High-heeled footwear has become extremely popular over the past few years. They are now also considered as one of the top fashion trends by many, though are primarily used for the height advantage they offer to all the women out there who are looking to appear taller.

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However, before deciding to go for high heels, you also need to consider quite a few things. After all, there are also many disadvantages associated with wearing high heels. So it will probably be a good idea to know about all the advantages and disadvantages of wearing high heels, so that you can conclude if the pros really outweigh the cons for you, as they do for so many other women out there.

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Advantages of wearing high-heel footwear

Well, as mentioned above, the primary reason we women wear high heels is to get the much needed height advantage, and look a little taller. With that said, let’s talk about this advantage, as well as some other ones, in detail below.

High heels make you look taller

A short height has always been a major issue for many women out there. This is probably the reason why high heels managed to become so very popular in the first place. It seemed to be one of the most inexpensive and probably easiest ways for short women to appear taller.

High Heels

Short women may want to look taller in various situations. For example, if they want to visit a special occasion of their relatives, they may feel a little shy due to their short height. High heels may seem the perfect option to such women for adding a few inches, and becoming a little taller, though temporarily.

Appearing taller may also sometimes instill a sense of confidence which has otherwise been lost due to the short height.

High heels help attract more attention

High heels also tend to attract attention. After all, when you appear taller, you may actually stand out from the lot, or at least not get lost in it. Also, high heels tend to change your walking style, and sometimes, it may look stylish without you doing anything intentionally. This is because while wearing high heels, you have to walk in a different way, and it may seem a little stylish to others and help draw attention

High heels sandals

However, this is also not true for everyone. Only those who are really comfortable wearing and walking in high heels may be able to use it to their advantage.

High heels may also help you look slim

Looking slim seems to be one of the biggest goals of most of the women out there. High heels may help you look thinner regardless of your dressing style, as depending on your choice, they may go well with all types of outfits out there.

Furthermore, when you look taller, you also tend to look a little thinner as well. Then there’s also the fact that they make you stand straight, which again helps in looking slim.


As mentioned earlier, there are quite a few disadvantages of wearing high heels. We will be taking a look at some of them below.


Yes, it’s one of the biggest issues associated with wearing high heels. They tend to be really hard on your feet and legs, and if you wear them for a long time, you may experience intense pain in your legs and feet.

wearing high heels

This seems to be one of the reasons why some women prefer wearing high heels only when they know for sure that they won’t have to stand on their feet for a long time.

Sprains and fractures

Many cases of sprains and fractures, too, are associated with wearing high heels. They aren’t too common, though. However, if you are planning to wear them all the time, you are definitely exposing yourself to such potential problems.

Sprains and fractures with high heels

Difficulty in walking

This is another common problem many come across while wearing high heels. After all, not everyone may be comfortable enough in walking properly while wearing high heels. There also seem to be cases when wearing high heels result in a woman having to walk in a really awkward way. So you need to keep this in mind as well.

Having to walk slowly

Similar to not being able to walk as normally as you usually do, high heels also force you to walk extremely slowly. This is regardless of whether you are comfortable or used to wearing them or not. You just won’t be able to take big strides. This can obviously be quite inconvenient, and even annoying at times.

Finding cheap but quality heels

Well, before starting to talk about this point, let us tell you that don’t expect a lot if you are not really willing to spend a lot on your heels. There do seem to be some top brands out there, but they price their products surprisingly expensively.

quality high heels

Hence, your best bet may be to not go for very stylish heels in the low price range, but rather simple, plain ones. This is not because you may not be able to find stylish high heels in the low price range, but their quality may be disappointing. In other words, you may have to compromise either on the quality or the looks, if you don’t want to spend a lot.

Coming to where exactly you can find cheap, but quality high heels, Yepme seems to be one of the best online retailers. It seems to be offering a really wide range of products, while also pricing them reasonably. In fact, you can find many products that you like that are priced just under 1000 INR.

Other similar retailers include Amazon India, Jabong, shopbot, and so on.

A final word

As a final word, let us point out that comfort tends to be one of the most important factors when it comes to choosing high heels. Hence, understand that looking taller or even saving on the cost isn’t really more important than the comfort factor. After all, you don’t want to end up hurting your feet and legs while wearing cheap and low quality heels for a long time.

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