Bow ties are no longer a style option of the 20th century. If you pick the right bow ties and know how to use them the right way, they can transform your look and add to the overall style of your appearance.

But how do you go about finding such bow ties that are not those usual ones that come with a boring and dry look and feel? Well, let’s find out in this post.

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Finding the Most Unique Bow Ties

Well, there’s no shortage of unique bow ties on the market. However, not all of them are going to be a good fit for everyone.

This is because what’s unique to some may not be as unique to others, or might even come off as weird as it often does. The point is, your style preferences are going to be the determining factor here.

So make sure you do a good analysis of your style preferences and how you like to dress up for different occasions. The type of shirts and suits you wear would be an important consideration too. It’s important for the bow ties you’re choosing to match them well, after all.

Similarly, another important factor to keep in mind is how “formal” the bow ties need to be. It might sound a little weird, but you would be surprised at how less formal many “unique” bow ties are. In a bid to make them unique and stand out, manufacturers often go to lengths that end up making them unusual ties that don’t look unique but rather crazy.

Finding the Most Unique Bow Ties

Finally, you would also have to be willing to experiment to some extent if you want to be able to choose truly awesome bow ties. This is important because not all of the ties you buy would meet your expectations or blend well with your overall style and personality.

If you have never bought such extraordinarily stylish bow ties before, you’re likely to end up with some that you will never use. However, if you follow all the suggestions we make in this post as well as the other that we will link to at the end of this article, you will certainly be able to find a good few unique ties that will add a lot of value to your overall personality.

So let us walk you through those factors as well below.

Going with Out of Ordinary Colors and Styles

One of the simplest ways to find some great unique ties is to go beyond the usual colors and styles that you have been using until now, or that are very common. Sure, you might not feel very comfortable with your slightly changed approach to your style for some time – as well as run the risk of sticking out like a sore thumb if you end up picking some wrong styles –you would do just fine with a careful analysis of your style requirements.

Going for the colors that are contrasting to the color of shirts you wear can often work out great. Similarly, don’t be afraid to skip the usual black or red and instead go with something like yellow or novelty blue, as these make a bow tie look incredibly unique and attractive.

Going with Out of Ordinary Colors and Styles

Don’t Compromise on the Comfort Factor

A unique bow tie doesn’t mean it has to be uncomfortable for you. A good bow tie – regardless of how stylish it is – must feel just as comfortable as a classic bow tie.

A real bow tie is something that’s both unique, stylish AND comfortable. If you focus only on the style and look and not on the comfort factor, you would have a hard time getting through the day wearing one of those bow ties.

Simply put, the stylishness or uniqueness doesn’t come at the cost of the comfort, which is something true with not only bow ties but with pretty much all types of clothing products.

Consider the Type of Occasions

If you tend to wear a bow tie only on some special occasions or events, then consider the type of occasions you plan to wear it to. After all, if it’s only meetings that you wear bow ties too, then your options are going to be fairly limited, as you can’t wear something too crazy to extremely formal events like that.

However, if you don’t mind wearing bow ties to different types of occasions and events, especially including the ones with a more casual theme to them, then you would be able to choose from a huge variety of unique bow ties.

Consider the Type of Occasions

You would also easily get away with wearing a crazily unique bow tie to something like a marriage; in fact, you also might earn some appreciation on the unique choice if you pull it off well enough.

The Fabric Used

As we said above, a unique bow tie doesn’t have to be only about style. The comfort matters as well, and so does the fabric used to make it.

After all, even the fabric can play a crucial role in giving a bow tie its unique look and feel. And when it comes to that, a natural option is cotton, as most bow ties are made using it.

Cotton not only gives the tie a comfortable feel but is also versatile enough to allow a lot of style work making it more unique than the others. Another great option can be polyester; although there aren’t a lot of bow ties on the market that are made using polyester, it turns out to be particularly preferable when you’re after very stylish bow ties.

However, this isn’t the only reason to care about the fabric. The fabric is also the greatest factor determining the quality of the bow tie. If a cheaper quality of the fabric is used, the bow tie may wear out after only a short period of use.

You obviously wouldn’t want that, as unique bow ties are expensive. Also, it can take a while to find such bow ties that will enhance your style; having to do it again because they didn’t turn out to be very high quality can be disappointing.

The Fabric Used

High-quality cotton will be your best bet here, and you would want to avoid something like silk as it can not only make it trickier to tie the knot of a bow tie, but also not last as long.

There’s More to Know

If you really care about your style and appearance and want to make sure you go with the best and most stylish bow ties you can, you would need to learn some more about choosing them.

If you have read through this article, the next (and last) step would be to check out this post as well, which explains all the other things you should know when buying yourself some great bow ties.