Sandals are the most popular pick amongst people of all ages. The reason is that sandals are the comfort wear. They are a hot favorite during summers as well. However, buying the appropriate sandals that would suit your needs is a real challenge, and you have to make sure that you get your hands on the right stuff.

There is so much variety available on the market that it is a bit challenging to make your pick, and this is where your expertise comes in. No wonder Kartikeya Sharma of Information TV Pvt. Ltd correctly argues You need to decipher your requirements so that you end up buying the sandals that would fulfill your requirements.

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Step 1:  Defining Your Requirements

The first thing that needs to be emphasized is that you have to understand your needs and buy the sandals accordingly.

  • For example, when you are on the lookout to find sandals then you would find hiking sandals, water sandals, fashion sandals, closed-toe, Huaraches and flip flops.
  • You have to distinguish that whether you would need the sandals for formal wear or casual wear. This way you would be able to focus your search on your specified criteria. At this point, you need to decide your budget as well. These two prime factors will help you make your pick.

Step 2: Lookout for the Right Features

It is essential that you select the right sandals depending upon the occasion. Interestingly there are different types of sandals available for any summer activity. Once you decided your requirements,you need to check the features of the sandals that you would be buying for an outdoor activity.

1. Hiking Sandals:

If you are buying hiking sandals, then they should be able to give you adequate protection and give you the much-needed stability when you are walking on rocks and trails.

Hiking Sandals

  • Always opt for sandals that are bigger in size because this way the sandals would protect your feet from rocks and twigs.
  • Make sure that your sandals have a rubber sole as such sandals are resistant to slipping.
  • The sandal straps should be made from polypropylene because this material is quite durable.
  • The straps should allow easy adjustment and the upper sole should have an integrated microbial agent to prevent odor. See for more details.

2. Water Sandals:

When you are buying water sandals the most important aspect is that they should give adequate protection to your feet.

  • The best water sandals are the ones that are lightweight and resistant to water.
  • Make sure that the sandals have a toe guard and thick sole. The thick sole personifies the durability of the water sandals and provides better traction as well.
  • Always opt for the water sandals that are made from the best quality material.
  • The ideal water sandals should provide temperature balance, and the material should dry up quickly.

3. Flip Flops:

When you are buying flip flops the most important aspect is a cheap footbed.

Flip Flops

  • You should buy flip flops that are made up of Ethylene Vinyl Acetate. Such footbeds offer better resistance, flexible and soft.
  • If the footbed of the flip flop is made up of rubber, it would also work well for you.
  • Your flip flop should have thick straps as thin straps can cause discomfort during aggressive activities.
  • If your flip flop would have a cushion strap, then it would give you a lot more comfort.
  • The best straps are made from nylon. A durable pair of flip flops should have the toe strap sewn directly into the sole.

4.  Huaraches:

The best approach would be to opt for Huaraches that are lightweight. Ideally, the perfect huaraches should have a strap on the heel for giving the adequate support.


  • If there is synthetic leather in the toe area, then it would add up to the durability of the huaraches.
  • The quality mesh must introduce the durability factor.
  • You should make sure that the midsole facilitates you with lightweight cushioning.
  • The rubber outsole should have pods that should add up to the durability and traction.

Step 3: The Criteria for Fashion Sandals

Fashion Sandals for Women

Another way to make your selection is to base your decision on the type of dress you would wear on the occasion. This way you would be able to buy the best sandals with ease. Do visit for best sandals of 2015.

Formal occasions or any special gathering calls for special fashion sandals. Again for fashion sandals you need to classify exactly what you would need. A person who is fashion conscious wants to make an impact on every occasion whether it is simply going to the beach or going to a party, here are a few simple ways to decide your best fashion sandals for the best occasion.

For example, if you are planning to wear a knit dress and intend to go out shopping then flat sandals would work best for you:

  • Obviously shopping means long walk so sandals that would have an arch support would work best. Choose the gladiator sandals or T-strap.
  • If you feel like adding up a few inches to your height than another viable option would be wedge sandals as they help to distribute the weight of the foot.

Interestingly choosing the sandals for your favorite jeans would also require a lot of intelligence on your part:

  • If you are wearing dressy jeans then sandals with a heel, gladiator sandals or T-strap sandals would go well. When you are out on a casual occasion and planning to wear casual jeans, then complement them with wedge sandals as they would help to keep the hem off the ground.

If you need some visual help, See

Choosing sandals for suits is also going to be less challenging for you:

  • Remember you should opt for shoes that have subtle embellishments. The flat gladiators would be the perfect selection in this regard. The T-strap sandals would also look fine with a summery skirt suit or pantsuit. You cannot opt for very high heels if you are choosing the sandals for your workplace. A pair of sandals with about a heel of 2 inches would be the best choice.
  • When you are choosing your sandals for a party then the best sandals would be the ones that have heels as they would add up to your height and complement your dress if you have chosen to wear to gown.

