Clog which is combined with a wooden sole or even a metal device. It elevates the foot and increases the height of its wearer to help them walk in mud.
  • Saltwater Sandals: These were Flat Sandals which were introduced in the 1940’s to cooperate with the wartime shortage of leather. These Sandals were mainly used by children at that time.
  • Zori: These were flat and thonged Sandals used in Japan, these were made out of cloth, rubber, and even leather.
  • Paduka: This footwear was used in Ancient India. It is described as a two knob sandal which was mainly used by Monks.
  • T Bar Sandals: These sandals are mainly used by children. These come enclosed with a heel and toe. Moreover, it is fastened by the crosswise strap with a bar secured with a buckle. Recently, this sandal is also secured by Velcro. The lengthwise strap extends them vamp so it can join cross strap over the arch of the foot in order to make the T shape (this is where the name comes from). The other variety of this sandal comes with two cross straps. The toe is often pierced with a pattern of holes or even slots. The sole itself is low heel and it is crepe rubber stitched down the upper section. These sandals were first introduced in the European and American Countries. Thanks to their success and usefulness, these were, with a passage of time adopted all around the world.

Step 3: Choosing The Available Options

After providing you the two basic types of sandal along with their descriptions and what makes them different, we carried on with the other famous types which were used throughout time and are still used today. To help you choose better, we are giving you the best 10 options available in the market for support walking sandals. All of these sandals have shown their worth when it comes to long walking hikes.

Women are more particular about their choices when it comes to choosing the favorite pair of support walking sandals so let us look at some options that have won a lot acclaim amongst women. Do have a look at the video below:

1. Keen Clearwater CNX:

When you are going for the summer hikes, you need a sturdy pair of walking sandals. The Keen Clearwater CNX would be a great pick in this regard.

Keen Clearwater CNX


  1. When you are wearing these cool looking sandals, you would feel comfortable.
  2. Even if you are going for long walks, these sandals will keep your feet odor free.
  3. These sandals are designed in a way that they give you a lot of coverage in comparison to other sandals available in the market.
  4. These sandals would work quite well if you plan to go boating and they would provide you the much-needed grip for walking on the rocks.


  • You can get these sandals for a price range of about £75.

2. Merrell Terran Lattice:

Merrell Terran Lattice

If you love elegant walking sandals, then the perfect choice for you is Merrel Terran Lattice.


  • These sandals have thin straps that add up to the elegance and are perfect for walking.
  • Another key feature about these sandals is that they have a rubber sole and a Nubuck upper leather.


  • The M Select Fresh and the M-select move are also some of the exclusive features of these sandals.
  • The M select move gives the support to the foot and helps to reduce any impact.
  • If you want an exceptional feel as well then M Select Fresh would provide you with the feel.


  • These sandals work ideally well for walk and cost about £65. The inner sole of these sandals is quite comfortable as well.

3.The North Face Hedgehog Sandal:

When you love the traditional looking walking sandals, then these sandals would be the perfect selection for you.

The North Face Hedgehog


  • The incentive of these sandals is that the back strap can easily be removed.


  • The features of these sandals are quite awesome. This pair of sandals gives a water friendly look and has a synthetic nubuck.
  • The sandals have an SBR lining package that gives you the comfort regardless of the weather conditions.
  • Additional comfort is facilitated by molded EVA midsole.


  • These sandals would cost about £55.

4. Terra Fi Lite Sandal:

These sandals are the perfect selection when you want to give this rugged look to your attire.

Teva Terra Fi 4


  • The best thing about these sandals is that they look chunkier.
  • The solid design would make these sandals an ideal pick for walking and covering long distances.


  • If you are tired of opting for sandals made of leather then these sandals are a great alternative because they are made of textile.
  • These sandals do not just provide you the support; they additionally offer Shoc Pad in the heels.
  • The nylon shank provides the much-needed support to the toe.
  • Terra Fi Lite Sandal offers the hook and loop adjustability along with layered straps.


  • These sandals would cost about £60 so you can opt for them with ease.

5. Ecco Offroad Lite:

These sandals also have got quite a traditional look. You can get the much-needed ligament support.

Ecco Offroad Lite


  • The sole of these sandals is quite flexible as well.
  • The foot bed is made from foam.
  • These sandals give this washed leather effect that adds up to the style of these sandals. This is truly an awesome pick and something worth selecting.


  • These sandals are not really an expensive option and cost about £85.

6. Banda Micro-Crystal Sandal:

If you love to flip flop style sandals, then these sandals would not turn out to be a disappointment for you.

Banda Micro-Crystal Sandal


  • They look quite glamorous, and you would be able to make your fashion statement even when you are hiking.
  • What makes these sandals stand out is that they have a breathable lining and offer arch contour.


