The fun leggings are just… fun. They are nothing like ordinary, and they have a class of their own. Not everyone may like them, but the ones that pick them over the more typical options want to stand out from the crowd anyway so it doesn’t really matter.

However, if you put some thought into choosing the right leggings, then they can turn out to be a real attention-grabber. And do you know what’s the best part? You don’t even have to spend hundreds of dollars on something fancy to achieve what you’re looking for. In fact, if you take your time to shop around, you can find them for as cheap as around $20, or perhaps even $10 if you’re not very picky and can live with not getting the best quality material out there.

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However, what we have discussed here are just general pointers. There’s a lot more to choosing the perfect leggings that are both unique and fun-looking, as well as comfortable to wear. So let’s get to the more specific things you need to know about in order to choose the best fun leggings.

The Sizing Needs to be Spot On

shredded leggings

Too many women make the mistake of getting too excited when see a collection of really cool and fun leggings, and end up getting a few before even they realize what they are doing. It’s precisely these kind of purchases that they regret later.

This is because the sizing is a crucial factor, and you have to be very careful about it. When buying the leggings in a hurry without properly measuring the size, you’re very likely to end up picking a size you will not at all feel comfortable with.

And of course, the excitement of wearing those fun leggings can quickly evaporate into nothingness when the discomfort caused by the poor sizing takes over.

However, simply referring to the size of your old leggings is not enough. Most brands have their own sizing charts, and they can vary quite a bit from one brand to another. So always make sure that you refer to the size chart of the specific brand associated with the products you’re buying.

These sizing charts are even offered by online retailers, so you don’t need to worry about not being able to follow this advice when shopping for leggings online.

In order to ensure you’re picking the size that’s perfect for you, you first need to measure your hips and waist, especially if you’re shopping after a long time. Once done with that, you need to compare these measurements against the size chart, and see what size bracket you fall under.

Finally, you would almost always want to pick the larger size of that particular size range which includes your personal measurements, while avoiding the smaller one.

Styling Preferences: Color Options

plush leggings

Now, this is something where a lot may depend on your personal preferences, but we will help you get into your creativity mode by giving you a few pointers.

First things first, let us get to black leggings, the age-old choice for most women that don’t want to gamble with their looks. Of course, it’s a great, safe choice. Perhaps as safe as it gets.

We mean, you can almost never go wrong with black leggings, unless probably you do something like go for a crazy pattern. Now, if you think you don’t want to be too experimental with your looks, but still want to explore your style options, then black plush leggings can be a great idea.

They are black so they don’t make you look crazy, but they are “lively” enough due to the unique look and feel they come with, especially if you manage to pick the right product. Not to mention, they seem to have a solid reputation of making you feel comfortable, although that often comes with a considerably higher price.

That said, if you’re someone who wants to get out of your comfort zone and don’t mind trying out the type of “fun” leggings that may bring some embarrassment if you go wrong, the options are practically endless for you. However, if you have already decided to play the high risk, high rewards game, then you may want to give a skip the typical color options like black, red and white.

The printed leggings may turn out to be your best bet here, especially when it comes to the color. They are not limited to just one or sometimes even two colors, but come with a crazy blend of different vibrant colors that are hard to not notice. If we were to be a bit more specific here, we would say that anything that involves black, red, yellow and green may turn out to be a winning choice; although, as we said, you really have a lot of options.

If you want to keep it calm and classy, there are the printed ones with a combination of dark and light blue, with a bit of red thrown in here and there that can be right up your alley. If you’re simply looking to make a statement at an important event or something, then perhaps a legging with carefully but creatively printed white and grey colors, with some brown well hidden between them can be an ideal choice.

Finally, however, it’s important to note that although we did end up making some specific recommendations, you may want to simply take ideas from them and consider your personal styling needs and preferences before deciding on something specific.

Styling Preferences: Pattern Options

one step up leggings

Just like the color options, there’s no shortage when it comes to the different types of patterns you can choose from as well. However, this is something just as broad a topic as the one we discussed above, and we will be talking about it in great detail in the other part of this article.

Besides that, we will also walk you through many other important factors, including the different subtypes of fun leggings such as one step up leggings, shredded leggings and more.

There’s absolutely no reason you wouldn’t want to learn about these things, as they can help you pick the kind of leggings you will thank yourself for when all those compliments start pouring in. So simply click here right away to read the second part of this article.