Buying sunglasses online can be very convenient. You don’t have to go through long lines at the shop, take a break from your busy schedule, or compete with other customers eyeing the same styles in stock. All you have to do is visit your favourite online optical, check out the styles that you’re interested in, Add to Cart, and presto–your sunnies are on their way.

Because it’s so easy to buy sunglasses online, sometimes we get caught up in the rush of adding to cart and checking out immediately. However, there are a lot of awesome deals that you can get online which you might miss if you aren’t careful. Read on and find out what our top tips are for getting the best deal for your online sunnies purchases!

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Plan for Your Splurge

Plan for Your Splurge

Online shopping can often encourage impulse-buying which results in going over one’s budget. While this is alright once in a while, doing it on a regular basis can have an impact on your finances in the long run. A better idea is to plan for your purchase.

Planning doesn’t necessarily have to be boring or complicated. You can mark a day on your calendar when you’ll make the purchase and then make an event of it. Some great methods for planning are to look at Pinterest pages, inspirational blogs, or maybe even make your own mood board.

Through planning, you can also calculate how much you are willing to spend–and how much you can afford to overspend if there’s something extra that you really want.

Determine your non-negotiables

The “Trending Now” and “New Arrivals” pages can derail even the best-laid plans. One way to stay on track with your online shopping experience is to determine what you need from this purchase. What factors are you okay with changing up and which ones have to be present? For what purposes is this online shopping session?

Are you buying a pair of quality designer sunglasses that you want to last with you as a fashion statement through the years? Do you need sporty UV lenses for your upcoming sports fest? Or do you need sunglasses with a prescription so that you can read on the beach? Knowing your non-negotiables can help you identify what the best sunglasses are for your needs.

Check out the sidebar for suggested styles

Most online opticals will recommend styles based on what you’ve bought in the past. These are usually located on the right side of the webpage. Checking out the sidebar for suggested styles can offer you more variety and options. If you’re looking at a pair of sunglasses and thinking along the lines of “if only it was a slightly different shape”, check out the sidebar for styles that you might not have seen yet.

The sidebar also usually contains discount codes and announcements for flash sales. Check out the sidebar–you might just get the sunglasses you want for less than you expected!

Read the reviews

One of the biggest perks of shopping online is that you get to see what people thought of the product. User reviews are a great way to find out information that the company won’t usually disclose. Among these are defects, durability, and design flaws.

Sure, the ads might say that they’re the best sunglasses in the world–but reading that one-star review about how the plastic melted when the shades were left in the car can make a big difference. You could be deciding between wasting your money and investing in a classic piece you will treasure for a long time.

Do your research

kinds of sunglasses

Getting great deals can also just be a matter of looking up the right information. Before you hit check out, make sure to do a price check by exploring other online opticals. How much do similar sunglasses cost on other online stores?

Are you getting quality for your purchase? What are the pros and what are the cons of buying these sunglasses?

Research can also include knowing your face shape and the kinds of sunglasses that will bring out your best features. You can also take note of past frames (if any) which have boosted your confidence and made you feel amazing!

Having this in mind will give you a better chance of buying the best sunglasses for you!

Double-check the contents of your cart

A major challenge of online shopping is that websites can still be prone to glitches and small errors. Sometimes, we also don’t notice that we double-click or add an item to our carts twice. Before you check the items in your cart out, make sure to double-check if the quantity and the figures ad up. This tip makes sure you never have to deal with complex refund processes and return policies.


Buying sunglasses online is a modern, efficient way to shop. By being more mindful of your buying habits and planning for your purchases, you can select the best eyewear deals for your needs. For your next online sunnies shopping spree, keep our tips in mind for a smooth shopping experience.