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Standing on your feet all day may not seem so bad at first, but once you experience the soreness after the first few days, you will have second thoughts about what you got yourself into. Since we typically spend a lot of our time off of our feet, sitting in chairs or lying down while we sleep, our body isn’t conditioned to withstand the pounding that walking around for 8+ hours straight causes.

Standing or walking doesn’t sound like an intense physical activity, but when you do it for hours at a time, it is. Hours of walking back and forth can add up to miles per day. When you do this day after day, it can quickly become a problem.

Standing on your feet all day can lead to health and foot issues like:

  • Foot pain
  • Knee pain
  • You may even develop micro-fractures in the small bones in your feet
  • Lower back soreness
  • It can affect your posture
  • Overall muscle fatigue

If you are reading this, you probably fall into one of two categories:

You currently work at a job where you stand all day

You are about to begin a new job where you will be on your feet all day.

Going from a sedentary lifestyle to standing on your feet for hours at a time is not going to be an easy transition for anyone. The good news is that our body is great at adapting to new stresses like these.

In time, your body will adjust. Standing on your feet for hours at a time won’t seem so bad anymore. It will take some time for your body to acclimate. In the meantime, you can ease the pain with comfortable work shoes for standing all day.

Good shoes for standing all day will make a dramatic improvement for your feet and how they feel after a long day of hard work. Below, we have three of our top recommendations for people that are looking for comfortable work shoes for standing all day. Before we get to our reviews, let’s go over what you should be looking for in a good pair of shoes.

How to Find the Best Shoes for Standing All Day

The shoes you wear will make a big difference in the way your feet feel by the end of the day. A good pair of shoes can take your sore feet and cushion them to the point where your feet aren’t hurting at all by the end of the day. On the other hand, a bad pair of shoes can magnify the pain you feel after a long day of standing. If you have a job that requires you to be on your feet all day, investing in a great pair of shoes will make a huge difference.

Finding the Right Size

When you are picking out a shoe, make sure that it fits. This sounds obvious, but you would be surprised how many people wear the wrong size shoes. They may think they are a size 10 when really they are on the small side of a 9 1/2. A size too small will squeeze your feet into his together. As you step, you will be slowly compacting your feet into the shoe making it more uncomfortable. A size too large will knock the arch of the sole out of line, which will prevent the shoe from supporting your foot as well as it could be. Before you buy your next pair of shoes, measure your feet make sure you are getting the right size.

Don’t Forget About Width

Some people have wide feet. If you try to squeeze wide feet in a normal shoe, you will feel some discomfort. If you have narrow feet, you are losing some of the stability that you need by wearing shoes that are too wide. Measure the width of your feet and find a pair that matches that.

Get the Right Type of Shoe

The material that your shoes made of should reflect the environment of the workspace. If you work as a cook, for example, you should look for flip resistance shoes that you do not slip on the greasy floors. If you work outside, you should look at tennis shoes or working boots. If you work in the service industry, you may have to sacrifice some comfort in exchange for the aesthetics of the shoe. No matter what guidelines you are required to follow with your choice of footwear, there are always comfortable shoes that can meet those demands.

Look for Lightweight Shoes

The lighter the shoe is, the easier it will be to walk around and them. You should consider the weight of the shoe when you are deciding what type to get. Working boots may be necessary for construction type jobs, but you can get away just fine with a tennis shoe if you work in a warehouse. Likewise, a cashier that will be standing but not walking a lot may be better off choosing a clog over a tennis shoe.

Lighter Shoes Aren’t Always Better

When you are looking for a lightweight shoe, there is one thing that you should keep in mind. The lighter the shoe is, the less padding it will tend to have. When you are looking for a comfortable shoe that will have to and/or a pounding for hours at a time, padding will be more important than the weight of the shoe.

Avoid Insoles in Old Shoes

Shoes have a limited lifespan. When they wear out, they lose the ability to provide support to your feet. Many people make the mistake of adding a cushy insole into their old shoes thinking it will help. This can actually be counterproductive. Adding a soft insole to a worn-out shoe will make your stance more unstable and it can cause even more pain for your feet.


When you are walking all day on your feet, they are going to start to sweat. Depending on your environment and how much moving you are doing, a shoe that allows air to penetrate through it will help keep your feet cool, free of sweat and comfortable. It’s never enjoyable to walk around in sweat-drenched socks. This will not only feel uncomfortable, but it will increase the friction places on your feet and it can cause blisters. You can avoid this by thinking of shoes that allow for airflow.

Reviews: Comfortable Shoes for Standing All Day

Now that you know how to find comfortable work shoes for standing all day, we have picked out three of the most comfortable shoes that we came across for you.

