Dressing formally is an important skill that both men and women need to take the time to learn. Knowing about proper fashion and accessories will serve you in all areas of your life, even outside of work. A good outfit will help people perceive you professionally even in casual situations.

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Being on top of proper fashion and accessories is dependent on the situation you’re in. Within your job there can be several different situations, business casual on the weekdays, casual Fridays and formal wear for meetings. It’s important that you know how to approach each of these situations with an appropriate outfit.

This article will start with fashion and accessory tips for women including how to give your outfit a professional vibe. Then we will move on to fashion tips for men. A lot of the tips discussed will be interchangeable between women and men.

For women

Fashion and Accessories for women

Conservative outfits with basic colors are best in professional settings.  Women can try bright and vibrant colors during regular days and bold neutral colors when trying to appear extra professional.  Bold dark colors (dark blue, grey, black, brown) help to create a serious tone for your outfit.

Closed toe shoes are the most professional option for footwear.  Flats and small heals can also work.  Make sure you match your shoes to your outfit in both color and shape.  Boots can be appropriate sometimes during cooler weather.  The shorter the boot, the more professional you’ll appear, the longest your boots should be is about an inch below your knee.

For women, hair is an important accessory by default.  It can be time consuming but it’s worth it to take the extra time to groom your hair in the morning.  Or you can choose a style that requires minimal maintenance.  Unkempt hair can make people ignore your entire outfit, even if it’s professional.


Pearls are most conservative type of accessory women can wear and they can be worn in almost any situation.  Try a bracelet or necklace to accent your outfit.  Make sure you get an item where the pearls aren’t overly big.

Single colored watches (particularly gold or silver) also make great accessories.  If you wear a watch make sure it is appropriately sized.

Work Dresses For Women

Make sure to wear light scents in professional environments.  It’s hard to find a scent that will please everyone so the best option is just to keep it low-key.  Keeping small bottles of mouthwash or gum handy can help you freshen up throughout the day.

When it comes to earrings, go with small to medium sized ones.  On more casual days you can wear bigger, flashier earrings.  Appropriately sized earrings can be great accents to your outfit.

For men

Fashion and Accessories for men

Proper fashion and accessories for men can be basic but still have a strong effect.  Men need to keep in mind that solid colors and bold patterns are easiest to match.

Pick clothes that are made out of light fabrics to help you stay cool in the work place.  Wool dress pants can get uncomfortable as the day progresses.  The colors you wear also affect how much heat will affect you.  Lighter colors attract less heat and help you stay cooler.  You can build up your shirt collections with light solid colors.

Stay away from items with logos on them. The little splash insignia of an American Eagle logo on a button up changes the whole perception of the shirt.

For men, grooming is an important part of a professional appearance.  Making sure you are properly groomed will set the tone for how people perceive your outfit.  Trim your facial hair and if you decide to grow it out, make sure the style you choose matches the shape of your face.


Cufflinks can be a stylish addition to your work outfit.  In business casual environments, cufflinks will most likely be unique among your co-workers.

Men Fashion

As men build their wardrobe they should also build a collection of watches.  Make sure your watches are properly sized fit your body properly.  For example, don’t buy a watch with a huge face if you’re a person with small wrists.  Buy watches with bands that will match your outfits.  Solid colors like black, brown, silver are easiest to find matches for.

As per CEO Anand Mishra, always remember that proper fashion and accessories will depend on the environment you’re on.  Different situations will generate different perceptions of your outfit.  Always make sure you’re well groomed to set the tone of your outfit.  Follow the tips in this article to help you decide what type of clothes to buy as you build your wardrobe.