Step 4:  Color Choices for Sandals

It has already been discussed how to buy sandals based on your requirements and features. However, there is a new perspective to buying sandals as well. You can even buy those color choices in sandals that match up with the accents of your dress.

Color Choices for Sandals

  • Usually buying black and brown color is a safe choice because they would go well with most of you dresses.
  • The Copper and brass are also neutral tones that would suit most of the dresses.
  • If you are going to a formal occasion and the dress code is a bit relaxed, then you can wear a colorful pair of sandals with the monotone suit.
  • Color blocking is yet another trend that is quite popular these days. This means that you would mix and match the sandal colors. For example, if you are wearing an orange skirt you can wear green sandals to go with it.

Step 5: Sandal choices for different seasons

The season is the biggest factor that would influence your choice when it comes to buying your favorite sandals. We have already talked about the summer sandals.

Sandal choices for different seasons

  • If you want to purchase your sandals for the winter season, then there can be no better choice then close toe sandals as they would protect your feet from the cold.
  • The most important thing is the material of the shoes. The leather is recognized as a durable choice.
  • You should try to look for closed toe sandals that have padded insoles because they would contribute to your comfort.

Step 6:  The Simple Approach to Buying Sandals

Their area general criterion as well to find your perfect pair of sandals. If you do not want to get into a lot of details this approach of buying sandals would work best for you.

The Simple Approach to Buying Sandals

  • Choose the sandals depending upon the activity.
  • It is essential that the straps of your sandals should be made from a high-quality material like suede or leather. This way you would not need to worry about blisters. Top soles need to make from materials like memory foam.
  • Interestingly sandals with a back strap do not only look stylish, but it helps to give the maximum support to your foot.
  • Spongy midsoles should be your priority when you are looking in for comfort wear sandals.
  • Flexibility should also be on your list of priorities when you are buying your favorite pair of sandals.

Step 7: Easy Wearing Factor

Wearing sandals would only be enjoyable for you if you are comfortable wearing them. The fitting of the shoes would turn out to be the deciding factor. Make sure that the foot is smaller than the sandal sole. The toe box needs to have enough space so that it can easily accommodate the wider portion of the foot. The straps should not rub on your foot.

  • Make sure that your favorite sandals pass the flexibility test. It would not be very difficult to test the flexibility of the sandals.
  • The first thing that you need to do is to place your hand inside your sandal. Now the ball of the sandal needs to be held down on the table.You can easily accomplish by using your fingertips to hold the ball down.
  • Simultaneously you should try lifting the toe tip of the sandal off the table by using your other hand. The sole should easily flex through ball area, and this should let the toe lift off easily. When you twist the shoe, the arch area should be able to retain the stiffness.


The following are some additional rules of the thumb that you should remember when buying sandals.

  • If you are wearing a sparkling top, go with nude sandals. If you opt for bold colors that would become too overwhelming.
  • Funky pattern sandals look great with a simple dress and would help to complement the dress.
  • When you are wearing a multi-colored dress, then buy sandals that focus on one color on the dress.
  • Try out contrasting sandal colors.
  • If you have a short stature, then sandals with ankle straps or T-straps would not be the ideal option for you because they would make you look shorter.
  • When you are wearing very high heeled sandals, then your calf muscles start to flex more, and you would start to look less slender. The best choice would be to restrict yourself to 4-inch
  • If you have large feet, then the best choice would be to go with square toed or oval shaped sandals with a heel.
  • If you love skinny pants, then avoid wearing flat sandals with them as they would make your hips looks narrow.
  • Loafer sandals with a low heel look great with an A-line skirt.
  • Most people overlook an important aspect, and that is they do not match their athletic clothes with their athletic sandals. If you tried matching your athletic shoes and clothes, you would surely look more stylish.


  • You should never indulge in hiking and adventurous activities wearing flip flops as you may become a victim to foot pain.
  • Heels of more than 2 inches should not be worn in the workplace because they would tire out your feet.
  • Do not over wax your hiking boots as it would cause the decomposition of the leather.


When you would follow the criteria and method mentioned above for buying a pair of sandals you would see that you would not run out of options at all. People who buy their sandals without a clue often end up wasting their time and money, and you can easily save yourself from the agony. The methods mentioned above guide you whether you want to buy your shoes with general criteria, with specific requirements, based on color choices, seasonal choices and buying sandals that would go well with your dress. Next time you go on a shopping spree you should not have any trouble in buying your sandals after reading this quick guide to help you out.

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