Best Shoes for Standing All Day Comparison Chart

Our Recommendations comfortable shoes for standing all day good shoes for standing all day work shoes for standing all day
Shoes Reebok Men’s/Women’s Work ‘N Cushion 2.0 Walking Shoe Rockport Men’s World Tour Classic Walking Shoe Dr. Comfort Douglas Men’s/Women’s Therapeutic Shoe
Amazon Rating 4 Rating  4.4 rating 4.4 rating
Men / Women Men & Women Men Men & Women
Material Leather Leather Leather
Slip Resistant Yes Yes No
Weight Heavy Light Light
Breathability No No Yes
Pros / Cons See Below See Below See Below

Reebok Men’s/Women’s Work ‘N Cushion 2.0 Walking Shoes


comfortable shoes for standing all day

Why We Like It

Reebok has developed a shoe that is specifically designed for people that are on their feet throughout the day. These shoes are extremely comfortable. The shoe has a leather exterior and it does not have any flimsy mesh material. This contributes to its sturdy and supportive design. The sole is slip resistant, making it a great choice for restaurant employees.

Shoe Features

This is a structurally strong shoe. It is durable and versatile. It can be used in nearly any work situation. It is on the heavy side at 14 oz. It’s not going to weigh you down, but it will take some time to get used to it.

Being a completely leather bound shoe, there is not any ventilation. This means your feet will get hot inside of them. As long as you can bear it, this shoe offers an amazing amount of support and comfort. If you work outside, you can keep your feet a cooler by purchasing the white version instead of the black.

It’s not the most beautiful shoe around, but that’s not our top priority here anyway. It has a very flat look, especially the solid black version. The gray sole contrasting with the white leather is about as flashy as this shoe gets.

Who Is This Shoe For?

Our favorite aspect of this shoe is that Reebok has designed both a male and female version of it. The shoes are offered in black or white with a gray sole. The men’s and women’s versions of this shoe look very similar but are slightly different in their design.


This is a very affordable shoe. It offers great support and comfort for your feet. The price is low because of the lack of style and breathability of the shoe. If your feet get hot, these might not be the most comfortable shoes for you; however, it is the best option to relieve your sore feet while staying on a budget.


  • Cheap
  • Extremely Comfortable
  • Supportive Shoe


  • Heavy
  • No Ventilation
  • Doesn’t Look Great

Rockport Men’s World Tour Classic Walking Shoes


good shoes for standing all day


Why We Like It

Rockport is the lightweight and stylish answer to the heavy Work ‘N Cushion shoe above. This is a classic style men’s walking shoe that is available in 10 different designs.

Much like the Work ‘N Cushion shoe, it lacks breathability. The most noticeable difference between this and the Reebok shoe is its style. This shoe looks a lot better. It is versatile enough to be used in the same outdoor environments that the best tennis shoes for standing all day can be used in, and it can also be worn in an office setting.

Shoe Features

This shoe is lightweight which reduces the fatigue that can accumulate throughout a full day of walking. It’s flexible but it’s still able to stabilize your foot. It has a flat slip resistant sole. When we looked closely at the shoe, it was really difficult to find any downsides to it.

Who Is This Shoe For?

If we had to pick something, it’s that they don’t have an equivalent women’s shoe available.It is perfect for people that travel in and out of offices throughout their day.


It’s on the expensive side so it’s not the best option if you are looking for a budget friendly shoe. Aside from that, we highly recommend this as one of our favorite shoes for standing all day.


  • Office Appropriate
  • Very Comfortable
  • Lightweight


  • Not Breathable
  • Expensive

Dr. Comfort Douglas Men’s/Women’s Therapeutic Shoes

work shoes for standing all day

Why We Like It

This is a conveniently designed shoe that focuses on comfort and ease-of-use as its top priorities. It has a Velcro strap which allows you to quickly tighten, adjust or loosen the shoe. They are designed to stretch to provide a secure fit around your feet without being too tight. They have a leather exterior that has plenty of ventilation throughout its design. This helps to keep your feet cool as you walk around in them.

Shoe Features

This shoe offers the ventilation and breathability that the Reebok does not; however, it does not provide the same type of support that a heavier shoe can provide. The shoes are great for people that do a lot of moving around indoors. Though they perform adequately outdoors, they are not the best option for that.

Who Is This Shoe For?

They have two versions of this shoe that are specifically designed for men and women. The men’s version comes in two styles, chestnut and black. The women’s version comes in beige or black.

The shoes are specifically designed for people that experience swelling in their feet. The flexible leather and the adjustable strap make it easy to loosen the shoes quickly. It also lets you quickly remove the shoes to give your feet a break when you need it.


These shoes are the most expensive that we reviewed, but they are also the most comfortable. They don’t look quite as sleek as the Rockport shoes do, but we still really like the design of them. They are not designed for office attire, but they can certainly pass for it.


  • Lightweight
  • Flexible
  • Quick Adjusting Strap


  • Expensive
  • Lacks Support

What Shoe Is Right for Me?

The right shoe for you will depend on your specific needs. If you are looking for good shoes for standing all day and you want to stay on a budget, the Reebok Work ‘N Cushion Shoe is a good choice. If you want office work shoes for standing all day, we recommend the Rockport World Tour Classic Walking Shoe. If you want convenience and comfort, the Dr. Comfort Douglas Therapeutic Shoe is the right choice for you.