Comfortable shoes are a must for anyone who spends significant time on their feet. Most footwear in our society prioritizes style over comfort and safety. This can lead to back, hip and foot problems if you’re not careful.

Not only are comfortable shoes pleasant to wear, but they also protect your body. The best comfortable shoes give your arches, hips, and lower back support while making your feet feel like you’re walking on a cloud. This article will help you find comfortable work shoes for standing all day.

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Start by getting a proper measure of your feet

This may seem like an obvious first step, but many people go years without getting their feet sized! Your feet change the size and shape every few years. If you neglect to measure your foot, you may end up buying a shoe that won’t be comfortable.

While measuring your foot, also take note of your arch type. The three basic arch types are high, normal and flat arch. The best comfortable shoe will accommodate your arch type and relieve pressure from your feet.

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Does the shoe have these features?

Comfortable shoes for standing all day have the following features in common. Make sure to keep an eye out for these features when looking for comfortable work shoes.

Is there an Achilles notch?

Some shoes have a slight groove on the back where the shoe aligns with your Achilles’ tendon. The reason to look out for this groove is to protect your heel. When you spend long hours standing in shoes that don’t have an Achilles notch, you easily get blisters and irritation around your heel area.

Does the shoe have an ankle collar?

When you see a shoe with padding around the edges, this is known as an ankle collar. Ankle collars give you additional ankle support and contribute to preventing the shoe from rubbing against your feet. The best working shoes are likely to have ankle collars to keep your feet stabilized throughout your shift.

Is there a midsole?

The midsole is the area in between your insole and the outer sole. Midsoles make a big difference in absorbing shock and controlling your foot motion. Midsoles are a key ingredient in any truly comfortable work shoe.

Without a midsole, your foot moves around much more with each step you take. This causes irritation and can lead to inflammation of the ligaments in your feet.

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Is the toe box size appropriate?

The toe box refers to the area of the shoe where your toes will be resting. The size of the toe box can differ depending on the style and brand of the shoe you select.

If the toe box is too small for your feet, you’re at risk of developing bunions and sores. Comfortable shoes give your toes enough space to rest comfortably.

If you have to wear heels…

High-heeled shoes are pretty much the polar opposite of comfortable shoes. However, you have to wear them a wide heel is the best option.

Wide heels give your ankle more support with each step you take. You should also keep the heel under 2 inches. Anything higher and you can’t expect the shoe to be comfortable. The sharper the incline of the high heel, the more strain your feet.

High heels make horrible working shoes. They don’t feature midsoles, ankle collars, Achilles notches, and they almost always have small toe boxes. In fact, high heels go against everything this article has discussed on picking comfortable shoes!

These tips will help you find comfortable shoes for standing all day. Always start with getting an accurate measurement of your feet. The best comfortable shoes have the features that were discussed in this article. Stay away from heels!

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