Working on your feet all day is exhausting enough without suffering from foot problems.  Being able to narrow down the best work shoes for women helps you avoid back, hip and feet problems from developing.

Long hours standing, even without physical activity can cause your all parts of your body to hurt.  The best shoes for work give you proper padding, support and a few other factors that contribute to your health.

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Type Of Work Shoes To Look For

The type and shape of shoe you pick has a huge effect on how well they support your feet.  Here are three types of shoes that grant you the most support while on the job.

Ballet shoes

best shoes for work

Ballet shoes are versatile in style and are commonly used for both formal and informal occasions.  Ballet slippers are breathable and have a relaxed fit that makes them perfect for long periods spent on your feet.

When looking at ballet shoes, get as little of a heel as possible.  Ballet shoes may be flat, but they still give you solid arch support.  Ballet shoes should comfortably hold your feet without squeezing them.


Clogs are among the best shoes for work because of their specialized design.  Clogs are quick and easy to put on and offer more padding and comfort than the average shoe.

Clogs have padding around the shoe, on the insides and extra padding on the soles.  Clogs also have non-slip soles and are designed to squeeze your feet in the right places for support.


best working shoes

Flats are the most practical type of work shoe.  When it comes to design, there isn’t much to write home about.  However, flats continue to be among the best work shoes for women thanks to their construction.

Unlike high heels, flats protect your ankles and arches.  Flats are safe to drive in and safe for moving around in a fast paced environment.  If you’ve ever driven a car in high heels, then you know the safety risk they pose!  Flats are practical shoes that will protect your feet.

Another benefit of flats is the low cost.  You can get great value for your money and get a pair of shoes that will last you a while.

Features to look for in work shoes

No matter what type of shoe you decide to go with, you need to look for certain features that are consistent in the best work shoes for women.  The best working shoes feature a minimum of 2 out of the three following factors to look for.

Memory foam

The best work shoes use memory foam to shape the soles to provide you support in the areas you need it.

Everyone has a slightly different shape to their feet.  The advantage of buying a shoe with memory foam is you can get a form fitted sole without spending hundreds on a custom insole.

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Prioritize Shock absorbing shoes

Every time your foot hits the ground, there’s a jolt of energy sent from the bottom of your shoe to your feet.  If you have shoes with poor shock absorption, this energy can cause injury to your feet.  This is how inflammation and conditions like Plantar Fasciitis develop.

Look for shoes with flexible forefoot area and dual layer soles.  You should also look for enhanced rubber shocks.  The best work shoes for shock absorption are flats or clogs thanks to their shock-absorbent design.

Hunt down slip resistant soles

The best working shoes place a strong emphasis on non-slip features.  Non-slip shoes help to prevent accidents and make it safer for you to move around in a fasted paced work environment.

Best shoes for work

One thing to keep in mind with slip-resistant shoes is you will need to replace them as the non-slip coating wears off.  If you use the same pair for too long, you put your safety at risk as the shoes lose their grip with each use.  The high quality shoe you buy, the longer the non-slip will last.