If you have followed the latest ambitious problem that the ‘big-tech’ is trying to tackle, you will be astonished to know that the dreamers in silicon valley are considering ageing as the next big frontier to overcome. It’s been looked at from multiple approaches, be it mitochondria protecting anti-oxidants, or enzymes that slow down ageing, or editing your genes, or even sharing the blood of a younger person.

Thanks to the geniuses in Silicon Valley, immortality may become a reality someday, but till that day comes, as human beings, we have to deal with the reality of life, which is ageing. Modern research seems to suggest that with the increasing amount of pollution and stress in our lives, our skin is ageing faster. This is especially true for men in jobs with exposure to the heat of the sun and air pollution.

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What Are Anti-Ageing Creams?

The acceleration of ageing symptoms has given birth to a new generation of products: anti-ageing creams. Anti-ageing creams, at their fundamental level, are products of compounds such as vitamin C, vitamin E, alpha-lipoic acid, tannin-rich green tree, etc. These compounds have anti-oxidising properties with the potential to reduce the oxidation and resultant damage that comes with exposure to air pollution, heat, and light. The efficacy of an anti-ageing cream is dependent on the compounds used to make it and their ratios.

When Should You Consider Using an Anti-Ageing Cream?

Now that you understand what anti-ageing creams are, you should also be aware of when is the right time to use an anti-ageing cream, and when should you not use it? The early onset of ageing, especially in men, is becoming more ubiquitous. Signs of ageing in men include wrinkles, sagging of skin, fine lines, increasing frequency of dullness in the skin due to dead cells, discomfort, and tightness.

If such symptoms start appearing, then using an anti-ageing cream for men might be a good idea. Before choosing any anti-ageing cream, you need to understand that the cream is not some magic elixir or youth fountain that will make you younger. An anti-ageing cream provides your skin with compounds that slow down the onset of ageing symptoms reduces the potential damage caused by the elements such as air pollution, and helps you retain your youthful appearance for a longer time.

Factors to Consider While Choosing the Right Anti-Ageing Cream

Choosing the right anti-ageing cream for men is a logical exercise in understanding the exhibited signs of ageing and matching them with the right anti-ageing product.

If your ageing is a result of exposure to the sun and heat, then choose a broad spectrum, SPF 30, water-resistant moisturiser. Such a product will ensure that the number of fine lines on your face is minimised.

anti aging skin cream

However, if your skin is showing signs of weariness, then going for more advanced anti-ageing products may be the right option. In general, good rules of thumb to consider on how to choose the right anti-ageing cream for you include:

Speak to a Dermatologist

A dermatologist will be able to medically assess the specific symptoms being displayed by your skin and surmise possible causes behind the symptoms. Therefore, taking the advice of your dermatologist before choosing an anti-ageing cream is important. Dermatologists will also be able to suggest the right creams you should use depending on your skin type.

Use Products with Organic Ingredients

Several popular skincare products in the market contain petrochemicals. These substances are harmful to your health because they act as endocrine disruptors and also facilitate absorption of toxins through the skin. When you are choosing an anti-ageing cream, be sure to use one with natural organic ingredients.

Understand the Composition of the Ingredients

Some ingredients, such as Vitamin C and Green Tea, reduce oxidative stress on your skin. Creams with such ingredients may be right for you if your body is exposed to oxidative elements such as air pollution.

Other ingredients help in improving the hydration capacity of your cells so that they do not get dehydrated quickly. You can use such a cream if you see increased dullness in the skin.


When all is said and done, there are two simple questions to answer. Should a man use anti-ageing creams? The answer is yes, as long as the cream is customized to the ageing signs being exhibited. Should a man expect an anti-ageing cream to make him younger? The answer is a resounding no. The purpose of an anti-ageing cream for men is to slow the onset of ageing, not move you back in time to be younger. They are creams rather than time-machines. The hope is that this article provides you with a realistic understanding of what anti-ageing creams are and how you, as a man, can choose the right anti-ageing cream. No matter which product you buy, remember to do your research, understand the needs of your skin, and then make a decision. Avoiding the herd mentality is vital, as it’s easy to go for the ‘popular’ product which everyone else is buying.