Styling in winters is undoubtedly the most difficult fashion challenge for everyone. When the cold starts getting real dressing warm and stylish and staying on trend all at the same time is not the easiest task but still quite possible to do. Just because the temperature outside is freezing cold doesn’t require you to hide all of your pretty dresses away. There are multiple ideas of wearing such dresses and making them cozy with some of the layering knowledge. You can alter your dresses appropriately for winter by acquiring some of the fashion basics such as tights, scarves, leggings, thick socks, boots, cardigans, and much more.

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There are various ways of surviving in the cold without needing to compensate for fashion trends or style, some of them are given below.

1. Conquer Layering Skills

Conquer Layering Skills

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Layering is one of the best trends in winters because it is the major practical way of wearing any kind of dresses when it’s really cold. If you need to wear a dress that is not suitable for winters, you have to find some creative ways of layering under your dress that no one can notice. Use many thin layers of clothes so that if the temperature climbs you can easily strip off some layers such as wearing long underwear or union suit in the base layer, your dress in the mid layer, and a denim jacket or a pretty sweater in the outer layer. The art of layering enables everyone to wear any kind of dress without worrying about the freezing cold weather. Some of the color combinations that work well in winters include brown and carmine, tender mint and white, grey and purple, and much more.

2. An oversized Coat Over a Sexy Dress

An oversized Coat Over a Sexy Dress

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An oversized coat work for any kind of style, however wearing it over a sexy slip dress can make you look stylish and elegant at the same time. Pair an oversized coat with a shorter dress to make it look cute and cozy. Nothing else looks trendier and warmer than an oversized coat during chilly months. There are various styles, designs, and color available out there from classic to versatile and trendy. For a sleek appearance, you can buy an oversized coat in greyish shades. Also, shades of violet look well too. The longer you oversized coat, the shorter and more fitted your rest of the outfit should be.

3. Let your boots be the focus of attention

Let your boots be the focus of attention

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You can show off your sexy boots pairing them with your short dresses. Boots can go almost with every outfit in the winter season. Super stylish thigh high boots can be perfect for both providing warmth and comfort during the chilly months. Also, ankle boots can add a cute factor to your winter dressing. Such boots are perfect for any winter night or fancy occasions. Usually, feet are the first thing in winter that freeze up, therefore, it is better to keep them warm and comfortable with boots.

4. Cozy Scarves Over Anything

Cozy scarves can make you look wonderful and keep you comfortable, warm, and cozy. You can tie some pretty cozy scarf around your neck along with a cute floral shot dress. It can make you look more versatile. You can also drape it over one shoulder to make yourself look super chic and sexy. You can also leave it casually hanging down. There are various styles of carrying such cozy scarves and it’s up to you how you want to wear it. You can choose any color of cozy scarf according to your dress to make it look complementing

5. Don’t Forget Your Beanie

Don’t Forget Your Beanie

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A beanie undoubtedly provides a sure way to keep things cozy. For an effortless ensemble, you can wear a beanie that easily pairs with your favorite jeans. You can easily go for a monochromatic look with your beanie paired with a sweater in a matching hue. Most of the beanie colors that look stylish in winters are grey, black, sea green, peach, sky blue, and much more.

6. Rock It with Lace Blazers

Rock It with Lace Blazers

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Lace blazers can make any attire look beautiful and stylish, therefore, it should be in the wardrobe of almost every girl. It is just a piece of cloth that can transform the overall look and it can be worn in a professional setting too. Wearing blazers with jeans can add a feeling of sophistication. A plain shirt with jeans and sneakers can instantly look more stylish if you add a blazer. You can wear a lace blazer with any kind of dress such as a maxi skirt, a tight short dress, a crop top shirt, and much more. Therefore, incorporating a lace blazer in your attire is a perfect idea if you want to look super chic and feel sexier.

7. Knitted Turtleneck Sweater

If you have to buy a single very useful and trendy item for your wardrobe in winters, it should undoubtedly be the knitted turtleneck sweater. This fashionable turtleneck sweater can keep you warm and comfortable and at the same time. You can wear it with ripped jeans and heels or with leather pants. These sweaters look effortlessly chic and sexy, therefore, it is one of the perfect ideas to make your attire look more attracting by wearing this knitted turtleneck sweater with any kind of bottom wear along with high heels or thigh high boots.

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