Frankly speaking, you can go two ways with the holiday gift-shopping fiesta. You can either pick stuff off the aisles randomly just to get the task over with. Alternatively, you can put some actual time and think into the whole process of gift selection. It is all about caring.

I would obviously recommend the latter option. If you handpick custom-made holiday gifts for your friends and family, it will show you appreciate their involvement in your life and deem them worth the effort. Thus, the joy of gift-exchange will double up for everyone.

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In this post, I will list down some of the best ideas for thoughtful, meaningful, unique and personalized gifts that you can effectively utilize during the upcoming holiday season. These selections are sure to make the recipients feel special in one way or another. Check them out below.

Charm Pendant

Jewelry counts as a great gift for all occasions. There are so many varieties in this category that you can choose from. Bracelets, rings, hoops, etc. But, what I think will appeal to your special someone most of all is an antique charmed bracelet with the first letter of their name as the main attraction. Yes, AUrate is a shop that specializes in this sort of pendant collection. They are known for their transparent prices, interesting designs, and luxury gold quality.

Vacation Plan

Have you got a loved one or a close friend on your list who you think deserves a good tropical break? If yes, then you can gift him or her a small vacation, which fits your budget, of course. The journey is an online service that arranges and plans mind-blowing trips for its clients, starting at $25 mark per day. You can contact them online or over your Spectrum phone. Let them know the preferences of your friend and patiently wait as this service creates and delivers a detailed itinerary. It’ll be a great surprise for them, trust me.

Favored Subscriptions

Gift your loved ones a six-month subscription to Vinebox, which delivers personalized wine vials to its customers’ doorsteps. Or if your friends are coffee addicts, then a three-month subscription to Driftaway, popular for its accurate brewing, will be great. Else, you can get a $50+ gift card from Indochino—known for its amazing custom-tailored suits. Something your male friends will absolutely love!

Pictorial Pillow

Find out what your friends and family members hold close to their hearts. If Ted loves his dog, then you can gift him a customized printed pillow with the face of the mutton it. CanvasPop is a service which will enable you to do just that, with prices starting from only $30. If pillows are not your friend’s thing, then you can get them a painting or a printed canvas bedsheet too. Whatever works!

Xbox Controller

It’s not that hard to decide a gift for your gamer friend, right? Because they already have a designated domain. Here’s what you can do. Get a customized Xbox controller for Mike this Christmas, which has a unique look and quality. Xbox Design Lab offers to make this happen for you. Look it up and purchase the deal.

Map Poster

There are places in this world people have a special affiliation with. If a friend of yours loves the cool Arctic or hosts a dear feeling for the cobbled streets of Rome, then you can use this inclination and plan a gift around it. Grafomap is a site which can help you in this endeavor. Get an artistic map image of your friend’s favorite place and design a poster on the basis of it. The cost will be around $50 or so. Frame the poster beautifully and you’re done!

Customized Nikes

If you’ve got a friend who is really into shoes, then this will be a game-changing present for them. Yes, Nike offers to create customized pairs of shoes based on the likings and preferences of its customers. You can buy a set of these, starting from $95, or you can get a gift card which will allow your friend to design one-of-a-kind shoes on their own.

Monogram Board

Thinking about what to give to a friend who brings the most delicious treats to each get-together? How about a royalty cutting board with the initials of the recipient’s name engraved artistically in it? Believe me, it’ll count as a useful and personalized present. You can purchase a smooth marble plus gold-lettered number at Williams-Sonoma for $39.95 or so.

Engraved Knitting Needles

Got an aunt who loves playing around with wool and other textiles? Then, you can gift her a customized set of knitting needles this Christmas. In case you’re wondering, you can order an engraved bamboo type from Etsy for only $18. Make sure each needle has something nice to say to lift up her mood on a cloudy day.

Drink-More Bottle

Show your friends you care for their well-being by gifting them a customized water bottle this holiday season. A bottle which reminds them to stay hydrated through its printed motivational messages, cool graphics and markings will bring a lot of good in their lives. You can get such an item in different mediums—silicone, plastic, glass, and stainless steel—on uncommon goods for only $19.99.

So, these are some of the most unique gift options which you can get for your friends and family this holiday shopping season.