Indiana Jones has the whip. Star Wars had the lightsaber. And Jurassic World has those heels. If you’ve seen the movie, you’ll know I’m talking about the one character of the movie that stood out more than any. No, not the dinosaurs, or the actors. It was those heels.

You know the ones where she outran a T-Rex wearing those heels? And when you think about yourself, you can’t even manage to make it down the hallway before you trip over nothing and fall flat on your face. And all you were wearing was slippers. Never mind high heels.

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Yes, high heels can be a challenge. The reality for those wanting to learn how to wear high heels or how to walk in stilettos, it does take practice. You have to accept that you will be stumbling your way down the hallway again, this time practicing your walk with heels, and trying to make sure you get at least three steps this time before crumbling in a heap of tears wondering why fashion calls for pain.

I hope we can leave you with some encouragement then today. I’m looking to help you by giving you some of the tips you need to walk comfortably in high heels. I can’t change you in a day, but I’m sure going to try. Maybe not all your flaws, just the heels part.

So How do I walk in Heels?

womens high heels

The first thing you’ll notice about your recently acquired shoes is their elevated rear section, also known as the “heel” of the shoe. This section seems to be higher than the rest of the shoe. This is why they’re deemed “high heels”. You’ll also notice that after putting them on, you no longer can move about in the same way you’ve grown accustomed to.

You’ll be tempted to walk on your tiptoes, as you’ll feel that sensation of standing on tiptoes. But this is wrong. As Anand Mishra suggested, sometimes you need to ignore your original instinct. This is one of those times. Try walking as you normally would. Take smaller steps than normal, but walk normally.

Heel, toe. Heel, toe.

Practice a normal stride walking around the house with smaller and daintier versions of your normal, non-heel-wearing walk.

Silvwer color Womens High Heels

REMEMBER: Heel to toe, heel to toe. Toe to heel is a big no-no

Once you’ve got a better hang of this dainty walk, you might notice your balance is all messed up. This is the second tip. Try to walk as if you’re walking along a tightrope. This places one foot in front of the other. As you practice this walk, you’ll notice that men will begin to notice you more.

This is the idea, right? As you place your feet in front of the other, your hips will sway more with each step. If you’d like to see an example of this, just watch any episode of Project Runway. The models are performing an exaggerated version of this walk, dramatically strutting around the catwalk. So, find some time and practice this renewed walk with vigor.

REMEMBER: One foot in front of the other. Soon the men will begin to smother.

Ok I learned how to walk in High Heels.  How do I avoid the pain?

All psychologists agree that humans tend to go towards pleasure in their life, or away from pain. You have chosen a path which literally the opposite of what all of humankind has taught you to do. You are heading towards pain by wearing high heels. But as long as you’re aware of your own choice, let’s try to do something about that pain.

The problem is, as podiatrists will tell you, you’re restricting your foot, and slowly crushing your toes with each inevitable step. But not only are you crushing them, you’re putting weight on them as well. But those shoes just look so good!

The first step (see what I did there? First step? Shoes?) is get yourself an insole. Your unnatural position will place a load of stresses on your foot, but with a more comfortable insole, you can manage to provide some comfort to those hurting toes. Soft insoles are only the first step though.

You should really invest in your feet and find a pair of silicone metatarsal pads. This squished gummy bears help bring back some of the missing support that you need while you walk around. They will also do wonders for absorbing shock. They can’t absorb the shock of the price for those shoes, but they will help soothe the pain afterwards.

Buy some of these for soothing walk

REMEMBER: Squishy pads in the heel, much less pain you will feel

You should also find a pair of shoes that are well-fitted for your foot. If you can wedge your phone behind your heel when you walk, you definitely need to find a new place to store your phone. You’re also guilty of buying a shoe that doesn’t fit. Having a shoe where your toes don’t slide and crash into the front of the shoe with each step is going to do wonders to making the shoe wearing experience a more pleasant one.

REMEMBER: If the shoe doesn’t you fit, it’s not legit.

Ok, I am convinced.  But, If, Umm, Why Wear Heels?

lean legs ankle strap heels

I could spout off a few reasons as to why those new Manolo’s are fabulous. You could rationalize them by saying they tone your legs muscles and make them appear longer. Studies show that women who are prone to wearing heels for longer periods of time find themselves the proud owners of leaner legs.

That could be you! I could also tell you that heels make you appear to be thinner. The act of lengthening out your body makes appear leaner in just about any outfit you have. That could also be you. You might also like the logic that the simple act of wearing heels is sure to garner attention, both from men and women. You’ll get compliments from the women, and many appreciations from men.

But the real reason you should be wearing heels is because you love them. Why else would you endure pain, shop endlessly for that one cute must have pair.

Why else do you fill your closets with them even though 73% of women admit to owning too many shoes? Why? Because you love them. And that should be reason enough.