Shopping for men is not as hard as it may seem because they just enjoy the simple things in life such as a personalized bucket of beer gifts for him. The best beer gifts for him can be purchased online or homemade with a few quick and easy items. The best part is that finding domestic and imported beers can be found at a local grocery or liquor store.

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Finding what type of beer he likes is an important factor. Whether it be IPA, stout beer, blonde or pilsner, there are so many varieties to choose from. He may like hoppy beers or light beers or crisp beers. Finding his favorite type or his favorite brand can point you in the right direction.

He may like German beers or Belgian beers. That is an easy direction to go in for any beer gift because you can create or purchase a beer gift basket with different beers from a certain location such as Germany.

Adding snack foods to the beer gift basket is a great idea for items to accompany the beer. Snacks like jerkies, cheeses, chips and salsas make great complimentary items. Other keepsakes such as beer glasses, bottle openers and coasters will be helpful. A simple idea is to purchase a round of his favorite beer and add on one of the below gift baskets for him.

Below is a review of three beer gifts for him. Any beer-loving man in your life will crack it right open and enjoy after receiving one of these.

The Beer Lover: Beer gifts for him

See the gift basket for beer lovers here!

The Best Feature: Just What a Man Wants

If you are women looking for a cool gift for your husband, boyfriend, brother, dad, etc. he doesn’t need anything wrapped in cellophane or fancy ribbons. He wants what’s in the box and in this case it’s beer and cheese.

The Beer Lover Gift BoxThe Beer Lover Gift Box


Runner Up Feature: Cheese

The types of cheeses in this gift basket are exotic, sharp and delicious. Don’t gift your man boring cheeses but something delicious to accompany a fine beer. This box comes with beer cheddar cheese, cheese wedges, Nut Brown Ale cheese and all with a classic beer theme.

What It Includes

  • Beer Cheddar Cheese
  • Belleavitano Cheese Wedge
  • Pine River Spicy Beer Spread
  • Capital Beer Cheese Spread
  • Nut Brown Ale Caerphilly Cheese
  • Cheese Spreader
  • Bavaria Beef Sausage
  • Beer Bread in a Bottle

Customer Reviews

Customers love that it doesn’t come in a fancy package, but the items that matter are the products that come inside the box. The cheeses are good quality, and it’s a perfect gift for men or any beer lover. It would make a great bachelor gift or fun housewarming gift.

Click here to buy the Beer Lover Gift Basket

For The Beer Lover Gift Crate

Buy the beer lover gift crate on Amazon

Best Feature: Bold flavors

Any man you are going to buy a beer gift basket for is not a boring man. He likes flavor and he likes a good time. This beer gift crate has bold flavors such as beer-infused cheeses, stout caramel candy, Irish mustard, and beer-infused BBQ sauce. Doesn’t that sound exotic already?

The Beer Lover Gift Crate with contents insideThe Beer Lover Gift Crate with contents inside


Runner Up: Wooden Crate and Presentation

The wooden crate adds a manly touch and is a type of container he can reuse. The cheeses and condiments are packaged nicely inside the crate.

What is Inside

  • Hopscotch Cheddar by Fiscalini Farm
  • Red Dragon spicy cheese
  • Irish Mustard by Lakeshore
  • Cahill’s Farm Cheddar with Porter
  • Smoke and Stout Caramel Exotic Candy Bar
  • Shipwreck Galley Salsa
  • JB’s Best All Natural Beer-Infused BBQ Sauce
  • Stainless Steel Cheese Cleaver
  • Beer Flats Crackers

Customer Reviews

Customers agree this is a great gift for any beer-lover. It doesn’t actually include beer which is important to note so most people will buy this in addition to the giftee’s favorite six pack. They like the presentation and the bold flavors.

Click here for this perfect mate to a 6 pack of beer

Beer Bacon and More Gift Basket

Check out the gift basket online by clicking here

Best Feature: Who doesn’t love bacon

Men love bacon almost as much as they love beer. Buy him the double package by purchasing a delicious bacon basket to accompany his favorite beverage. This package comes with many bacon-flavored items that are both spicy and delicious.

The Beer Bacon Basket with contents insideThe Beer Bacon Basket with contents inside


Runner Up: It has novelty items

If you are searching for a gift for someone with a sense of humor, who loves spicy foods or you need a gift with some added personality, this could be it. With items like “whoop ass bacon” sauce and bacon habanero chips, this is an interesting beer basket perfect for birthdays and bachelor parties.

What It Includes

  • Bacon habanero chips
  • Whoop Ass bacon hot sauce
  • Beer nuts
  • Jelly Belly draft beer flavor jelly bellies
  • Sweet peppers stuffed with cheese are perfect to cool things down a bit
  • Tin container
  • Spontaneous combustion hot sauce

Customer Reviews

Because these are items you can’t find at a store, it makes the perfect sidekick for any beer-lover gift for him. The flavors, theme, and color scheme work very well together.

Buy the Beer Bacon and More Gift Basket here


Picture The Beer Lover Gift Box The Beer Lover Gift Crate with contents inside The Beer Bacon Basket with contents inside
Product The Beer Lover Gift Box Beer Lover Gift Crate Beer Bacon and More
Price $50.00 $89.99 $78.00
Item theme Beer bread, cheese, sausage Cheese, crackers, sauces, cheese cleaver Spicy, bacon, sauces
Container Box Wooden crate Tin bucket


Conclusion – Which to buy!

Each beer-lover will appreciate a hefty gift basket full of yummy food for a day of drinking, but the one you choose should depend on the man’s personality so you can go with traditional (beer lover gift box), ultimate beer-loving items (beer lover gift crate) or fun and exciting (beer bacon and more). These make great gifts for birthdays, father’s day, even housewarming items to get a party started.