Beer gift baskets can make for unique gifts that are sure to leave an impression on the person you give them to. The more personalized your basket is, the better of a gift it makes.

This article will talk about how to make your own gift basket, how to buy a beer gift basket and some overall tips for choosing a basket. It’s easily to get overwhelmed with all the options available to you so we have complied some guidelines for you to follow. Here are some tips for making your own beer gift baskets.

1. Make sure to add snacks

Snacks are a tasty addition to any beer gift baskets, especially if you know what type of food the person you’re giving it to likes. It’s also a good idea to buy snacks that match with the beer you included in the basket. Obviously, it’s important to stay away from putting perishables in your basket. Start with tradition bar food such as nuts, pretzels or chips and branch out from there.

2. Try and pick a beer theme for the Basket

One thing that will make your gift basket intriguing to the recipient is if your beers have a theme. For example, you can choose only to include beers from a specific country or a particular type of beers such as a lager. International themed baskets are usually a hit, thanks to their wide variety and uniqueness.

3. Spice it up with accessories

Again, knowing the person you’re buying for helps a lot. You can throw in little tokens that reflect their personality in the basket. For example, if you know your friend is a big football fan you can include a mini football or a small version of their favorite team’s jersey. Little personalized accessories make all the difference in the presentation of the basket.

Alternatively, you can buy premade baskets from specialty sellers. If you can’t find any in your area, there’re a plethora of stores online. Buying premade baskets obviously saves you time and potentially money. Here are a few online retailers you can check out.

Beer Gift Baskets Review

Beer lovers never seem to get enough of their dream drink. Fortunately, these days it is possible to find beer gift baskets that offer a variety of beer-infused foods.

Made to satisfy the needs of the most demanding beer lover, these sets make perfect gifts for Father’s Day, birthdays, anniversaries or simply for a special occasion that calls for a delicate touch.
Besides containing different products that have been made with beer, these baskets come equipped with beer-infused

condiments, chocolates and grilling sauces.

Since several baskets are available on the market these days, it is sometimes challenging to find the most suitable one for each case. Consequently, this guide has been made to help shoppers make up their minds about their choice.

The Beer Lover’s Gourmet Gift Box

Attractive Presentation

Gifts are supposed to be attractive and look good. The Beer Lover’s Gourmet is possibly one of the prettiest beer gift baskets around. Arranged and organized to appeal to the senses, the items in this box are also carefully and attractively labeled.

Because of its decorative boxing, the set is an optimal present for special occasions. Besides, this vintage-looking box makes a great decorative item on any shelf.

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Top Quality Items

The set comes equipped with five gourmet items made with beer. The items include Budweiser BBQ sauces and the Sierra Nevada Mustards which are an ideal complement for those who enjoy the pleasure of grilling.

Whereas some of the products work great as pre-barbecue appetizers, the sauces are the ideal condiments for most types of grilled meats.

An appealing choice for gourmet cooks and beer-loving grillers, these products have been made by cooking experts who know what the male eater loves.

The Beer Lover's Gourmet Gift Box

The Beer Lover’s Gourmet Gift Box

The Beer Lover’s Gourmet Gift Box Product Specs

  • Contains 5 gourmet items
  • Packed in an attractive gift box
  • Shipping Weight: 6 pounds

Beer Bacon and More Gift Basket

Some like it Hot

A unique blend of beer, spices and snacks, this set, offers more than most other beer gift boxes do. For one thing, its primary appeal involves the inclusion of hot, spicy appetizers and sauces.

The Bacon Habanero chips and the Whoop Ass bacon hot sauce can be eaten together or independently. Both products offer a unique, delicious, spicy flavor that helps to either enhance whatever type of meat is being cooked, or else to be eaten as an original appetizer while the meat is being grilled.

Warning: not made to be tasted by the faint-hearted eater. If you prefer a more traditional taste, go for the sweet peppers that can eventually downtone the spice dial a couple of notches under.

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Tasty Variety

One of the most challenging aspects to consider when looking for a basket set to give to a man is diversity. Whereas many sets offer top-quality drinks and beer-based foods, few offer an impressive range of variety.

The Beer Bacon and More gift basket take care of this issue by providing nine different products that range from beer nuts and draft jelly beans to hot sauces that can be truly used to season your preferred choice of meat.

