If we go to history then Jewelry has mainly been consumed by females in society. Especially in some countries like India, China, and the UAE.

In the year 2015, India stood at the first rank across the world, by consuming around 650 tonnes of jewelry, followed by China and the US consuming 560 and 140 tonnes respectively.

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Commonly, the procedure of jewelry buying is simple People use to visit the jewelry store, choose their favorite pattern and make a purchase. But now everything is slowly been sold online. People are diverting from common to the online method of buying.

In a world, where now everything is been sold online at our comfort, the jewelry buying process is also now done online.

The customers can now make their own piece of jewelry online.

Online Custom Design

If you own a WordPress jewelry store then you can too allow your customers to design their own jewelry by themselves.

How it became possible?

That is possible by installing a free plugin called “WooCommerce Product Bundle Choice” developed by “Sphere Plugins”

The customers will be given uncountable elements to custom design their own pattern.

What so ever picture the user has in mind can be brought into reality. Only by the help of this new method.

Because of this online jewelry design method, a large number of patterns came into existence. With the increase in varieties in the market along with it, more demand also increased.

All the successful online jewellery businesses are reaping the advantages of this free plugin which has brought their profits to the highest levels.

Custom Design

You can see in the image above: The customer has to start from where he wishes.

3D Printed Jewelry

A new method of jewelry design has also come into existence which is now called 3D design in which the design is prepared on software like SketchUp, blender, ZBrush and many more.

3D Printed Jewellery

You can see in the image above. It is called 3D Printing.

How it became possible?

The 3D printing in jewellery became possible by the innovation of 3D printers in the market.

There are many types of 3D printer available like printers that need gold in the form of liquid while in some it needs to be in the form of wax.

But all the printers have one thing in common which is 3D file.

3D file is the mission or the final object that the printer will be printing. The user needs to put in the 3D file and then the printer will begin to proceed its work.

First, it prints the first layer. Let’s it dry and then again starts printing the second layer above the first one. The process keeps on going unless and until the final output is received.

Draw by Yourself

Another way is basic, which is a kind of DIY.

You can visualize the picture that you have in your mind into the paper, you can also call it a hard copy.

design Jewellery by Yourself

Submit it to your known jewelry store and they will give you the idea of how it will be exactly made.

This one is old, basic and quite popular. It is done by the majority of the people.

You can only type of giving a suggestion by this method. Because you aren’t using any software, it won’t be perfect.

Out of all this method, the first one, which is Online designing your own jewelry is very trending right now.

You can visit many websites that are using this technique and are making a handsome amount of money.

The plugin has all the built-in features. Features that are performed on its own. The website developers need to be using this feature.

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