3 Sandals You’ll be WantingCraving Needing (Once I tell you why that you’ll need them)

Whew! The summer is upon us and the mercury shows no sign of slowing it’s relentless climb upwards. And as the temperature rises, so does your desire to expose your toes.

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Ooo, I like that hashtag, #exposethetoes ! suggested by my good friend Anand Mishra. So, go ahead, reach deep inside your closet and let’s have a look at what you’ve got in there. It’s ok, I’ll wait.

Ok, you’re back. Great. Let’s have a look at what you’ve…oh no. Is this serious? And what about this one? Was there some sort of costume party for your feet? And this one here can’t be from your collection. I mean, it looks like it belongs in a museum.

Not the kind of good museum that art critics will rave about. More like the kind of museum that people go to see novelties and oddities. And this can’t be comfortable? Did you have to bandage your foot like some Geisha from a different era for your feudal lord just to squish it in here?

Summer women sandals

No, none of these will do. It looks like we need to talk about what is best for your foot when it comes to the open-toed sandals. So, whether you’re into wedges, flip-flops or simply some sandals that you can wear to work, home and more, let me help you fulfil all your foot fantasies. No, wait that sounds gross.

Let me help you get your foot into something it’s never been before…ewww, nope. Let’s just talk about how to wear sandals, how to buy the best prices and how to wear them to work, to school, or just to the store. Much better.

1. The “Every Day” Sandals

This sandal is designed for you to wear each and every day. This is the kind of sandal you slip on without thinking, without pondering how it goes with your outfit, the last time you were seen with it and so on. This sandal is going to take you through thick and thin, last you for years and outlive even your pets. And so with that in mind, we need to think about comfort.

You need to know how to wear a sandal all day, how to wear a sandal with sweaty feet (it’s ok, it happens to all of us. Well, not me, but all other people). You need sandals with good support, great for walking all day, incredibly sturdy. And because this sandal is going to be your lifesaver, let’s just splurge a little bit on this one. Have a look at a couple options.

Birkenstock:  These German designed sandals have outlasted The Third Reich, the Berlin Wall, and they will certainly take you far indeed. Birkenstocks are designed with comfort in mind, and keep your toes and heels supported individually.Birkenstock Sandal

They conform to your foot over time, so this is the shoe that actual benefits you the more you wear it. And with such a wide range of options available, you won’t be left wanting in the fashion department.

Born: This brand of sandal has an interesting tagline. It’s designed to feel like you’re wearing socks with your sandals. Yup, you can support your feet in a comfortable way while also supporting your inner nerd. I call that a win-win. The shock-absorbing soles in these sandals keep you going no matter what your day throws at you.

2. The “Hoity-Toity” Sandals

I’ll concede that you can’t get away with wearing wedges all day, every day, but they look so cute! There certainly does call for the time when you need a pair of sandals that, darn it, just make you feel good. “Tomorrow you” won’t be happy with the sore feet, but “today you” just looks so good in a nice pair of wedges. Here’s the temptation, however.

Hoity Toity Sandal

You’ll be sorely wanting to splurge out on a pair of wedges that cost you the promise of your first and second-born children, and buy some thrift special for the every day, but it’s decisions like that that got you your last three boyfriends. No, let’s be smarter about this one. There are plenty of options for you to buy wedges, but where do you buy sandals for the best price? This requires some digging. Try a couple of these tips.

Shop in the right season. If you have your eyes set on those 4-inch wedges, don’t be a fool and buy them just as the heat is rising. Stake out the store on the days when the new stock comes in and snatch those shoes up like you’re a kid and your mom said you couldn’t have that candy, but she turned her back, so you grabbed it anyway just because you were so hungry and no one saw you.

Ladies Sandals Collection

OK, that’s a long analogy, but you get the point. You can easily pay up to 70% less for the same sandals off-season rather than the full price like those suckers did a couple months ago.

Try look-a-likes. Let’s be honest. The occasions you’ll wear these are few and far between. You need fancy sandals and wedges that look awesome, but maybe not the awesome price tag. You can find plenty of bargain shoe sites offering great looking sandals for even greater looking deals. You could also go to the outlets near you, or even Amazon offer great Daily Deals. Think smart, look smart, pay smart.

3. The “Dress Pair” Sandals

These are the sandals that require some special attention. This is the fancy wedding on the beach you have to attend or the work function where you want to appear to be casual, but you’re not going to be wearing your Crocs to work either. This is the fancy pair of sandals that really add to your outfit rather than take away.

So before you get all caught up in how to wear sandals with ankle straps, or how to find the perfect pair for that beach wedding, let’s figure out what you really need it for.This pair of sandals will be beautiful but rarely see the light of day.

Kind of like Edward Cullen. If you got that reference, I hope you feel no shame for enjoying those wonderfully crafted timeless novels. So, you need something versatile. You need something that could manage double duties. Let’s try a couple suggestions here.

Black is the new Black. They say that once you go black, you never go back. I’m not sure what that refers to, but I’m applying it here. You don’t need that bright-yellow sparkling flip flops that only go with that one sun-dress you’re hoping to fit into next year. Let’s deal with reality and just go for the standard black.Black Sandals

There’s a reason they say “Red is the New Black”, or “White is the New Black”. Black is never going anywhere and it goes with everything. Beach wedding, school, work functions. You could absolutely find that cute pair of red ombre wedges but just walk away. Yeah, that’s right. Walk. Away.

Don’t go overboard. You open up a catalogue and see that you can buy a brand new pair of sandals. The pair is bejewelled with diamantes, tassels and straps going every which way, the colour fades from blue and tan to black and white, depending on the light and it just looks fabulous on Tyra Banks. Well, I’m afraid I have good news and bad news. Good news is that I found money when I put on my pants today.

Women Fashion Sandals

The bad news is that you’re not Tyra Banks unless Tyra is reading this article. In which case, Tyra, first off, Hi, but I’m afraid you can’t even pull off this look. Going overboard is what Big Shoe wants you to do, but I’m here to be your voice of reason. Don’t go off script. Stay sensible. Avoid anything with too much bling or string. That’s what my grandpappy told me and it’s taken me pretty far in life. And besides, diamantes are so last season.

So, it looks like you have some work ahead of you. Go out and get yourself these three basic sets and you will go far. I can’t say whether or not you’ll go far in life. But with these new sandals, you can actually walk pretty far.

#ExposetheToes, people!

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