Once, care for men meant nothing more than rolling out of bed, throwing some water in the face and heading for work. But those times are over – and that only benefits men around the world. If we have to mention one reason why personal care is no longer reserved for women, it must be that we men feel good and look good.

Nowadays we pay more attention to our health and male care is certainly related to health. The more attention you pay to your appearance, the more likely it is that you pay attention to your body and mind in general.

Now that more and more men are paying attention to what they eat and drink and have personal training schedules, it makes sense that they also invest time and money in the care of their skin and hair. A man who knows he looks good is a sharp, confident, modern man! External care is important for men, so let’s see how we can arrange this.

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Tip 1 – Start Your Day With Daily Basics

If you want to look good and make a well-kept impression, then it is unacceptable if you do not do the following:

  • Showering
  • Toothbrushing
  • Brushing your tongue
  • Shave or keep your beard in shape
  • Regularly go to the hairdresser
  • Put on nice clothes
  • Go to the manicure/pedicure, or at least cut and file your nails.
  • Take Deo
  • Bring peppermints
  • Apply nourishing oil to your skin

All these things have one thing in common: they are all things that you can do yourself. They are within your own reach. This ensures that you become attractive. And yes, you really have to make an effort.

Being handsome and attractive, that has nothing to do with how you were born. It has 100% to do with what you make of it. If you are ‘handsome born’ but don’t make an effort to look well cared for, then you are much less handsome than someone who is ‘ugly born’ but puts a lot of effort into personal care.

Tip 2 – Don’t Dress Like A Kid

Dress yourself as an adult and matured person. For example, do not wear sportswear or t-shirts with ‘funny’ texts. You won’t get anywhere with sportswear except in the gym! Outfits with funny texts and memes may look cool and study for you, these types of outfits showcase you as immature. Therefore, dress like a real man.

Tip 3 – Prepare To Look Tall

Well-groomed men with tall heights unconditionally look attractive and dashing. Although, you cannot do anything to increase your height as it is genetical. But you can wear footwear that can make you look tall.

Tip 4 – Follow The Basics

The basics are for example:

  • Black or navy blue trousers
  • White, black, navy blue or light blue shirt
  • White or black t-shirt
  • Pull-over with v-neck in plain gray or light blue
  • Blazer
  • Gilette (waistcoat)
  • Colored socks with a solid pattern

This type of basics has several advantages:

  • They never go out of fashion.
  • You can wear them in any season.
  • They are of good quality even at the cheaper stores.
  • They are much cheaper, so they may feel broken or dirty.

Tip 5 – Add Accessories To Your Fashion

You must wear at least one accessory. A single accessory makes all the difference between well-dressed and badly dressed. Even if you wear simple pants with a t-shirt: that outfit is complete if you wear one accessory. If the man in the image above had not worn a watch, that would have made a huge difference. In the above case, his belt is also visible, which would also count as a visible accessory. Possible accessories for men are watches, bracelets, chain, ring, scarf, hat, sunglasses, and a belt.

Tip 6 – Try To Look Attractive

If you always want to stay with the herd, you will never be seen. Take male peacocks and lions, for example, they are beautiful and stand out. Take for example a colorful scarf or eye-catching glasses with a large black frame. You can also make more striking choices with your clothes: jeans are fine, but sometimes you want something more striking. Trousers for example, because that makes you look mature and almost nobody wears trousers in most places. Also, try wearing colorful chinos instead of jeans.

Tip 7 – Groom Your Beard Daily

Beard is the real jewel for any men and if you want to look attractive and manly, you should grow a long and fuller beard. But with a great beard, comes great responsibility. You need to groom your beard with beard grooming products and tools every day. There should not be any hair on the upper part of your cheeks. Give your beard a clean line. Also nothing on the lower part of your throat. Tools are welcome here. For example, an eye pencil to make the beard shape tighter and to fill in bald spots. Razor blades with which you can see exactly where you work are also welcome.

These were the essential ways to look good as a man. Good luck!

Author Bio –

David Garner, a male grooming professional, has been advising males for better grooming and looks enhancement for the last 7 years. His Passions include traveling and chilling out.