No accessory has proved its worth more over the last few decades than a great pair of sunglasses. When you are walking into a room or down the street; meeting someone for the first time or simply going to a new place, wearing sunglasses can help in giving you a boost of confidence and hide your insecure eyes.

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Not only do they build our confidence but sunglasses are always on trend during any season, they work with so many outfits and if you invest in the right pair, then you will be protecting your eyes from harmful UV rays. The latter is not an issue we tend to think about when we go to buy that coveted pair of sunglasses but it is important to note that continual exposure to the sun’s UV rays can cause damage in the long run.

Extended exposure to the sun’s UV rays can cause what is defined as, Photokeatities. “Like a ‘sunburn of the eye’, photokeratitis may be painful and include symptoms such as red eyes, a foreign body sensation or gritty feeling in the eyes, extreme sensitivity to light and excessive tearing. Fortunately, this is usually temporary and rarely causes permanent damage to the eyes.”

When you do a quick search for men’s sunglasses in Australia or women’s, you will find that although the options are endless, shades that give your eyes the UV protection they need can cost more than the average sunglasses you find at the local mall. But really, you don’t need to buy seven pairs of sunglasses to match all of your outfits, it is all about investing in the right one that suits your face and will go with many of your looks.

Take the aviator frames for example, which have been worn by rock stars in the 70s and donned by the most watched fashionistas of this decade. The aviator frames are worn by both men and women, they are of a timeless shape and you can find them in colours like black and metallic to suit most of your outfits. To prove that you can invest in only one pair of sunglasses – in this case the aviator frames – and work it for any occasion, here is a list to show you how you can work with a good pair of UV protective, Aviator sunglasses ­− whether you are a man or a woman – and work your shades for any occasion.

Saving in Style


Men– Channel laid-back cool at the beach by donning loose trunks and the perfect T-shirt with a dramatic graphic that will scream summer. Finish the look with your aviator shades and sandals or espadrilles if you want to go for a hike up on the rocks, with your hair sleeked back and the smell of sunscreen on your face.

Women– Go for a boho meets rock star look at the beach by wearing a light and loose romper with spaghetti straps in a backless style. Put on your shades and a floppy hat, and tie roman sandals all the way up to your knees. You can braid your hair for a bolder beachy look and even add layers of fun bracelets.


Men– Bringing bold elements into that boring suit, try wearing your regular suit to the office and add accessories to style it up. Put those aviators on, rock a leather satchel or a smart briefcase and well-polished brogues for a look that is still professional but utterly stylish and modern.

Women– Taking that midi dress to the next level, rock the shades next time you go into the office together with a great pair of heeled pumps and a tote bag in a bold bright colour. Add thin bands on your fingers and a delicate necklace around your neck for a professional but street style worthy look. If it is cold outside, then finish off this bold office look with a cropped leather jacket in a dark colour or if the temperature is really low, go for a statement coat with a high collar.

Saving in Style 2

On those easy days…

Men– When it is a day to meet friends for brunch and run errands, then channel casual chic by wearing a skinny pair of chinos and a fine knit that is not too loose. You can then put on your aviators and that leather watch, sleek suede loafers on your feet and that way, you just made your day a whole lot easier.

Women – Channel laid-back chic by pairing short shorts in a loose fit with a great knit in a nude or blush colour. Your hair up in a messy chignon, put on your shades and cuff bracelets, work a nude lip and enjoy an easy day of leisure.

Formal wear

Men– Whether it is a day wedding or a special lunch, combining those edgy aviators with something traditional is sure to get you the right kind of attention and prove you own your style. Work this look by wearing a well-fitted pair of trousers and a great shirt in a skinny fit; put on a self-tie bowtie in a bold pattern or a pastel hue and well-polished shoes for a sleek and formal look.

Women– Look delicate with a bit of edge by combining your aviator shades with a midi dress in a nude tone or blush. You can even go for lace here so the contrast between the dress and the sunglasses is even more evident. Rock some gold thin bands on your fingers, layer delicate gold necklaces and put on stunning caged heels to steal the show.

Embrace your inner rebel

When you want to channel your inner rebel, whether you are a guy or a girl, leather is the way to go. Find a great leather jacket to pair with the perfect pair of denim if you are a guy or choose off-white denim if you are a girl. Put on that diamond ear stud or that ear cuff and bring edge to your outfit.