Beer Bacon and More Gift Basket

Beer Bacon and More Gift Basket

Beer Bacon and More Gift Basket Product Specs

  • Product Dimensions: 10 x 10 x 12 inches
  • Shipping Weight: 6 pounds
  • Contains nine items

For The Beer Lover Gift Crate

Optimal Shipping

For those who may feel reluctant about buying fresh goods online, let alone get them via a courier- the manufacturers have come up with an innovative and practical idea: the item is expedited in a reusable insulated cooler that ensures the products’ freshness.

Also, the packaging makes it suitable for presents of all types. Makes the ideal gift for those who enjoy having a pint of ale after a long day.

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For all Likes

An intelligent assortment of various products is what you will get in this basket. Presenting a full array of beer-infused products, the basket contains cheese, chocolates, condiments and even crackers that have been made with beer.

This way, even those who opt for less spicy products may find something to enjoy.

For The Beer Lover Gift Crate

For The Beer Lover Gift Crate

For The Beer Lover Gift Crate Product Specs

Contains the following items:

  • Hopscotch Cheddar cheese
  • Red Dragon cheese
  • Cahill’s Farm Cheddar with Porter
  • Smoke and Stout Caramel candy bar
  • Gally Salsa
  • BBQ sauce
  • Irish Mustard
  • Beer Flats Crackers
  • Stainless Steel cheese cleaver

Beer Gift Baskets Comparison Table

Let’s take a look at how each product compares to each other:

Picture Product Weight Made by Price
The Beer Lover's Gourmet Gift Box The Beer Lover’s Gourmet Gift Box 5 lbs Seattle Gift Basket $78.00
Beer Bacon and More Gift Basket Beer Bacon and More Gift Basket 5.2 lbs Tasteful Treats & Treasure Gift Baskets $74.95
For The Beer Lover Gift Crate For the Beer Lover Gift Crate 7.7 lbs igourmet $89.99

What Customers are Saying

If you are looking for a gift box set, consider these products as your best available choices. Customers who have purchased these products have been thoroughly satisfied with the results. First of all, since the purpose of all of these products is to make a present, the greatest concern lies in how pleased the recipient was.

It is widely agreed that making a gift to a male friend or family member can pose a great challenge since options may seem to be somehow limited. According to most reviewers, those who got the gift sets were extremely pleased with both, the contents and the presentations.

Apart from being an innovative and sometimes unusual surprise, the beer gift baskets can be regarded as thoughtful gifts. In addition, the quality of the products seems to be the best.

Even when some potential customers may feel a bit worried about the shipping issue and how well these fresh products may be transported, they can rest assured that in all cases, transportation is done only by experts, so the products are delivered optimally.

Tips for buying beer gift baskets

Know the person you’re buying for

It is an obvious step, but it’s also a crucial one. The type of basket you’ll buy will depend on whom it’s for; you wouldn’t get your grandfather and your best friend the same basket even if they both like beer.

Knowing things like the snacks or hobbies they enjoy will help you personalize their basket. Obviously knowing what type of beer the like will be a great help as well.

Choose a unique container over a plain basket

Presenting a gift basket isn’t just a matter of throwing some items together. You need to position everything properly so your recipient can get the full magnitude of the gift. Taller items tend to go in the back while novelty items like bags of snacks surround the side.

Don’t be afraid to explore using a unique container. For example on The Bro Basket has an option for you to present your beer gift basket in a special agent type suitcase. This turns the gift into a discussion point while adding some flair.

A gift is a reflection of your personality

Have fun with your gift basket! Ask yourself, what type of friend am I? Are you the type to get someone an outrageous basket filled with all types of exotic beers? Or are you more of a classic man who’ll buy a basket full of beer that you know your friend is sure to enjoy. Whatever you decide, just have fun with it.

Pay attention to the details

Get creative with your basket. Adding handmade touches to your basket is a great way of showing the person you care. You can do things like adding a card, a picture or physical items to finish off your basket. Google Images & Pinterest are great sources of inspiration for creative ways to finish off your gift basket.

Whether you decide to build it yourself or buy one pre made, a beer basket is always a welcome gift. A good beer gift basket is visually exciting and tailored to the recipient’s personality. When building your basket you may have to do a bit of recon and find out information about the person you’re giving it to.

The more you know about them, the bigger of a hit the basket will be. Don’t be afraid to look at other baskets for inspiration and even if you buy a premade basket, you can always add personalized objects to it.