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Watches are a fascinating type of product—they’re used for both function as well as style, and they can range in price from a few dollars to a small fortune. Selecting the right one for you is largely a matter of taste, budget, and usage requirements. Having said that, you can get an excellent watch for under $100 USD. We’ll be examining a few of them today, as well as providing you with some advice and tips as to how you can pick the best possible inexpensive watch for your specific needs, sense of fashion, and usage requirements. Let’s get started.

What Do The Best Inexpensive Watches Have in Common?

As we’ve already established, a great watch need not be an expensive watch—regardless of the price of a wrist watch for men or women, a great watch should accomplish a few goals:

  • Tell and keep time accurately
  • Provide a good amount of durability
  • Offer usage-specific features based on your needs, e.g., be waterproof or have multiple alarm settings
  • Be reasonably priced for the feature set
  • Look great and accommodate your unique sense of fashion

So, with these points in mind, it’s clear that the most important feature of a watch is that it does what it’s intended to do: tell time accurately! A problem that plagues watches (including the very expensive ones) is that some just don’t keep time accurately for a long period of time. You’ll want a watch that you don’t have to tinker with frequently—once you set the time on it, it’ll remain accurate for months or years without needing to be adjusted.

Secondly, the durability of the watch is also very important. If you’re not a regular watch-wearer, you might not know that it’s infuriatingly common for watches to get scratched and scuffed. A watch that’s been properly built will be resistant to the rigors of daily use.

The watch must also have all of the extra features that you might need. In addition to being durable and keeping a good time, the watch might need to be waterproof, offer multiple alarm settings, or be visible in the dark—useful both for analog or digital watches. These extra features shouldn’t require the watch to be too highly priced either.

Finally, the watch should also express your unique sense of fashion. Perhaps the most fun thing about picking a new wrist watch is the fact that there are so many different varieties, you have a great opportunity to express yourself as well as your personal style.

Take a look at this short YouTube video that can help you consider some of these points and more so that you’re prepared to make a smart purchase when buying best inexpensive yet high-quality wrist watches:

What Should I Look For in a Wrist Watch for Men?

While wrist watches for women are typically a bit daintier, more elegant, and often can serve just as much as a piece of jewelry as a functional watch, wrist watches for men differ in that they’re typically larger, more rugged, and exude masculinity and style. Since men are usually more limited in the number of accessories that they can wear than women, a watch will often serve as the centerpiece of a man’s accessories—thus it’s important to select one that looks great and functions well. Men’s wrist watches are usually elegant, minimal, and highly functional. Durability will also likely be a primary selling point for most of these watches.

What are some of the Best Wrist Watches?

The best wrist watches are the ones that are going to provide you with the performance and style unique to your specific needs. There are many, many, many different brands, styles, and feature sets, so it’s impossible to claim that there’s “one definitive watch” that’s perfect for everyone. Instead, we’d rather provide you with the information you need to select a watch based on your unique needs. Having said that, some of the best inexpensive watches come from brands like Casio, Timex, Burei, and Invicta.

While we recommend that you keep all of our suggestions in mind for picking a watch that’s right for you, we’ve compiled a short list of three bestselling watches to help you make a decision—and perhaps even pick one of them. Let’s take a look at three excellent watches that all retail for under $100 but also offer plenty of reliability, accurate time telling, and some other useful features.

Best Wrist Watches Comparison Table

Our Best Picks best inexpensive watches wrist watch for men best wrist watches
Product Ideashop Men’s Red Wood Steel Silver Sandalwood Lovers’ Watch Invicta Men’s 16131 Pro Diver Stainless Steel Automatic Watch with Black Bezel BUREI Men’s Quartz Big Face Wrist Watch
Amazon Rating Watches Rating Watches Rating Watches Rating
Build Material Sandalwood Stainless Steel Quartz
Strap Sandalwood Stainless Steel Leather
Scratch Resistant No Yes Yes
Pros / Cons Read Below Read Below Read Below
Face Standard Standard Large
Water Resistance Approx. 90 feet 660 feet 165 feet
Illuminated No Yes Yes
Date Display Yes Yes Yes
Gift Box Included Yes No Yes
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Recommendation: Ideashop Men’s Red Wood Steel Silver Sandalwood Lovers’ Watch

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What’s so good about it?

The best thing about this watch isn’t the affordable price point, it’s how unique it looks—you don’t see many watches sporting a band and timepiece made out of solid sandalwood. This watch looks great and keeps time accurately. The design can go with just about any sense of style, and if you’re wearing it? Well, you’d better plan on getting compliments, because not many watches are made with this design. Furthermore, if you have skin allergies, you might have thought that you weren’t going to be able to wear a watch—many people are sensitive to non-pure metals—but since this watch is made of Sandalwood, those with metal allergies will be able to wear it without any trouble.

What features does it have?

Other than the absolutely gorgeous Sandalwood material build, this watch is comfortable, available in both men’s and women’s sizes, and has been designed with comfort and functionality in mind. The timepiece is easy and clear to read, and long-term reviews indicate that the watch keeps time very accurately with a minimal amount of tinkering necessary. The battery life is also optimized to be as long lasting as possible—it should be at least a year before you need a replacement, if not longer. The strap is adjustable and comfortable.

Who should use it?

It goes without saying that anyone who wants to wear a unique watch that makes a bold and different fashion statement would love this watch, however, it’s also an ideal solution for individuals with metal allergies. The Sandalwood build material means that no metals will ever make contact with the skin.

