Can you imagine a girl or a lady without a handbag in her hand? You can, but after a struggle. This is because to add the finishing touch to her outfit she would definitely carry all possible accessories, including her handbag. Also, a handbag is an accessory that carries all your required stuff in a designated manner. A research conducted by Mail Online revealed that savvy women are spending more money on totes, satchels and clutches than ever before. Interesting to know what all handbags are popular, right? On an average, a woman owns 13 handbags. No surprises to learn that most of the handbags are bought online.

1. Why buying handbags online makes a lot more sense?

In this digital era, one of the most effortless ways is to connect online. It is very easy to reach-out to the people and places that are miles far on a fingertip. But, this is a busy and hectic world – no one has time. And hence, let’s agree, an online shopping is great for all those who don’t have enough hours in a day. Further, it is said that women drive shopping trends – they enjoy shopping more than men do.

Buying handbags online – Why it is good for teenage babes?

Keeping up with fashion is a tough dealing, and no one does it better than teenage girls.
Mary Brown, Shopping Publisher for

We know that you are very quick in adopting new styles and new trends. And, even prefer trying new things most. So, rather than roaming in 10 to 12 different stores, it is pretty easier for you to open more than 20 URLs in browsers.

Buying handbags online for teenage babes

Style Tip: A pretty handbag that matches your outfits defines your style statement and makes you look more attractive in the crowd.

Buying handbags online – Why it is good for studying / working girls?

A famous saying, “a book is not judged by its cover” also fails when it comes to women and fashion. Well jokes apart, if you are a girl going to study in college or a woman going at work, you will not compromise on your overall appearance.

After all, appearance reflects personality and leaves everlasting impression.

Considering this fact, you would like to have the best possible clothes and accessories in your wardrobes. But, do you have enough time to purchase all essentials like shoes, handbags, scarves, clothes, glasses, etc. at a time plus manage your studies and deadlines? No – you don’t. And hence, it is the best for you to shop online over offline.

Buying handbags online for working girls

Utility Tip: If you travel to your university or work by public transport, you definitely need a handbag that is handy. Also because, in general, pockets in women’s garments are awful and inadequate to store pen, mobile, charger, keys, handset, wallet, etc.

Buying handbags online – Why it is good for moms?

Moms are moms – the busiest women in the world. It doesn’t matter whether you are stay-at-home mum or a working mom. You don’t have time to shop. But does it mean you don’t need things at all? You might need to buy handbags online not only for you but also for your kid. Be that handbag could either a diaper bag for your toddler or a school bag for your pre-schooler. To save travelling time for shopping, you would prefer buying handbags online so that the saved time you can spend with your little one.

Buying handbags online for moms

Smart Tip: A mother neither wants to forget anything nor wants to bring everything while going out with her baby. She definitely needs the spacious and stylish bags, so her hands are free to carry or tend to her little one.

2. Let’s come back to buying handbags online… A formula that works for all

Anyone will agree the two things we are talking about. First, any girl definitely needs a handbag that carries all her essentials and makes her look trendy. And, online purchase is anytime a favourable option. But, if you are still unsure whether you should do it, run through the paybacks of buying handbags online.

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You can get incredible convenience

A brick and mortar store works for fixed hours and fixed days whereas online stores are accessible 24X7. At any day, at any time, when you need you can just log in and surf the products you want to see. This option is especially useful for moms with small children, people that are home-bound, or simply in times of stormy weather.

You can get quality

When you go out for offline shopping within limited time, you might not get the quality which you want. Whereas, when you surf an online handbag store, you no need to leave that store due to time constraints. And hence, you can choose the best quality product. Stores that sell handbags online always mention the product dimensions, strap length, material, number of pockets, closure types and wash care instructions. What else you want?

You can evaluate the quality

Not sure how to verify the quality of the product that you want to buy? Don’t worry, it’s very simple. Once you choose the handbag that you want to buy online, check its product specifications and material. In addition, check the reviews of feedback of that product on the site. Check what people are saying about that particular handbag’s quality, material, spaciousness, comfort, colour, delivery time, etc. this will give you a fair enough idea about that product and its actual quality. Over and above, visit the social networks of that particular ecommerce store, and see what people are talking about it.

You can get choices

Do we even need to mention this benefit when it comes to buying handbags online? In brick and mortar stores, the capacities of shelf spaces are limited. On the other hand, there is no such limitation for online stores. They can list end number of products of various styles, colours, designs, and sizes. You get more options to choose from. If you do not like one particular handbag, you can easily switch on to other tabs (i.e. other categories or other websites).

You can compare products

Most of the websites give the option to compare products. For an instance, if you are unsure whether to buy a hobo bag or a satchel bag, you can use the comparison tool. It gives you perfect tabular presentation in terms of dimensions, utility and other parameters. It helps to make a more perfect choice. Also, you can compare similar products on two websites with respect to delivery time and terms and conditions.

You can compare prices

Whenever we buy anything, the first thing we checkout is the price. It’s not that we always look for cheap options. But, the fact is we always look for the value it provides. In offline shopping, you can only compare the prices of the products that are kept in front of you. And, this is the beauty of online shopping. You can conveniently compare prices of numbers of products of different vendors.

You can know your style

Are you aware of the fact that you can also know your style? Yes, it is true. There are some portals which provide only tools. They ask few questions in the form of quiz. You have to fill you details as a part of quiz answers and at the end of 5-6 questions, they curate the best suited style for you. Still confused? Then do visit this tool and figure out which handbag style suits you most.

You can alter the product if it is not what you wanted

Most of the online stores, nowadays, include customer-friendly terms and conditions including after-sale services and return policy. Imagine you have placed an order for handbags online after evaluating price, quality and reviews. Still, in one-off case you have not received the product as desired. In such cases, if the product is unused, you can return it back to the supplier and get back your money or the replacement of your ordered product.

Finally – why should you shop handbags online?

What all points we ran through indicate one and only one thing – buying handbags online is more convenient and more flexible option. It is a method that works for all. You no need to go out and still can buy the best handbag among the lot in a convenient price. It saves your time as well as money.

Author: This article is written by Monika Khatri. She is fashion and lifestyle blogger at, located in Perth, Western Australia. MIQL Blog is a one-stop hub to visit for the latest and freshest lifestyle needs of men, women, and kids across trending accessories.