It’s important to pay close attention to the themes of the gift baskets that you create. Here’s some gift basket themes guidance to help you create a great gift basket.

Gift baskets can be simple boring gifts, or they can be engaging, personalized gifts that command the attention of everyone at the party. The more you customize your gift basket, the more the person you’re giving it to will enjoy it.

Laser Focus Your Gift Basket Design

A well-put-together gift basket can be the perfect gift for a lot of people. The beauty of a gift basket is its ability to be customized. Even the container you deliver it in can be changed to match the person’s personality.

When putting together a gift basket, it’s important to understand how to make use of gift basket themes. While getting a bunch of random items can be exciting, getting a targeted assortment of items is exciting and useful.

Start by thinking about gift basket themes for the purpose of your gift basket.  Who’s it for and for what occasion? You probably wouldn’t bring a beer gift basket to a religious event.  Dive deeper into the person’s personality, your relationship with them and what would be appropriate given all the circumstances.

They essential to building a personalized gift basket is building it around things the recipient likes or things the recipient needs.  If you can cover one of these two areas, you’ll be sure to have a hit for a gift.  Let’s go over some of the more common custom gift baskets themes that you’re likely to encounter.

Gift Basket Themes for everyday events

Holiday Gift Basket

Wine basket

The holidays are a wonderful but stressful time of the year; holiday gift basket is perfect for a quick, yet thoughtful gift during a busy season. Holiday gift basket can be great for co-workers, family, friends, holiday parties or seasonal events.

Holiday gift basket include a wide variety of snacks related to the season. Include an assortment of cookies, pretzels, nuts, chocolate, truffles and eggnog to start.

Even if you buy a pre-made basket, making homemade cookies is a great addition to the basket, and it adds a personal touch. Don’t forget about the kids if you’re giving this basket to a family; include some flavored hot chocolates and cookies just for them.

Picking the Best beer gift baskets can be hard. It would be a good idea to begin by The Perfect Holiday Gift Basket.

College Gift Baskets

College students are almost always in need of supplies. College Gift Baskets are great ways to let a loved one know you’re thinking about them, and help them out at the same time.

When it comes to a college gift baskets, think about practicality. Include items that the person you’re giving it to will use. Supplies like pens, pencils, erasers or whiteout can be annoying expenses for students, and will be truly useful to the recipient.

College can be a very trying and stressful time. A going away basket for a college student needs to be filled with useful items. We all know college students are short on two things: food and money. Include articles in the basket that help solve this problem.

Try to include an assortment of canned food, boxed meals, crackers, sauces, beef jerky, applesauce, granola bars, dried fruits, peanut butter, bags of rice or noodles; just easy to cook food in general.

A small pot set would be a great addition to the basket. You can also include other useful items such as a coffee maker, packs of plastic cutlery and basic condiments (ketchup, mustard, barbecue sauce, etc.).

Men Gift Baskets

gift basketMen can sometimes be difficult to buy gifts for, especially when you want to get them something creative. Men Gift Baskets allow you to cover multiple areas at once, which helps get the recipient excited about the gift. Most men are tired of traditional gifts such as a single tie or a pair of dress socks. These items can be part of your basket, but it definitely can’t be the whole thing.

Most men are tired of traditional gifts such as a single tie or a pair of dress socks. These items can be part of your basket, but it definitely can’t be the whole thing.

Good items for Men Gift Baskets would be shaving equipment (razors, blades, aftershave, etc.), books about beer or whiskey, or a collection of statistics from their favor sport. The better you know the person the gift is for, the easier it will be to customize it to their personality.

Beer gifts for him usually go over well too, try and include specialty beers categorized by region. Books about sports psychology or the philosophy of sport are also useful items geared to men that you can include in men gift baskets.

Shopping for men is not as hard as it may seem because they just enjoy the simple things in life such as an ice cold beer. Checkout our review of three beer gifts for him.

Retirement Gift Baskets

Retirement Gift Basket

Retirement gift baskets will depend heavily on your relationship with the person and the tone of the retirement party.

Some people may choose to include a fantastic gift basket based on personal jokes they shared with the person. It may not be appropriate for a joint retirement ceremony. You’ll have to be the judge on what’s suitable for the individual and situation.

Retirement gift baskets are designed to make retirement seem even more enticing. For example, one theme you can try is creating a list of 10-20 things for a person to do during their retirement and include some of the items necessary to achieve them.

You can add things like “spend a day watching movies” and “plant a garden” and then include items such as popcorn and plant seeds. Get creative with your custom gift basket themes!

Another approach for a retirement gift basket is creating a travel supplies basket. Traveling is on top of many people’s lists once they retire, help them out with a few useful supplies.

Your gift basket can include things like travel pillows, a toiletry bag, and convenience-sized shampoo and conditioner or a GPS. You can finish this theme off by presenting all the items in a bag that they can use on their travels.

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Anniversary Gift Baskets

Anniversary gift baskets

Anniversary gift baskets are usually quite luxurious with a celebratory theme. The contents of an anniversary gift basket should make both the husband and wife feel special on their day.

Examples of luxury items could include wine, fancy soaps, creams or candles for the wife and unique colognes, specialty beers or snacks for the husband. Beer gifts for him are usually a hit.

