There are certain jobs that place huge demands on your ability to stand and walk around on your feet for up to eight hours at a time. If you get into overtime and nursing jobs, you will find professions that will demand people to stay on their feet for as much is twelve hours at a time.

Not only are they standing, they are constantly running around and expected to perform at their best from the beginning of their shift to the end of it. If that isn’t enough, there will always be those unexpectedly busy shifts that prevent you from taking any breaks at all.

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When you look at the medical profession, the service industry, and the construction industry, it’s common to find people that are on their feet for 30 to 50 hours per week. If you have a job like this, a poorly made sneaker can be a death sentence. On the other hand, a good shoe can make all the difference in the world.

The best sneakers for standing all day will help you stay on your feet for longer, they will help you avoid foot soreness, and they will reduce foot fatigue throughout your long grueling shifts. Imagine how great it would be if your feet felt the same in hour ten of your shift as they did in hour two.

Below, we are going to talk about what to look for and what to avoid when you are shopping for the best shoes for being on your feet all day.

What to Look For

What Type of Arch Do You Have?

The arch in our feet will vary from person to person. Arch types range from flat feet too high arches. A person with flat feet will have their entire foot contacting the ground when they stand. A person with a normal arch will have the outside and middle of the arch in contact with the ground when they are standing. Someone with a high arch will only have the heel and balls of their feet touching the ground when they’re standing.

Watch this video to test what type of arch you have.

Finding the proper arch support is important if you are going to be on your feet for extended hours. With the wrong arch support, your feet will quickly become sore and fatigue. If you experience chronic foot soreness, it may be because you have flat feet or an excessively high arch. Matching the right shoe or insole insert will allow you to fix this problem.

Insole Inserts

Insole Inserts

Most sneakers come standard with a thin and flimsy insole. Some sneakers allow you to remove the insoles and replace them with custom fit insoles. Most insoles are secured with a small bit of glue which can be ripped off if you do it carefully. Once removed, you can replace the old insoles with custom fitted ones. These can be used to provide additional cushion and arch support for your feet. They will make standing on your feet all day that much more pleasant.

How They Look

The importance of how the sneaker looks is debatable. On one hand, the aesthetics of the sneaker will not contribute directly to how your foot feels in them. On the other hand, a properly designed shoe not only performs well, but it also looks great on your feet. The good news is that the aesthetics and functionality of the sneaker is not a trade-off that you have to choose between.

It is possible to find a shoe that will keep your feet feeling great and also allow you to look good at the same time. When it comes down to it, the right style for you will depend on your personal preferences. There is no shortage of styles and design types, so you should have an easy time finding a shoe that looks great on you.


Breathability- Best Sneakers For Standing All Day

There is a trade-off between the support and cushion that the shoe provides versus its ability to let air flow in and out of it. If you buy a heavily padded working boot, for example, your foot is not going to be able to breeze through the shoe. This will lead to sweaty and uncomfortable feet.

If you go too far in the other direction and where Crocs or flip-flops, you will lose a lot of the support that your feet needs to stay comfortable. Sneakers provide all of the support and cushions that you need while also implementing mesh material to allow air to flow in and out of the shoe.


Some of the best sneakers for standing all day come at a very affordable price. You will find some sneakers that sell in the $100+ range, but we found plenty of great options that fall in the $40-$80 range. If you are looking for a specialized sneaker, you may have to increase your budget a little beyond this, but below this range is perfectly reasonable for general standing.

What to Avoid

wear flip flops

You should always avoid wearing shoes that do not provide a lot of support for your foot. It may seem like a good idea to wear flip-flops, but your feet will be feeling it shortly into your shift. Instead of flip-flops, look for something that provides more support and your feet will be thanking you for it.

Don’t Jump at the Lowest Price

While it’s great to save money on your choice of sneakers, we found that the cheapest sneakers sacrifice a lot in quality. When you come across seekers that are priced at a low $20-$25, it’s usually because the manufacturers went with cheap and low-quality materials to put the shoe together.

These shoes will generally not last very long, causing you to repurchase new ones after only a few months. When you compare that to a slightly more expensive shoe that will last much longer, the cheaper option ends up being the most expensive choice of all.

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