No matter your budget, a watch doesn’t need to cost 5000$ to be fashionable or beautiful. Watches come in all sorts of styles, varieties, and colors, with plenty of options for all the possibilities. We’ll go over how to look for the top rated & cheap mens watches online in this article.

No matter how far technology progresses, nothing will ever be able to beat the look of stylish, classic watch on a man’s wrist. High-tech watches may have useful features, but they’ll never be able to beat the distinguished look a well-matched watch and outfit provide. Somehow when it comes to men and watches, less is definitely more.

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History of watches

Imagine trying to meet your friend before portable watches were invented! The first timepieces were invented in Germany in the 16th century, and while they surely helped make it easier to keep appointments, they were quite primitive in design. These portable, drum-shaped boxes only had an hour hand, and they usually had to wound twice a day.

Since these “watches” were created in the German cities of Augsburg and Nuremburger, they came to be known as Nuremburger eggs. They weren’t exactly useful for telling time, as they often fell hours behind, but they were valued as jewelry and novelty items.

History of watches

After about 100 years of progress in watchmaking, a huge breakthrough occurred in 1657. The balance spring was added to the balance wheel, which enabled watchmakers to make more accurate devices. Without getting too complicated, before the balance spring, watches relied solely on the force of the balance wheel to move the hands.

This made watches very sensitive, especially when knocked or bumped against something. The balance spring helped to give timepieces a “natural rhythm” that was resistant to impact, bumps or drops. Thanks to this addition, watches become so accurate that it spurred watchmakers to add minute hands to watches!

The balance spring was the launch board for over 200 years of innovation in watchmaking and by the 1800s; watches were ready for mass production. Various machine tools such as an anchor escape and a pantograph had innovated how watches were made and allowed for some standardization among watchmakers.

Evolution watches

Started in 1851, the Waltham Watch Company was one of the first companies to manufacture and sell watches. Abraham-Louis Breguet is credited with creating the world’s first wristwatch in 1810. While Mr. Louis Breguet may be regarded as a “man’s man” for creating a staple in men’s fashion, he actually created the first wristwatch for a lady, Queen Caroline Murat of Naples.

It wasn’t until the 1950’s that over 400 years of progress resulted in the pinnacle of modern watch technology: the electric watch. Using many of the same concepts as previous watches, the electronic watch has set the foundation and standard for what men look for today.

Now that we know where they came from, why are watches so important to men?

Nothing beats the style and simplicity that top rated mens watches adds to your aura as a man. Men have pretty limited options when it comes to jewelry and fashion accessories. Watches help men display their sense of style in a quiet but bold way. In addition to the practicality of having an accurate timepiece with you, watches can say a lot about a man’s position in life or what he value.

A quality watch

Another reason watches are important to men is thanks to their value as heirlooms. Men of the past have been able to live on through their offspring by passing down a classic watch. Top rated mens watches make for great heirlooms that allow the spirits of great men from the past live on.

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What should you look for when picking Top Rated Cheap Mens Watches Online?

Solid metal construction

If you want a high-quality watch that will last a while, solid metal construction is an absolute must. Cheaper watch brands skimp on this to cut costs. In other words, solid metal construction refers to the watch being made from one piece of material. You can quickly tell if a watch has solid metal construction by looking at the side and seeing if it’s one continuous piece or attached.

Solid feeling

If possible, you should try and physically inspect a watch before buying it. You want to see up close how well the strap fits the main part of the watch; there should be no wiggle room, and it should feel solid in your hands.

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When you put the watch on your wrist, it shouldn’t make much noise, if any at all while moving. If you try on a watch, and it gives you a flimsy, almost fragile feeling, you should probably stay away from it. The solidness of a watch usually speaks to the quality of its instruction.

Make sure it’s the right size

Make sure you pick a watch that’s appropriate for your body size; otherwise you may end up looking a bit foolish. If you’re a large/tall person, you should buy a top rated watch with a large face to accommodate the rest of your body and limbs. A small watch will look comical around big wrists and forearms.

If you’re a smaller/skinny person, make sure you buy a watch online that fits the size of your wrists/forearms. It’s easy to look like you stole your father’s watch if the band or face is too big. Consider buying compact watch models to compliment your smaller body type.

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Consider the type of watchband

Leather bands can work for style, but they just can’t compete with the durability of stainless steel bands. Stainless steel is durable and can easily double as a formal and casual watch. Leather watches are an excellent addition to add to your rotation of other watches, wearing the leather band less often will help it last longer.

Things to watch out for

While searching for top rated mens watches online, you might get misled by a cool ad you saw or some sales person in the store. Here are some things that don’t matter when looking for a watch.

Watchmaking history

Don’t believe the hype. Your watch most likely wasn’t hand crafted in a quaint village in Switzerland. These types of details are just to get you interested in the watch.

watches so important to men

How the watch moves

Some people will try and use the mechanism that causes the watch to move as a selling point, but it reality it doesn’t really matter. This is only something to look for if the mechanism boasts unique functions or if you’re buying really expensive watches (over $10,000). If you want a basic watch, or if you’re looking for the top rated cheap mens watches online, this isn’t a detail you need to concern yourself with.

Avoid big retailers

If possible, try and not buy your watch at your local mall. This is where you’ll be exposed to the lower tier of watches, and to sales people only interested in selling a watch for as much money as popular.Your first sign you’re in a bad store is if they also sell jewelry as well.

Actual watch retailers do only one thing, and they do it well. You’re better off buying off official retailer websites, or third party sites such as Here you can get straight to the point and get the watch you want.