If you are a man who loves adventure, investing in a pair of sandals that perfectly suits your sporty and adventurous personality is advisable. You can use these sandals for hiking and other outdoor activities. Note, however, that not all sandals in the market are created the same, so we have compiled the best men’s sandals for walking today, so you can pick one which suits your needs.

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Ecco Sports Yucatan Sandal

If you have a lot of money to splurge on a good pair of sandals, it is a good idea to go for Ecco Sports Yucatan sandals.

This is one of the best men’s sandals for walking. The Ecco Sports Yucatan is one of the most comfortable sandals out there. You can use it for hiking and other tedious outdoor activities. It is also ideal for your daily activities such as walking and other errands. It comes with a sturdy construction, making it one of the best sandals in the market at present.

Ecco Sports Yucatan Sandal

The Ecco Sports Yucatan is also lightweight so you will not have a hard time moving around. It also has a good design and it keeps your feet fresh and odor-free. It is created out of quality rubber that does not get damaged even when used on difficult terrains.

Here are the best features of this amazing sandal:

  1. It is odor resistant so you do not have to worry about having smelly feet after hours of walking.
  2. It has a good and comfortable fit.
  3. It has a stretch fit lining so it actually adapts to the unique shape of your feet.
  4. It uses top of the line midsole technology.

These sandals are durable and stylish, but of course, it has a downside, too. It’s not good for underwater use, so if you are into white water rafting and other outdoor activities that involve water, this is not the perfect choice for you.

Keen Newport H2

Keen Newport H2

This is one of best men’s sandals for walking. This sandal has great sporty design and it is fabulously stylish. In fact, many footwear experts and adventurers give these sandals five-star reviews.

The Keen Newport H2 is perfect not only for outdoor activities and adventures but also for daily use. It works well for those who want to get a sandal that is functional and trendy at the same time. The H2 provides superior comfort. The upper of this footwear is made of a soft neoprene substance that protects your feet. The footbed of this amazing sandal is soft and comfortable that it almost feels like it’s custom-made for you. It is definitely one of the best sandals for your feet. As per Anand Mishra of Star Infranet, the analytics actually went through the roof, when he was analyzing for “Best Sandals” Keyword for this particular type.

The Newport H2 has a toe cap that protects your feet from small particles such as rocks and sticks.

Here are the best features of the Newport H2:

  1. It has compressed EVA midsoles. This provides comfort and superior support while hiking on difficult terrains.
  2. It has non-marking rubber outsoles that give you sufficient traction even on the most slippery and loose terrain.
  3. It has a hydrophobic mesh lining that absorbs moisture and prevents odor.

This sandal may be more expensive than its counterparts but it is definitely one of the best men’s sandals for walking. You will also enjoy using this for your underwater adventures.

Teva Omnium

Teva Omnium

Teva is a popular outdoor equipment brand. It is also a known and reputable manufacturer of high-quality outdoor sandals.

The Omnium sandal lives up to Teva’s reputation. This is one of the best men’s sandals for walking, which is perfect for those who have an active lifestyle. If you love walking on bumpy terrains, this sandal is suitable for you.

Here are the best features of this fabulous sandal:

  1. It has a compression molded EVA midsole that gives extra comfort.
  2. It has micro-ban zinc that protects your feet from bacteria.
  3. It has a super comfortable footbed. In fact, it uses the Shoc Pad technology that allows the footbed to absorb shock as you move on rugged trails.
  4. It has a spider XC runner outsole that provides good support on uneven and rough terrains.

This is definitely one of the best sandals with arch support. It has great features and it provides utmost comfort to its users. This is one of the highest rated men’s sandals on various product review websites.

Teva Terra Fi 4

Teva Terra Fi 4

This sandal has a classic and simple design and is extremely comfortable and durable, making it one of the best men’s sandals for walking.

This sandal is affordable and you can find it in many online stores. You can also use these sandals in many environmental settings – from rivers, beaches, uneven terrains, to dusty trails. Hiking during a rainy season is also easier and more comfortable if you are wearing this sandal.

This sandal provides good traction that protects you from accidents when walking on slippery slopes. It does not retain water and it is easy to clean.

The sandal has an open design so it is perfect for different foot shapes. The Teva Terra Fi 4 also protects your feet from odor and it is durable, too.

The only downside of this sandal is that it is heavy, so if you are into lightweight footwear, this is not the right sandal for you.

Merrell Kahuna III

Merrell Kahuna III

Merrell is known for producing high quality and durable footwear. The Kahuna III is perfect for travelling, walking and several other outdoor activities. Its heel has a shock absorbing system that provides comfort and support. It is somewhat similar to the Teva Terra. The main advantage of the Kahuna III over the Teva Terra is that it is much lighter.

This sandal is definitely one of the best men’s sandals for walking. It provides good traction and it has a padded Lycra and neoprene lining. It also has a built-in antimicrobial treatment that protects your feet from bacteria and odor. This is the perfect choice if you are walking or hiking on muddy trails often. This is definitely one of the best men’s flip-flop for walking.

The North Face Hedgehog

The North Face Hedgehog

The North Face is the leading manufacturer of outdoor gears and it also produces high-quality hiking sandals that are ideal for free spirited people and adventure seekers.

The Hedgehog lives up to the North Face’s good reputation. It is usually included on the list of the best men’s sandals for walking, because aside from being light, which allows you to move freely, it is also simple and flexible enough that you can expect it to suit any outfit.

If you are into water-based outdoor activities, this sandal is the perfect fit for you. The hedgehog pattern on the sandal’s base drains the water from the sole, so it protects you from sliding on slippery slopes. This sandal also has a removable heel strap, which allows you to convert it into a slip-on.

This sandal is perfect for water sports but you may also face a bit of discomfort when you use this for long hikes. This is perfect for outdoor activities like canoeing, and many users say that it is indeed one of the best men’s sandals for walking.

Keen Clearwater CNX

Keen Clearwater CNX

If you really want a lightweight sandal, then this is perfect for you. The Clear water CNX is, no doubt, one of best men’s sandals for walking.

It is comfortable and it has a built-in antimicrobial shield that protects your feet from odor and germs. This sandal is designed for trail walking. It feels comfortable even if you are using it for long walks and hikes. This is also ideal for water-based activities and sports. It is durable, comfortable and it protects your feet from crapes and knocks.

This sandal is a bit expensive than some of the sandals in our list, but this is definitely a good investment.

Vibrams Barefoot 5-Finger Spyridon

Vibrams Barefoot 5-Finger Spryidon

This one has a unique design but this is specially created for mix rock terrain. You can also use this when playing football on a beach or when planning to walk on a difficult trail.

You can also use this sandal for various water-based activities. It has a good traction and it is comfortable to wear. Although this sandal has an antimicrobial shield, it is quite not enough to protect your feet from odor. However, if you do not want mud or sand to get into your toes, this is the perfect sandal for you.

Rio Men’s Adventure Sandal

Rio Men's Adventure Sandal

If you are frequently walking on an uneven and rough terrain, this is the perfect choice for you. It has a comfortable mesh upper and it has a cool and sporty design, too. This sandal offers maximum comfort and is highly durable, making it part of the best men’s sandals for walking.


All the sandals in our list are the top rated items in different best men’s sandals review. These sandals are durable, comfortable and they cater to your different needs. Each of these sandals can be a great addition to your priced footwear collection.