If you want a watch with a unique look that’s sure to draw compliments, holds time well, and isn’t going to cause an allergic reaction in the even that that’s an issue for you, this is a fantastic choice and comes at a very reasonable price point. If you’re looking for a watch that has more bells and whistles, though, it may not be for you—this watch does two things, and it does them both very well: keeps time and looks great.

How much is it?

At the time of this writing, the Red Wood Steel Silver Sandalwood Lover’s Watch retails for just under $50 USD. For a durable, accurate watch that has such a unique look, we think it’s safe to say that this watch offers one heck of a great bargain.


  • Ideal for individuals with metal allergies
  • Beautiful, unique look
  • Magnified date


  • Few additional features beyond telling time and date
  • Not as durable as a metal watch

Recommendation: Invicta Men’s 16131 Pro Diver Stainless Steel Automatic Watch with Black Bezel

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What’s so good about it?

This stainless steel bracelet-style watch offers wearers classic style, extreme durability, accurate timekeeping, and a very reasonable price point. The analog display has been built with Japanese automatic movement engineering, which is known throughout the watchmaking community for its long lasting reliability and accuracy. Furthermore, this high-end stainless steel watch is water resistant—it’s suitable for depths of over six hundred feet. As if that wasn’t impressive enough, the timepiece has a two-tone dial for extra readability and convenience.

What features does it have?

For a watch under $100, the 16131 Pro Diver is packed with features. Of course the most noteworthy is its water resistance. The watch can be taken underwater to depths of 200 meters—that’s roughly 660 feet. What does this mean? The watch can be used appropriately for even professional marine activity, water sports, or just swimming in the pool. However, it’s important to note that this depth is not appropriate for deep scuba diving. As long as you’re not exceeding the six hundred plus foot rating, the watch is going to go ahead and keep right on ticking.

The stainless steel build material means that this watch is going to last a long, long time—and it won’t rust or wear out even if used on a daily basis in a water environment, or just out and about on your daily business. The bracelet-style strap is comfortable and easy to put on and remove thanks to the fold over clasp. The backing features a skeleton case for added durability and reliability, plus it looks great (even though the back of your watch will rarely be displayed, it’s still nice!).

The timepiece features luminous accents for easy viewing in low-light settings, and the dial has two tones so that you can easily differentiate the hours hand from the minutes hand. The timepiece also features a date window, which has been magnified for the most convenience in viewing possible.

Who should use it?

Of course, this watch is perhaps best suited for anyone who has regular activities in the water, whether you like to surface dive or go fly fishing. The watch, however, is also appropriate for anyone who simply wants to be prepared—you never know when your watch is going to get wet, and water resistance means that your timepiece will be protected no matter what kinds of elements you’re facing. The watch is elegant and straightforward looking, making it an accessory that’s appropriate for nearly any outfit or occasion, so those seeking a watch that offers good fashion flexibility won’t be disappointed—but the watch isn’t just looks either, the rugged stainless steel means that it’s going to stay operational for many, many years.

How much is it?

Considering the long list of features that this water-resistant watch from Invicta offers, we’re surprised that it’s available at a price point under a hundred dollars—comparable watches regularly sell for two, three, and four times that amount. At the time of this writing, the 16131 Pro Diver is available for about $95 USD.


  • Water resistant
  • Easily readable, even in low light
  • Matches well with most fashions
  • Under $100 USD


  • Despite being called the “pro diver,” this watch is NOT appropriate for deep scuba diving below 660 feet—which professional scuba divers will tell you isn’t in fact that deep.

Recommendation: BUREI Men’s Quartz Big Face Wrist Watch

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What’s so good about it?

This Burei Men’s Quartz wrist watch has a crisp, readable timepiece with the Burei logo emblazoned in the center, a striking red seconds hand, and a date display. It’s readable, functional, and looks fantastic—if you want a watch that’s been designed to look good, tell time accurately, and wont’ scratch easily thanks to the mineral crystal lens, this is an outstanding choice with a ridiculously reasonable price point. Let’s explore some of the features of this fine offering from Burei.

What features does it have?

This wrist watch is the “classic” watch—it’s dark, elegant, has a durable leather strap, and tells time reliably. The timepiece is large but not absurdly oversize. The design has been carefully crafted to make sure that this watch is not only easily readable but has a unique, sharp look. The casing, or lens in watchmaking parlance, is made out of a mineral crystal—not glass. This means that it’s going to be very resistant to scratching and scuffs, even under the rigors of everyday use. It’s easy to clean and tells time accurately for periods of up to two years. While the watch isn’t intended for diving or any dedicated underwater use, it is water resistant of up to 50 meters (that’s 165 feet).

Who should use it?

A better question would be who shouldn’t? This watch is ridiculously good for the price. At under a hundred dollars, you’re getting a lot of value: scratch resistance, an elegant presentation, and water resistance. It’s a great men’s watch which goes with most fashion senses and styles—you can wear this watch with casual clothes or your finest suit and it’ll look entirely appropriate for the occasion. Anyone who wants a high quality, easily readable watch should absolutely consider this timepiece.

How much is it?

This is another watch that you really, really wouldn’t expect to be under $100 USD. In fact, it’s well under that price point, since at the time of this writing the Burei Men’s Quartz Big Face Wrist Watch retails for only about $60 USD. With the slew of features and the very elegant look, this watch is a steal.


  • Beautiful design
  • Large, readable face
  • Scratch resistant


  • Leather strap is “all right”
  • No features other than telling accurate time—might be a pro for minimalists