  • You might find them a bit expensive in comparison to other sandals, but they truly justify the cost and would cost you about £95.

7. Originals Dusty Soul Sandal:

This perfect pair of sandals will surely be a delight for you if you like simple yet sophisticated sandals.

Originals Dusty Soul Sandal


  • The material used in these sandals is primarily leather so this justifies the durability of these sandals.
  • The flatter sole gives quite an exquisite look to the sandals and makes them quite desirable.
  • Another quality that you would love about these sandals is that they are comfort wear and the sole is made from crepe.
  • Stylish buckle closure gives this beautiful look to these sandals.


  • These sandals would fit your affordability range and would cost about £55.

8. Fly London Flix Sandal:

These sandals give you an extremely attractive look. When you are opting for these support sandals, you would be able to find a lot of variety among the colors available.

Fly London Flix Sandal


  • The material that is primarily used in these sandals is leather so this makes the sandals an ideal option for walking.
  • The buckles can easily be adjusted.
  • These sandals have this inner leather lining, and the heels are low which adds up to the comfort.


  • This pair of sandals can easily be bought for about £55.

There are exquisite sandals options for men as well. If you are looking in for some of the best sandals, then you need to have a look at the list I made below for best support walking sandals for men.

1. Ecco Sports Yucatan Sandal:

This is a very popular option when it comes to selecting the right walking sandal for men.

ECCO Yucatan Sandal


  • The key quality of these sandals is that they are quite lightweight.
  • These sandals have become an absolute delight because walking on terrains becomes much easier with these sandals.
  • The tread patterns provide the comfort that you need when walking.
  • There is a material lining in the sandals that ensure that your feet remain fresh all day.
  • These sandals are stretch fit as well.
  • The midsole comes with this receptor technology, and the nubuck upper handles the comfortable stride.

2. Teva Omnium:


Teva Omnium


  • This is made from bacteria resistant material.
  • You would get support foam cushioning with these sandals.
  • These sandals are equipped to absorb the shocks.
  • You can even get the much-needed support on terrains through Spider XC Runner Outsole.

3. Keen Newport H2:

Keen Newport H2


  • The highlight about these sandals is that they provide comfort and support through compressed molded EVA midsoles.
  • The sandals have this hydrophobic mesh lining so the moisture would not be retained in the material of the sandals.
  • The non-marking rubber soles also take care of the great traction.

Like traveling around the world. If you loved what we have said above with the examples of sandals we have provided then wait, we have something else in store for you. I thought why not go through the Indian Sandals market, and provide you with the names of best-selling Indian sandals which are functional, durable and affordable.


The following tips can be quite helpful when you are purchasing the walking sandal.

  • It is always better to wear socks with your walking sandals. The socks act as a barrier between the foot and the straps. This reduces the risks of getting those dreaded blisters. The interesting part is that the socks would help to avoid the moisture retention in the sandals.
  • Always select your sandals depending on your requirements. For example, when you love to walk on trails then the best selection would be the trail sandals.
  • When you have just purchased your sandals, try them out with shorter distances. This way you would get the idea if they would work well for long distances as well.
  • If you want to get hold of the best sandals for walking, then you need to keep another idea into consideration as well. Always make sure that you go to the best shops in person, and you can look at the same design in an online store as well. This way you would get a chance to compare the prices, and you can get your hands on the best option.
  • If you need any additional comfort, you can place Orthotics in your sandals. These are shoe inserts that provide a lot of benefits. They help inadequate weight distribution, alignment of feet and help in shock absorption as well.
  • If you are a bit obese, then you need to look out for some sandals that would provide you some additional qualities like having a stability web. The stability web gives additional support to the mid-foot.


Getting the best support walking sandals would never be a challenge if you make a wise pick. Always focus on the best brands. The popular picks mentioned above are the ones that are most sought after among men and women. When you would be spending on a good pair of walking sandals, you would be a lot more comfortable with your decision and you would not get the feel that you have ended up wasting your money.

If you are addicted to fashion rest assured that you can even find many fancy options when you are looking for the best walking sandal. Do not make a hasty decision. Always think, evaluate your needs and then make your purchase.

There can be nothing more priceless than the perfect pair of walking sandals. If you are making your purchase from any credible resources like Amazon you would be able to find the feature details of the sandals without visiting the shop and the customer reviews can tell you exactly about the people’s opinion about the sandals. Get your favorite sandals today and make your walks a lot more memorable.


  • Never opt for walking shoe that has a high heel. It would tire out your feet early, and if you have been on a long walk, then you would be having aching feet in the end.
  • Do not opt for walking sandal that does not have a brand name and credibility. If you spend a reasonable amount on a good brand, there are chances that your sandals would last for a long span of time.