The trend of nose piercing has become increasingly popular over the years. Women of every age group love flaunting piercings on their nose with stylish nose jewelry. And when we talk about nose piercing jewelry, it doesn’t necessarily have to be a traditional gold nose ring. In fact, today’s market is loaded with n-number of nose jewelry styles that it has become tricky to shop for the right jewelry.

If you also have a nose piercing and want to make it more attractive, following are the nose jewelry trends you should try this year:

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1) Diamond Nose Rings: Diamond nose rings are always on-trend. They look great with everyday outfits, party dresses, and even formal stuff. No matter whether you settle for a tiny diamond stud or a giant diamond nose hoop, it will make your nose piercing sparklingly beautiful. And when the talk is about color, you can pick classic white diamonds, delicate pinks or black diamonds as per your choice. Best is to go for Diamond Gold Nose Ring. Featuring seven shiny diamonds acting as metal, this flower shaped nose ring offers an adorable aesthetic that goes far beyond the stud style.

2) Gemstone Nose Rings: To impart a colorful look and feel to your nose piercing, gemstone nose rings are a perfect option to rely on. Gemstones or birthstones can be picked according to one’s birth horoscope. Whether you pick a solo gemstone or something featuring a cluster of gems, gemstone nose jewelry is sure to make your look standout. Choose from styles including bones, twist, L-shape, pins, hoop and more. Get your hands on Dual Genuine Gemstone 14K Gold Nose Ring. Set with dual gemstones of different colors, this nose ring crafted in 14k gold offers sheer sophistication. Something that is sure to fetch you compliments from your pals at the party!

3) Nose Ring Hoop: Nose Ring Hoop are an all-time popular nose jewelry trend. From tiny hoops to giant ones, you can choose the size as per your choice. No matter whether you opt for gold nose hoops, diamond hoops or something in sterling silver, it will surely grab everyone’s attention. If you are looking nose hoops for parties, best is to go for studded ones. If you want a unique look for your nose piercing, grab this Opal 14K Gold Twisted Captive Bead Ring Hoop. Beautifully crafted with two 14k gold wires, this twisted hoop features a beautiful opal which is truly colorful and radiant. This bead ring hoop is ideal for everyday wear and it will also perfectly go with all our party outfits. Absolutely must for women for are looking for a simple yet unique piece of nose jewelry!

4) Platinum Nose Rings: If you want the most classy and luxurious nose jewelry, then opt for platinum nose rings. Rare and expensive, platinum offers a striking alternative to gold. The best part of platinum nose piercing jewelry is that it looks great both as a solitary piece or when paired with diamonds. What’s more? It is great to wear anytime and anywhere. For the most sophisticated look, go for Diamond 950 Platinum Nose Ring Stud. This nose ring made from high polished solid 950 platinum features a sparkly diamond in a martini-style prong-setting. Tiny and non-bulky, this nose ring will sit flat on the nose while offering you a comfortable feel. Wear this platinum-diamond nose ring stud to parties and stun everyone around you!

5) Charm Nose Rings: Charms are one trend in body jewelry that never fades away with time and when we talk about nose piercing jewelry, these charms add an affordable look to it. So, get ready to show your unique personality with charm nose rings this year. From flirty and cute to mysterious and edgy, choose the ring that best suits your personality. No matter whether you opt for a cute star-shaped charm or a diamond-laden moon, all are perfect to make your piercing look incredibly beautiful. Buy something like Tiny Diamond Pave Crescent Moon 14K Gold Nose Ring. Set with three sparkly diamonds, this moon-shaped gold nose ring is dainty and whimsical. Something that’s undoubtedly perfect to add in your existing collection!

All these nose jewelry fashion trends will be hugely popular this year. So, no matter whether you opt for diamond nose jewelry, gemstone jewelry or something in platinum, all will keep you ahead in fashion line.