Are you a bride walking down the aisle a bit later in life? Every woman desires to feel beautiful on their wedding day, regardless of whether they are in their 20s or 70s! Like countless other brides, you want to experience that “Yes” to the dress moment and it can and will happen for you.

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The Perfect Wedding Dress

Finding that perfect wedding dress is worth the effort. As you search keep in mind that as an older woman, you are not bound or obligated to wear a certain style. Your only obligation is to make sure that your choice is one that makes you happy and suits you, showcasing the beauty that you are.

There are no maxims you have to subscribe to, for it is your day! Whether you want to go all out in full white princess ball gown or appear with a modern flair, the perfect dress is defined by you.

Perfect Wedding Dress

Naturally, shopping for a wedding dress when you are older is quite different from when you were younger. The wedding dresses styled for younger brides may accentuate body features you may feel more modest about.

With the market today, though, there are plenty of perfect wedding dresses waiting for you to try them on. Are you ready to explore some of them?

Silhouette Styles

Take a moment to familiarize yourself with the different wedding dress styles as they each flatter different body types.

  • Ball gown: the classic fairy-tale dress
  • A-line: Works well with all body types
  • Trumpet: Works well with small waists, hourglass figures, and petites
  • Mermaid: Flattering on slender figures and hourglass body types
  • Tea-length: Flattering on all body types

Mature Wedding Dresses

Rather than go with the traditional wedding dress that instantly comes to mind, many older women are choosing instead to opt for tea-length wedding dresses.

This vintage-style wedding dress looks fabulous on petite, plus size, or older brides and it is a more functional alternative to the floor-length gown. Floor length gowns with long trains create more problems than solutions if you are planning to dance the night away, host your wedding outside, or planning a low-key event.

Mature Wedding Dresses

If you still want a longer dress, consider a sweep train instead. Its longer than a tea-length dress yet is easier to manage than a full-length train, providing the perfect amount of glamour without the frustration of a train.

Typically, you can find sweep train dresses with 3 to 6 inches of the train on the floor, allowing you to sweep in with grace without the hazard of tripping. The top part of these wedding dresses can be found in all types of configurations whether you prefer short sleeves vs long, high neck vs v-neck, you get the idea.

Speaking of Sleeves and Necklines

Who says your dress has to be sleeveless? Sleeved dresses are a great choice for older brides who wish to cover their arms. Sleeve lengths can range from ½, ¾, full-length sleeves, or cap sleeves. Brides who wish to achieve the modest look without looking sacrificing style can balance their look by choosing a v-neck, lower back, or a lace illusion neckline.

Higher necklines provide a touch of grace and dignity to older women who would rather not reveal too much skin. Illusion fabric, a very fine, sheer net fabric, create a seamless look, allowing the skin to peek through without exposing it fully.

Best Wedding Dresses Sleeves and Necklines

Usually, low cut necklines are avoided by older brides, but if you find the perfect dress that exhibits a bit more skin than you are comfortable with, consider adding a jacket or a wrap. When paired properly with your dress, they can add elegance and give you a deeper sense of security.

Jackets and wraps come in all shapes and sizes, so you are sure to find one that will match your dress, be it strapless or A-line. An added bonus is that the jacket/wrap can be removed with ease when you are ready to hit that dance floor.

Empire Wedding Dresses

Lace and chiffon empire wedding dresses are a classic hit, whether you are celebrating at the beach or the garden. Empire wedding dresses are designed to hug the mid-section just below the breasts while hiding the stomach below. It is an excellent way to accentuate the bust without being too revealing, and simultaneously flatter the rest of your figure. The empire wedding dress can be found in different lengths, giving you the option

Empire Wedding Dresses

Ball Gowns

Just because you are an older bride does not eliminate ball gown style wedding dresses from your list of options. If you wish to be a princess on your wedding day, a ball gown may be in order.

Ball gowns are notorious for their fairy-tale like charm. If you have a pear-shaped body, a ball gown works well to hide the lower body, just beware if you have a petite frame as it can overwhelm the figure, creating a cupcake effect. These dresses feature tons of embellishments and long heavy trains or can range on the simpler side with ruffles and lace.

Contemporary Wedding Dresses

If you are a second-time-bride, the color of your dress is not as fiercely scrutinized by tradition as a first-time bride’s. Rather than let tradition dictate the color, confidently try on new styles and colors.

Champagne, greys, blues, and any color that meets your fancy and flatters your skin tone can be your pick. Take it even further with dynamic patterns to create a truly unconventional wedding dress!

Civil Wedding Dress

Contemporary wedding dresses don’t even have to be dresses! As a mature, modern bride you can wear a suit for a formal yet flattering choice. A suit dress or pencil skirt paired with a lovely blouse can make an excellent choice for a civil wedding where there is no need for pomp and flair.

Additional Wedding Dress Suggestions

  • A Grecian style wedding dress: known for its flowy and free form. The soft, smooth lines of a Grecian style wedding dress can flatter your figure without clinging overly tightly to your frame.
  • Embroidered wedding dress: sophistication meets simplicity. The embroidered wedding offers a unique textured pattern ranging from a vintage look to a luxurious one.

A Final Word

While we think we shared a fair few ideas for wedding dresses for older women, there may still be some looking for more. For them, we have another detailed post on this same topic, which can be found here.