Some of the best gift basket themes out there are for women. Receiving a basket full of wonderful goodies all packaged in adorable themes is always a good feeling.

This review has three great gift basket themes for the next time you are searching for a gift for a mother, daughter, sister or friend.

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Chocolate themed, wine themed, bath and shower theme and relaxation theme are all great gift basket ideas but if you are looking for a more original idea, read on. The best part about gift baskets is that they can be composed of whatever you can think of.

The design is very important. It needs to be packaged neatly in a basket or some sort of nice container. The items inside the basket should have a color theme and idea theme for extra cohesiveness. Purchasing a ready-made gift basket looks like so much time was involved when in reality is was so simple to buy!

Below are three great ideas when looking for your next gift basket idea.

Art of Appreciation Gift Baskets Victorian Lace Gourmet Food and Spa Gift Basket Set

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Its Best Feature: Lots of Keepsakes

People love receiving food and chocolates in their gift baskets but it is also important to gift keepsakes in a gift basket so there is an even mixture of food and useful items. This gift basket comes with perfect items for women such as a picture frame, soaps and tea, and cookies.

Art of Appreciation Gift Basket with Victorian Lace Theme

Art of Appreciation Gift Basket with Victorian Lace Theme

Runner Up Feature: The Vintage Wooden Box

The vintage theme is topped by the vintage wooden box with an old-world style and a lovely white and pink color scheme completed with a clock. After all the goodies are gone, she will be left with a usable wooden box for decor.

What is Included

  • Antique style wooden gift chest with inlaid clock
  • Keepsake Ceramic Picture Frame
  • Bath gel, Body butter, lotion and body scrub with Peony and Lily scent
  • Two Rose Tealight Candles
  • Gourmet Tea Cookies
  • EnliTEAments Spring Tea
  • Floral Notepad Set

Customer Reviews

People review this product online and say it is a very pretty set that is simple to buy and send to any woman in your life. Some do not like that none of the products are “name brands” but if the giftee enjoys bath soaps, vintage themed items and soft colors then it makes a great gift for women.

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Art of Appreciation Gift Baskets Seaside Gets A Way Ocean Mist Spa Bath and Body Gift Set

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Its Best Feature: Perfect for Beach Lovers

This theme is unique enough to be different yet genuine enough to suit lots of beach lovers and relaxation loving women. The soft blue theme is enticing and the seashells make a great touch.

The Art of Appreciation Seaside Get A Way Gift Basket

The Art of Appreciation Seaside Get A Way Gift Basket

Runner-up Feature: Versatility

This gift basket is a great value for a birthday, housewarming gift, mother’s day gift or just a special surprise. It is romantic enough for a wife or girlfriend and friendly enough for a friend or mother-in-law. It makes a great bathroom set also if you just want to treat yourself!

What Is Included

  • Moisturizing Lotion, Shower Gel, Bath Salts, Bubble Bath
  • Flower Shaped Soap Petals
  • Combination Scrubber/Pumice Stone Exfoliator
  • Sisal Bath Sponge
  • Cotton Spa Slippers
  • Ocean Mist Scented Potpourri
  • Ocean Mist Tea Light Candles
  • Ocean Mist Scented Oil Reed Diffuser
  • Assortment of Keepsake Seashells
  • White Gift Basket

Customer Reviews

Most customers note that they love the smell of the lotions, potpourri and products. Their giftees loved it. It makes a great sized gift for any occasion.

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Art of Appreciation Gift Baskets Green Tea Zen Spa Bath and Body Gift Set

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The Best Feature: Best to De-stress

The green tea scents and Zen features of the gift basket make it a great gift basket theme for any woman who needs a little pampering. The items are perfect for a “me day” or any women in your life who deserves it.

Art of Appreciation Green Tea Gift BasketsArt of Appreciation Green Tea Gift Baskets

Runner Up Feature: Wooden spa caddy

To accompany the zen items and cool green theme, the wooden spa caddy makes a great bathroom item for storing bathroom supplies or for anywhere around the house really. This unique design and original gift basket themes make a great gift for lots of occasions.

What It Includes

  • Green Tea Zen Lotion
  • Shower Gel, Soothing Bath Salts, Body Scrub, Body Butter,
  • Bath Sponge
  • 100% Cotton Spa Towel
  • Lemon Ginseng Green Tea
  • Wooden Spa Caddy

Customer Reviews

Customers like the zen theme and that it is a great gift for mother in laws, aunts, family members etc. They enjoy the gift basket themes that is tied all together with colors and scents and wrapped nicely once arrived.

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Picture Art of Appreciation Gift Basket with Victorian Lace Theme The Art of Appreciation Seaside Get A Way Gift Basket Art of Appreciation Green Tea Gift Baskets
Product Victorian Lace Gift Basket Seaside Gift Basket Green Tea Zen Gift Basket
Price $65.00 $70.00 $50.00
Items Included Soaps, lotions, tea Seashells, lotions, body items Tea, lotions, sponge
Color scheme white/pink blue green



In conclusion, these three baskets are wonderful purchases if you are looking for a gift that will arrive at your door ready to go. As with all of these items, you can purchase them on Amazon and include a personalized message.

The green Zen gift basket is the value set; the Victorian lace gift basket is the classy and elegant choice and the seaside gift basket is the fun, fresh and useful item. The color scheme should affect your choice as it will be one of the first things your giftee will notice. Choosing the gift basket to suit their everyday taste and style will be the next thing to think about. But in the end, they will thank you for such a thoughtful gift.