Best Support Sandals that You will adore for life

Summer is not just about lying on a beach or reading books in the pool. It is a time to go out and explore the beauty of nature. If you are up for an outdoor

7 Tips for When to Spend and When to Splurge

Everyone has budget restraints of some sort. Some greater than others. Having to decide how much to spend on a particular apparel item, accessory, or shoe, can cause a great deal of anxiety.

How to Choose Best Walking Sandals

From taking long strolls or walking through the mall to hiking up terrain or going on outdoor adventures, it is always important to take care of our feet. How do you do that? Support them

Your Complete Guide to The Perfect Walking Sandal

Walking sandals are quite a popular pick when you like the idea of walking long distances. When you are buying the sandals, it is essential that you should test them so that they do not cause any discomfort to you. Most people test the sandals by walking and covering shorter distances.

How To Buy The Most Suitable Sandals To Spice Up Your Day

Sandals are the most popular pick amongst people of all ages. The reason is that sandals are the comfort wear. They are a hot favorite during summers as well. However, buying the appropriate sandals that

Spring Summer 2015 fashion trends : Sandals that make statements

3 Sandals You’ll be WantingCraving Needing (Once I tell you why that you’ll need them) Whew! The summer is upon us and the mercury shows no sign of slowing it’s relentless climb upwards. And as the temperature rises, so does your desire to expose your toes.

Guide to walk comfortably in High Heels

Indiana Jones has the whip. Star Wars had the lightsaber. And Jurassic World has those heels. If you’ve seen the movie, you’ll know I’m talking about the one character of the movie that stood out more than any. No, not the dinosaurs, or the actors. It was those heels.

Bata Shoes – Past to Present

The story of Bata shoes began in 1894 in what is now known as the Czech Republic. In Zlín, Moravia, the Bat´a family decided to break from the tradition of a single cobbler lovingly crafting shoes in a tiny a shop, and instead opt for forming a shoe manufacturing organization.