If you plan to walk around town whole day, it is important to have sandals with good support. These kinds of sandals will protect your feet from blisters and other injuries and prevent or reduce discomfort even after extended periods of wearing them.

Sandals with good support help increase your mobility by preventing aches and discomfort. If you are one of those people who need specialized support, it is best to choose sandals with great support. These sandals also provide balance and some could even improve your posture.

Sandals with good support allow the cool and refreshing sensation of the wind against your feet. These sandals distribute your body weight perfectly, supporting all the muscles, ligaments and joints in your feet and legs. These sandals also provide superior cushioning and it helps some of these sandals have cork foot bed to provide maximum comfort.

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Here are some of the types of sandals with good support:

1. Orthotic Friendly Sandals:

Orthotic sandals have added depth and they have removable insoles that can accommodate arch support footbed, custom orthotics, and other additional cushions. This is a good choice for people who have foot deformities such as hammertoes, bunions, corns and other conditions as the depth of these sandals are adjustable. Here are the best orthotic sandals in the market today.

2. Diabetic Sandals:

People with diabetes have a slower rate of healing and they are more sensitive to heat and foreign objects such as stones and sticks. Diabetic sandals give good support and their interior is seamless. They prevent foot irritation. They also prevent blisters and calluses.

3. Arch Support Sandals:

If you are looking for sandals with good support, it is best to go for arch support sandals. These sandals provide maximum comfort. These sandals also have top-of-the-line anatomical construction to ensure optimal support. Arch support sandals are also durable and they have superior arch and heel support.

If you like to walk around town during the day, you have to choose sandals with superior arch support as these sandals provide superior cushioning and maximum protection from blisters and other foot injuries.

If you are looking for sandals with good support, you should definitely purchase some of these amazing arch support, orthotic, and diabetic sandals:

Noat Santa Cruz Men’s Sandal

Noat Santa Cruz Men's Sandal

This is one of the many pairs of sandals with superior support. The footbed is made of cork so it is ultra comfortable. It has a classic design and it has a high-quality leather lining. It also has adjustable straps so it fits any foot type and shape. It also has a shock absorbing feature and it has a durable rubber outsole.

This sandal is a bit pricey but it is worth every cent. You can find this in many shoe stores or you can order it online.

Birkenstock Gizeh

Birkenstock Gizeh sandals

Birkenstock is known as the top manufacturer of high-quality sandals. The manufacturer is known for providing superior comfort; that the sandals they produce are stylish too is just a bonus. The Birkenstock Gizeh provides maximum support and it is quite affordable too.

This amazing sandal is a must have for summer. It has the good fit and it comes in different colors and design including purple, orange, lavender, hot pink, Fluro yellow, light blue, floral, hot pink, printed, and silver.



Orthaheels is one of the best footwear with good support in the market today. It has built-in arch support and it has a well-designed, contoured, and stabilizing cup. These sandals are stylish, sexy, and they are pretty comfortable, too.

Crocs Jelly Sandals


Crocs jelly sandals are cool, hip, trendy, and super comfortable, too. They are one the many sandals with good support. They are also orthotic friendly and are pretty durable for its price.

These sandals are available in many color combinations and are perfect for the summer.

Bass Classics

If you are one of those people who can’t get enough of the 70s fashion, you should go for Bass Classics sandals. These sandals are perfect for the summer and it goes well with jeans, shorts, and sundresses. It is available in different colors including black thong, red, turquoise, silver, orange, and black ankle strap. These sandals are comfortable and durable. They also provide good traction and it has good arch support.


Born sandals are chic and comfortable. These sandals are orthotic friendly and they are perfect for everyday use. They come in different styles and designs.


If you are hunting for sandals with good support, it is a good idea to get yourself a pair of born sandals. These sandals have high-quality leather uppers and they have padded footbed and rubber soles.

These sandals are trendy and they have different designs. You can go for floral leather thong sandals or you can go for leopard print Born footwear.

Here are the some of the Born sandals that provide good support:

  1. Black Misty Leather Sandals
  2. Metallic Strappy Heel Sandals with Flowers
  3. Nude Leather Strap Ankle Sandals
  4. Light Blue Floral Sandals
  5. Born Concept Women Slides Wedge
  6. Born Acacia Women Leather Sandals
  7. EUC! Women’s Boc Blue Sandals



Aerosoles is one of the best and most reputable sandal manufacturers in today. It is affordable, comfortable, and durable. These sandals are perfect for the summer and they are quite comfortable, too.

If you are looking for sandals with good support, it is best to check out the Aerosoles sandals. Aerosoles provide superior cushioning and these sandals diamond flex soles that provide superior traction. These sandals provide maximum comfort and they are orthotic friendly.

Aerosoles sandals have a strong sports vibe but they are trendy and fashionable, too. They are perfect for daily use.

Spenco Yumi Classic Arch Support Sandal for Women

Spenco womens Yumi Sandals

This pair is comfortable and durable. It also has a soft strap and a superior arch support that helps align your lower limbs.

This pair also has deep heel cup design and soft toe post. It has a sporty design but it is stylish, too. The Spenco Yumi arch support sandals are perfect for an outdoor adventure at the beach or for day to day use.

Sole Sports Women’s Sandal

Sole Sport Women's Sandals

This pair is an affordable and durable orthotic-friendly option that has a classic design. This goes well with any type of clothing and it has orthopaedic features that enhance comfort and support.

This sandal has a deep heel cup and it provides metatarsal support. It has a durable, non-marking outsole and it has natural rubbers. It provides superior traction that can protect you from injuries. You can use it after a long day at the gym or when you are lounging on the beach.

Cloud Nine Sheepskin Sandal

Cloud Nine Sheepskin Sandals

This pair is one of the best sandals with good support. Its footbed is made of sheepskin so it is super soft and comfortable. This is best for people who have sensitive feet. This is ideal for day to day use. This is also perfect for people who have diabetes.

Vionic with Orthaheel

Vionic with Orthaheel

The Vionic is one of the many sandals with good support. This pair of sandals has a great upper design and it has an elasticized toe ring. The hook and strap of the sandal are adjustable so it enhances the fit and the comfort of the sandal.

The footbed of these sandals has an added cushion and it has maximum absorption. It also uses the VIBRAM outsole that provides superior traction. This allows you to move smoothly even on slippery slopes.

ToeSox Mazzy Sandals

This is a pair of five-toe sandals that has a unique design. This pair aligns the bones and improves support and comfort. It is comfortable and durable. This is perfect for everyday use.  You can also use this sandal after your Pilates or yoga practice. Watch this video know more about this sandal

Alegria Carina Thong Sandal

Alegria Carina Thong Sandals

This pair of sandals has a high quality beaded leather upper and has an artsy design. This sandal has an adjustable fit that is perfect for those who have orthopaedic conditions and diabetes.


When choosing the right sandals, it’s better to go for those with ample arch support. These sandals provide optimum comfort and allow you to walk for hours without experiencing pain. It is also a good idea to go for diabetic and orthotic-friendly footwear. These sandals are adjustable and they fit different types and shapes of feet.

Most sandals with good support also have durable soles that provide superior traction and support. These sandals are a bit expensive. But, they are great investment pieces. These sandals can last for years and you can use them for various activities.

You can get these sandals from different shoe shops. You can also purchase these amazing sandals from various online marketplaces like eBay and Amazon. Before you purchase your preferred sandals, check the reviews. Reviews can be a great tool that you can use in picking the best sandals with good support.