Group events also make great additions for anniversary gift baskets.

For example, you can include a bottle of wine with a gift certificate for the couple to either eat dinner, enjoy an event such as a museum or a concert. Sending the couple out to do something together will make your gift enough memorable.

We all know some food lovers in our life. Food and drink are almost always a great addition to gift baskets. Here are some food themes you can follow.

Gift basket themes for food lovers

Snack Gift Baskets

Snack gift baskets make a great gift for almost anyone and any situation. As long as you can manage to avoid food allergies, it’s easy enough to put together a solid snack gift baskets.

You can organize your basket by type of food (chocolate, candy, crackers) by events (Easter, Halloween, St Patrick’s day) or you can just include a bunch of your personal favorite snacks. These are the perfect type of snack gift baskets since the same snack basket can serve the multiple purposes.

Pizza Basket

Pizza Gift Basket

Almost everyone likes pizza. This can double as a gift basket for adults as well as children.

Your pizza gift basket should include all the necessary materials to make pizza at home. It is a fun, interactive spin on a useful gift and you’ll be thought of every time they make pizza. Pizza baskets make great snack gift baskets as well.

The most useful items to include will be a pizza pan, a pizza cutter or if you want to get fancy a pizza stone.

You can finish off the gift basket with an assortment of sauces, dough’s or vegetables for the pizza.

Coffee lovers

We all know someone we can’t talk to before their first cup of coffee.  Building a great coffee gift basket for them may get you a pass for breaking this rule.

For coffee gift baskets make sure to include an assortment of gourmet coffees that the person wouldn’t normally try. Throw in some snacks such as dark chocolate, chocolate-covered coffee beans, muffins, cinnamon buns or coffee cake. You can also include a variety of powdered creamers or flavored syrups.

Just like with the wine basket, you can get practical and include useful items. Handheld coffee grinders, specialty coffee cups and, of course, coffee filters, are all gifts that would be welcomed by coffee lovers. This basket theme easily has the potential to turn into a gourmet gift basket.

Gourmet Gift Basket

plain basket

Gourmet gift basket is the perfect gift for the rich people in your life. Gourmet gift baskets are especially great gifts in professional and formal settings. These are perfect gifts for people who enjoy wines, cheeses, premium chocolates and smart cookies.

Needless to say, this is something you don’t want to make the mistake of buying for someone who doesn’t even like these fancier foods. Make sure you know the person you’re giving a gourmet gift basket to will enjoy the contents.

Gourmet gift baskets usually include a selection of ritzy snacks. One way to organize your basket is by type of food; you can make a gourmet chocolate or gourmet cheese basket for example. Gourmet coffee gift baskets are also excellent options; coffee is an individual item that most people will enjoy, which adds versatility to this type of basket.

The best way to finish off your gourmet gift basket is with a few accessories. Gourmet foods usually have accessories associated with them. For example, if your basket has gourmet teas, you can include a specialty teapot or a tea strainer.

If you have a gourmet coffee basket, you can include grinders, cream, and sugar sets or a milk frother. Gourmet cheese baskets can be topped off with cheese knives, slicers or fondue sets.

Margarita Gift Basket

Margarita gift baskets can be visually exciting gifts, perfect for housewarmings or newlyweds. For this basket, you need to include all the items required to make Margarita’s: margarita mixes, tequila, margarita salt/sugar and plastic margarita glasses (you can add real ones, but be careful they don’t break). You should be able to get most, if not all, the items for this gift basket at the grocery store.

Try using an unusual container for your margarita gift basket.  Ice buckets, big nacho bowls or a pan for appetizers can all serve as unique, yet useful containers. Don’t be afraid to choose flamboyant items for this basket; it should colorful and vibrant and make people feel excited.

Usually bright pink and lime green are colors associated with margarita gift baskets. You can even include some balloons, noisemakers and shot glasses to create a party vibe around the basket. It would be a good idea to begin by checking the options we review here.

Picking the design of the basket

Creating the basket will depend on the theme you’ve selected. If you can, it’s best to match your container to the items you’ve included in the basket. Using a unique container helps you gift basket stand out and shows a more personalized touch.

Here are some example of gift basket theme ideas.

  • Food baskets – large pasta bowl, crock-pot, salad bowl, small to medium sized cooler, champagne bucket, beer gift ideas
  • Children baskets – toy truck, wooden chest, lunchbox, backpack, basket
  • Garden gifts – large plant pot, watering can, wooden crate, terracotta pot
  • General gifts – goldfish bowl, cookie jar, paper basket, straw basket, ice bucket, beach bag, laundry basket, hamper, paint can

The more personalized your gift basket is, the stronger of an impact it will make. Concentrate on the person you’re giving the basket to and build the theme around their personality.

Be creative with the type of basket you use for presentation and try include practical items for the recipient to use. Your options are almost unlimited; get well soon gift baskets, beer baskets, and travel baskets are all very different, but great personal gifts.

If you find yourself buying a lot of baskets for different events, you can even explore gift basket themes. There’s an entire world of gift basket possibilities out there. The more you customized your basket, the bigger of a hit your gift will be!