You already know the year’s hottest fashion trends, so it’s time to turn your eyes toward the must-have accessories that will take your outfits to irresistible new levels. Get ready to see jewelry, shades, scarves, and belts that stand out from the same old thing. Where the accessories of past years tended to look too similar, this year brings a variety of fresh takes on old favorites.

Hot trends from style-savvy decades make an appearance with modern updates. Think pearl necklaces, newsboy caps, and rosette accents. Parisian street style finally comes to the masses along with a much-needed upgrade to hoop earrings. It’s time to push away the old, and start shining with the new!

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Next-Level Hats and Headbands

All too often, accessory trends ignore a prime piece of real estate: the head. This year, however, head and hair-based accessories finally get their due beginning with exaggerated, ostentatious headbands. For all you ’90s babies, think back to the signature headbands of the decade but now imagine the Lisa Frank version. With these modern headbands, you’re not just holding back your hair; think of these headbands as jewelry for your head. The more colorful and bejeweled, the better.

Fascinators and fashion hats are on the rise, as well. Look for hats with veils made of lace, netting, and tulle. In addition to delicate tiny hats, you shouldn’t have a problem finding fascinators with jaw-dropping accents, such as blossoms, jewels, and even birds. In a way, Sunday hats are making a comeback, but with a fashion-forward focus!

Top It Off


Headbands are just the beginning. Spring trends on the Paris runway incorporated a variety of hats and vintage-styled fascinators to the hottest outfits of the season. Rad 90’s bucket hats are enjoying a moment because they’re versatile enough to pair with denim overalls, tailored ensembles, or sport luxe outfits. Fun and boxy Baker Boy hats are coming into the spotlight, too. For a polished look, go for neutral colors like black or beige, or pop in style with fun alternative fabrics like vegan leather and tweed. For a little more edge, pull on an always stylish newsboy cap, which is smaller and more structural than the Baker Boy silhouette and goes with almost any outfit.

Brooches Beyond Reproach


Traditional types of jewelry often have a place in the latest trends. It’s not uncommon to spot new, updated styles of classic bracelet, earrings, and necklace designs. For this season, it’s the long-forgotten brooche’s turn to shine.
Costume brooches are big sellers at the moment. Real or fake, sparkly gemstones can make an outfit really shine. Diamonds and diamond-esque stones are all the rage, but feel free to add a brooch that includes a pop of color. Be wild, as well. Whether it’s a large diamond brooch or a design that depicts animals, plants, and funky geometric patterns, it will draw attention, not to mention compliments.

Pins that show off your personality work, too. Small enamel pins with eye-catching designs or humorous messages are fun, colorful, and individual. Attach them to your messenger bag, favorite denim jacket, or even a newsboy cap, and you’ll be turning heads in no time.

Feminine Details


We all know how to rock a killer necklace or statement pair of hoops, but this season’s latest trends are all about wearing accessories on top of accessories. Throughout the year, you’re likely to notice rosettes, blossoms, and bows attached to the shoes, handbags, and jewelry that you love. Go with it. You won’t be sorry.

Floral attachments are a vital element for purses and handbags this year, while bows are showing up on pants, dresses, and shirts, too. Rather than being “girly,” the additions are sweet. They also create another layer of texture which makes your accessories more eye-catching.

Belted and Cinched


A classic hourglass figure is still the standard, and cinched waists are the way to get it done. Runways this year were full of eye-popping belts, so get ready to thread the loops on your pants, skirts, and jumpsuits. Wide belts are best for creating a waspy waistline. Stick to neutral colors, particularly black. With this season’s latest trend, you’ll have the opportunity to put together neat color blocking effects like bold color belts with neutral colored outfits. Just make sure you pick a belt that fits you perfectly. Leather and leather-look belts lead the pack, but even shiny pleather and vinyl have their place. Corset-cinched belts are flashy and fashionable, but standard buckle belts are just as fabulous.

Different Kind Of Pearly Whites


Have you noticed a vintage-inspired theme running through the year’s most significant accessory trends? It pops up again with pearls. The jewelry scene is wild about pearls in every style, including necklaces, earrings, cocktail rings, and bracelets. Pearl accents even appear on handbags and hats, just to clue you into how widespread they are.

The key is to choose pearl pieces that reveal a modern twist. You’re not wearing your granny’s strand of pearls. It’s all about making an impact, not to mention a splash. Huge pearl necklaces, statement earrings, and barrettes decorated with beads will carry you through. Check out jewelry in a hue other than oyster white, too. Pink pearls are precious while black pearls have an irresistible edge.

Geometric Shades


Every year, a new style of sunglasses slides into vogue. For now, the trend revolves around geometry. Sharp angles sizzle more than rounded curves. Where aviators and oversized sunglasses ruled in past years, the fresh take this season is on angular, edgy, and infinitely Instagrammable. When it comes down to it, though, you have to choose what’s best for the shape of your face. Instead of round, Lennon-style shades, for instance, opt for subtle octagonal shapes. You can make the trend work for you as long as you know what complements your facial structure and how to bend the trend to your whim.

Scarves, Paris Style


Scarves? For spring and summer style? The skepticism is understandable, but hear us out. Floaty, lightweight scarves in chiffon, cotton, satin, or silk aren’t the same as the bulky woolen knits you bundle up in every winter. The focus here is on fashion scarves which are ideal in any time of weather. Even if you wear them the traditional way in warmer temperatures, you won’t be in any danger of overheating.

The point isn’t to wear these pretty scarves around your throat, either. Instead, this year, Paris is everywhere. If you pay attention to Parisian street style, then you know that tying a scarf around the handle or strap of your handbag is de rigueur. Not only that, but it’s a classic look in Paris. The trend brings a flash of brightness to your ensemble, livens up your purse, and ensures that you always have a head covering in case you need it.

Speaking of head coverings, that’s another way to wear a lightweight scarf this year! Cover your hair when it’s raining, you’re out in the wind, or you’re riding in a convertible with the top down. Channel your inner Audrey Hepburn. It’s an easy, stylish way to dress up a basic, neutral ensemble, such as a black top and cigarette pants.

Heavy Hangs the Hoop


Hoop earrings never go out of style. Some version of them is always in vogue. The fun lies in seeing a fresh take on a favorite look. This year, thickness is crucial. Thick hoops that hang heavy have replaced large, thin hoops, as well as small ones. Find an interesting shape to take the trend to the next level.

Bulky, curvy earrings might seem like too much, but they’re the perfect frame for your flawless face. They draw attention to the eyes, lips, and cheekbones, not to mention your hairstyle. Gold is the classic color, but you can find silver, rose-gold, and an array of brightly colored enamel hoops, as well.

Chain, Chain, Chains!


In keeping with the year’s hottest jewelry trends, chains are must-have accessories. The chain fad goes beyond necklaces this year. Whether it’s a shade of gold, platinum, or sterling silver, a chic chain is a perfect piece by itself or as part of a layered look. Figaro chains are always on-point, but be a bit bolder and keep an eye out for wide, thin links.

Links are lovely in all forms. Allow chains to dangle from your ears via a pair of can’t-miss statement earrings, or throw an arm party with a mix of chunky and slender chain bracelets that can’t be missed.

You can’t ignore the latest trends in accessories. The simplest, well-placed accessory can bring together your entire ensemble, turning it into something polished and on-point. Similarly, neglecting to accessorize your outfit with a hat, a headband, or a belt can turn it into a fashion fail, or at least a dud. In the meantime, let us know which trends pique your interest the most! What are you looking forward to most for 2019’s styles?