Welcome back! You’re probably here from the first part of this guide that walked you through 8 super cool fancy tie knots. We really hope you have learned a ton from it and are now going to sport a fancy necktie at every special event you become a part of to steal the limelight that usually used to evade you.

However, if you have somehow landed here without going through the first part of this guide, do so right away by clicking here.

If you have already read through the first part from start to finish, and have learned how to tie different knots, it’s time to take it to the next level in this second part of the guide. Here we will be discussing some more super unique fancy tie knots that can be your go-to fashion tool to easily stand out at pretty much every special event, no matter whether it’s a formal, semi-formal or casual event.

So without further ado, let’s get started.

The Merovingian Knot

When you’re talking about unique, fancy tie knots, it’s hard not to think of the Merovingian Knot. It’s every bit as unique as a sophisticated knot of its nature can be, but while still being surprisingly fit for both formal and casual events.

The real term for this knot is actually the Ediety Knot, but as it has been popularized by The Matrix character, Merovingian, it has been renamed after him.

This tie knot actually looks like your tie has another small, miniature-like tie as a part of it, which is sure to arouse the curiosity of the people around you. You might as well get a few inquiries as to how to go about sporting this special tie knot, and that can be a great conversation starter.

The Atlantic Knot

This one’s certainly not for everyone; some would find it to be a little on the weird side, but for the right people, it’s going to be an opportunity to get out their crazy side. If you do decide to give it a try, don’t ever do it at a formal event, or you will stand out as a sore throat – of course not in a good way.

However unusual, this tie knot does have its own place. For those who are bored of the usual tie knots and want to do something strikingly out of the ordinary, the Atlantic is probably going to be their best bet. It’s basically another version of the Pratt Knot, with the difference being that it’s tied inside out, and that part is left visible, unlike other tie knots which require it to be hidden on the back.

Finally, it would likely be best suited for festivities and informal events that have a bit of craziness to them.

The Cape Knot

The Cape Knot is a much better, or rather “complete” version of the Atlantic Knot that you can proudly sport at many more events than the latter. While the Atlantic Knot is easy and quick, and of course a bit crazy as well, the Cape Knot comes with a way better symmetrical and aesthetic value.

Barring those with a weirdly unusual taste in fashion, pretty much everyone is going to find the Cape Knot a lot more attractive than the Atlantic Knot. Unlike the latter, it’s not going to raise eyebrows but would never go unnoticed, too.

It’s a loosened-up knot that would be a great option when wearing a tie that has one of its colors dominate the others. Similarly, a dark-colored tie when used with the Cape Knot would look stunning if you’re wearing a light-colored shirt.

The Capsule Knot

As the name suggests, this knot looks like it has a kind of large capsule in its center, which is its most highlighting feature. The Capsule Knot is also similar to the Cape Knot and the Atlantic Knot, but unlike the latter, it’s large and looks well-tied and nothing too crazy.

That said, it’s also one of the more difficult tie knot types you would come across, so make sure you’re willing to have a bit of patience before deciding to try to learn it. The Capsule Knot is still a lot of fun, but without much of that uncomfortable craziness.

It would work great at informal events; just make sure you complement it with semi-wide collar openings.

The Grantchester Knot

The Grantchester Knot is another one of those unique knots for ties that are worthy of being taken to events that matter. It stands out due to being large and thick, as well as not being as symmetrical as some of its counterparts.

Tying this knot isn’t very difficult, but you just need to be a bit careful when it comes to the last, additional narrow end that needs to be turned in order to make it thick and large. Finally, you wouldn’t want to use this knot with heavy materials, as it can get uncomfortable and bulky; you’d rather want to go for the lightweight ones.

The Linwood Taurus Knot

Here comes something well beyond ordinary. Saying it’s exceptional would probably be an understatement. Yes, it’s that classy.

It requires some solid effort to learn to tie, but it’s totally worth it. Despite its amazing bull-like appearance, its extraordinary symmetry is something that would absolutely take away the breath of anyone that ends up setting their eye on it.

If you’re looking to make a statement at those special events where you have to look at your best, the Linwood Taurus Knot certainly won’t disappoint. However, make sure you don’t take a Linwood to a formal event because it just doesn’t belong there.

It’s perfect for casual and informal events, though. To get the most out of it, use it with a solid or paisley tie and a wide collar shirt.

The Windsor Knot

We finally have something that’s custom-made for business scenarios. If you’re looking for something that’s both appealing and ideal for formal events, the Windsor Knot is the tie knot to go for.

It’s thick, wide looks gives it a sense of confidence, while the triangular shape of the knot imparts the aesthetic appeal it needs to be a perfect formal tie knot.

If you’re looking to ace a formal event, use it with a cutaway or spread collar.