As far as one can think back, the relationship between men and beer has always been overwhelmingly positive. Whether it was back in the industrial age when men would grab a beer after a long day at the factory or in the modern age where men enjoy brews with their friends at sporting events, you can always find examples of male love for beer.

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Men have always been attracted to trying all types of beers, especially the stronger ones. This interest has increased the frequency of Beer Festivals, Specialist bars and Micro Breweries. There’s really no better time to be a beer lover than right now in our current society. It’s now easier than ever to access beers from all over the world.

Now this raises the question, what should you get for the beer lover in your life? While it’s obvious what you need to get them (beer), simply picking just any beer won’t do. When looking for beer gift ideas, a gift basket is the best option for you.

This article will cover how you can categorize your beer selections as well as items to include in your basket to take it to the next level.

Shopping for men is not as hard as it may seem because they just enjoy the simple things in life such as an ice cold beer. Checkout our review of three beer gifts for him. Any beer-loving man in your life will crack it right open and enjoy after receiving one of these.

Categorize Your Beer by Region

One of the more common and effective ways of organizing a beer gift baskets are categorizing it by country. Different countries have a lot to offer in terms of how unique their beer is compared to what people in your area are used to. In the past, imported beer was considered a luxury due to its exclusivity.

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In today’s society, you have all types of options available to you to add to your beer gift baskets. Here are a few countries that you can build your basket around.


German beers

German beer is known for its purity and rich taste. Until 1993, most German beers were required to be brewed using only water, malt and hops for ingredients, which contributed to its reputation of being pure.

German beer has a wide variety of flavors; usually, alcohols percentage is between 4.7% and 5.4%.

Some common German beers to include in your basket are Roggenbier, Original Ritterguts Gose or Freigeist Bierkultur Abraxxxas. All of these beers provide a unique and authentic German taste.


Japanese beers

Since deregulation in 1994, Brewers in Japan have had the opportunity become more and more creative with their beer.

Microbreweries are on the rise in Japan. Japan has 4 major beer producers – Sapporo, Suntory, Asahi and Kirin.

Japanese beer is usually a light pale color around 5.0% ABV. Good Japanese beers to look for include Orion, Yebisu or Morimoto Soba Ale. These are all great choices for a beer gift basket.


Italian beer

Italian beer is well known for the creativity that its brewers show. Italy has very few rules to follow when it comes to brewing beer.

Italian beer is influenced by popular Belgian and German beers but also by Italy’s rich wine culture.

If you’re putting together a basket for an adventurous beer lover, Italian beer will be a pleasant surprise for them.

Look for Birra Moretti, Gran Riserva or 32 Via Dei Birrai to include in your gift basket.

Local Specialties

Your local community is sure to have some local breweries doing their own thing. Support your community and introduce the beer love in your life to some local craft beer options. Local breweries generally pay more attention to detail and offer a higher quality product compared to major produces.

Visit 3-4 local breweries in your city and assemble a taste collection for your basket. These are great ideas to create unique beer gift.

Personal favorites

If you know the person you’re assembling the gift basket for, you can simply get them an assortment of their favorite beers. Your gift will 100% be well received. If you’re unsure which beer the person likes, try finding out from mutual friends and family.

Beer gift baskets filled with personal favorites is something every beer lover dreams about. If you can make the perfect beer gifts for him happen you’ll be in their good graces for a while.

Don’t be afraid to explore the beers that different countries offer. Exotic beers can be a great change of pace for the beer lover in your life who may be tired of the regular options at the store. Local brews can also make a good option as they are less common.

Specialty Items to Include

If you wish to customize, you might as well want to check The Ultimate Guide to Beer Baskets and take your gift basket to the next level. Simply including beer is a good start, but giving the beer lover in your life some accessories will make the gift to another level.

Items that are associated with beer are usually within a beer lover’s realm of interest. When it comes to beer gift ideas, you can include both practical items as well as gag gifts.

The best thing you can do when making gift baskets for him is creating a basket that is as personalized as possibly.If you’re unsure what kind of beer the person likes, make a specialty gift basket with regional beers.

Remember to include useful accessories that will take your gift basket to another level. Beer enthusiasts will appreciate your bask even more if you include practical items.

Picking the right Beer Gift Baskets can be hard. It would be a good idea to begin by checking the options we review here.