Expressing love through diamonds has been in trend for quite many years. As they say diamond is a girl’s best pal. Diamond rings, earrings and pendants are accessories that women love to flaunt. The radiance of a diamond is enhanced when it adorns the beauty of a woman.

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Necklaces and pendant present a unique fashion statement. There are so many designs and patterns of pendants that picking the one that suits you can be a herculean task.

Having said that, it is also equally important to match the pendant with your personality and style. Before you invest in a diamond pendant it is worth reading the following paragraphs.

Prioritise the C’s


Cut must be the first to be looked. Only a well cut diamond will emanate light that is truly amazing. Despite a small stone, a properly cut diamond is sure to spark out brilliant luminescence. The clarity and colours can be given the second consideration which depends on your budget.

Grading is essential


When you buy any piece of diamond it is wiser to look for the grading report. This is a complete assessment made by the professionals about the qualities of the diamond. This will give you a clearer idea about the quality and the price that you can pay for it.

Consider placing birthstone


You can also fusion play with the diamond and other birthstones. Ruby, emerald and so many other birth stone blend perfectly well with the diamonds. You can also customise your designs to give an innovative and unique look for your pendants.

Get the help of a creative designer who will be able to guide you better in crafting a differently styled pendant that not only looks unique but also portrays your true inner persona.

Length and size


When you pick the pendant it must go well with the size of the chain. Ideally, the pendant must rest beautifully on your chest and for this you may have to make some trials to pick the perfect length of the chain.

Also, this greatly depends on the clothing too. If you have a deep neck cloth then you may go for longer chains and vice versa. The design on the chain is the next factor to be considered. You have choices like rope, box, Figaro and many more. Pick the one that can best enhance the look of the pendant.

Style to suit personality


If you are planning to gift the pendant then keep in mind the personality of the receiver. Look for styles that will match their personality. Their tastes and preferences must be known to make the right pick.

You can pick a pendant and chain that does not fall over other pieces of jewellery. You can always go for the neutral designs and sizes if you are not aware of the receiver’s style.

Storage is important

Diamond pendants must be stored properly to get a lasting shine and radiance. Preferably invest in jewel box and keep the piece in closed boxes wrapped up in cloth. Place the pieces separately without overlapping to avoid scratches.