Wearing high heels has always been quite tempting for many women. After all, they make them look strong, confident, and whatnot. They feel that there are many advantages of wearing high heels, especially if they think that their height isn’t good enough for them to get the attention they want naturally.

Hence, this has led to these high heels get extremely popular as a type of footwear, not only in the western countries but now also in the Asian ones such as India. Due to the growing popularity, nowadays, there are many different types of high heels to choose from. Despite this, however, the same old traditional issues remain as it is while going for high heels.

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How high heels take a toll on Comfortability

After all, the pros still aren’t really worth it when the cons are taken into account. Wearing high heels turns out to be quite a trouble for many women, what with the pain they cause even while wearing for just an hour or so. Furthermore, it also gets extremely difficult to walk while wearing high heels, let alone taking long strides and dancing.

Now although it isn’t exactly considered weird to take your heels off while dancing, you don’t really have an option while walking and standing. Many times, wearing high heels leads to causing pain in the toes, feet, and sometimes, even the joints of your legs in as less as around half an hour to a few hours at the most.

A very important survey carried out in another part of the world revealed that women, and even men wearing heels (apparently some men do in the western countries), start experiencing pain or feeling uncomfortable in as less as around an hour. There were 2,000 participants in total, so the results it revealed can actually be considered to be genuine and reliable.

Furthermore, as many as around 20 percent of the participants, who were seemingly more delicate, told that they start feeling pain in just around 20 minutes of wearing high heels.

wearing high heels

There are many such studies that reveal the terrible disadvantages of wearing heels, but short term and long term. Although it may seem that it’s just a few hours of pain when you take the short term picture into consideration, in the long term, the consequences are much more worrying. Problems such as corns, callouses, bunions, back pain, sore feet, pain in the joints, feet, and legs are all pretty common in the long term.

Ensuring an acceptable level of comfort is important

This makes us conclude that if you have to go for high heels, you need to make sure that you at least ensure an acceptable level of comfort. Even if you aren’t going to wear the heels very frequently, wounds may still turn out to be a rather common problem for you while wearing them, besides probably many others.

shopping for high heels

Also, forgetting about the comfort factor and focusing only on the looks tend to be one of the biggest mistakes made by women while shopping for high heels. This leads to such women starting to hate wearing heels surprisingly soon. In other words, if you overlook the comfort factor while choosing your heels, you will most likely end up missing your usual comfort every single time you wear them.

It’s just that important to ensure that the heels you are going for come with at least a little bit of comfort so that they are bearable. However, they would probably still lead to many problems, and hence should be used as less as possible, unless you find a pair you find that’s extraordinarily comfortable.

Finding comfortable high heels

Well, we have now approached the most important part of this article. After giving you a detailed explanation about why the comfort factor is so important while choosing high heels and the problems caused by its absence, we will now be taking a look at how exactly you can find comfortable high heels.

First and foremost, it seems to be most important to ensure that there is enough space for your toes when you step your foot into the heels. Usually, toes that are forced to stick together to each other while wearing heels tend to be a major cause of all discomfort and problems. While the short term issues include pain in the toes, as well as walking and balancing problems, in the longer run, it may even lead to more serious issues such as arthritis, hammer toes, and more pronounced bunions, especially if you are prone to such problems.

Secondly, the upper part of the heels should be designed in such a way that it doesn’t put too much pressure on bones and foot joints. If it isn’t designed that way, you will find it extremely challenging to walk properly while wearing the heels, while balancing being another similar problem.

high heels

The next part is being honest with yourself. Yes, you read that right. Many a times, women will simply ignore all the problems even if they get a feeling that the heels they aren’t considering to buy aren’t really doing justice with their feet and toes as far as comfort is concerned. This would be usually when they find a very attractive pair that they find just too tempting to turn down.

But being realistic and practical is very important while choosing heels. You may find the attractiveness worth the pain for maybe the first couple of times you wear them, but the reality will hit you in the face soon. The attractiveness of the heels will no longer seem worth anything when you just wouldn’t be able to take the frequent pain.

Hence, you may want to walk around for a few hours even while at home to make sure you are feeling comfortable while wearing them. If that’s not possible, walking for a couple of minutes even while being at the store doesn’t hurt.

Focusing on quality

Last but not the least, the quality does seem to be playing its part too. The heels made of cheap materials may usually be very harsh on your feet, and would cost you way more when they end up causing problems related to your feet and legs.

Focusing on quality high heels

On the other hand, heels made using quality materials may not only last the test of time, but are also much more likely to be more comfortable.

A final word

It’s also probably worth mentioning that it isn’t necessary that you need to pay a lot if you want to get comfortable heels made using quality material. With a bit of research and probably taking advantage of some deals and special offers that run quite frequently at various online as well as offline retailers, there seems to be a pretty good chance of finding yourself a pair of heels that may not only be comfortable but also attractive enough.

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