Nice work – you’ve managed to get yourself an important job interview! But it’s not a time to celebrate quite yet though; you need to figure out what you’re going to wear. After you put together your best business casual look, it’s time to accessorize with jewelry.

As long as potential employees have been out hunting potential employment, the basic rule of thumb hasn’t changed. Your best course of action is to wear the clothing you’d wear if you already had that job. It doesn’t matter if this is your first interview fresh out of graduation or if you’ve been achieving your goals for a while now. Make it easy for the interviewer to picture you working in the position for which you are applying.

Workplace fashion is generally dictated by a few simple things such as the industry you’re employed in or the hours you work. These subtle rules also apply to any jewelry and other accessories you might prefer to wear.

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This article merely intends to serve as a rule of thumb, with some simple advice from an article as you sought. If you know what’s expected of your attire through industry experience and/or know-how then let that knowledge be your guide.

A Polished Look

As inexperienced job-seekers learn and veterans already know, landing an interview with just your resume and a cover letter is half the battle. Now that you’ve got your foot fully wedged in the door of new job opportunity you need to be at your utmost best.

It’s a job fair and not an interview? Don’t let that fool you. It’s the same thing.
Just make sure you’re POLISHED – Prepared, Observant, Listening, Intent, Smart, Experienced, and Deliberate. Make sure you breathe and do your best to stay relaxed. Don’t be nervous. You’re here for a reason; it’s your time to shine.

Simple Jewelry Works Best in a Job Interview

And speaking of shining, the right jewelry is a perfect touch. Just make sure to apply one simple rule every time – keep it simple.

Choose quality pieces that complete your look. You’re going to be doing a lot of talking in an interview so the focus will be on your face. Earrings are a must – just keep them simple and small. Studded earrings give your face a subtle frame.

Simple rings also do the trick. Claddagh rings or simple diamond rings are excellent choices.
Avoid layering necklaces, even if doing so is considered fashionable at the moment. Instead, choose a pearl necklace or a pendant or string for a classic look.


Make sure you understand that this rule applies to everyone. You want to keep the focus on you and not on whatever jewelry you may be wearing. It’s good to highlight your best features, but don’t overemphasize. Unless of course, your interview is in the jewelry industry, then you may reconsider what’s been written here!

Here are some quick do’s and don’ts to help even the most experienced jewelry wearing interviewees.

Jewelry Considered Job Interview Friendly

  • Wedding ring or a small band
  • Small, thin necklace
  • Small pendants lacking religious affiliation made from pearls, metal or even a muted color
  • A professional watch or single bracelet
  • Earrings (studs, small hoops or dangle earrings that aren’t overly obnoxious)

Jewelry Considered a Job Interview Faux-Pas

  • Multiple bracelets or bangles
  • Large necklaces with pendants as large or larger
  • Brightly colored stone jewelry or over-sized CZ stones
  • Watches or bracelets loaded down with CZ stones or even diamonds

Always remember the last thing you want to do is draw the attention away from your face. Bright, shoddy, gaudy, large or very unique pieces should be avoided.

You can wear a class or fraternity ring if you know there are alumnus ties to your employment. In any event, when it comes to job interviews and jewelry, you should always operate under the premise that less is more.

If the jewelry you’re considering wearing is the shiny attention-grabbing kind, wear it when you get home from your interview. You want the person conducting the interview to be watching the twinkle in your eye, not the twinkle on your wrist.

Once you’ve landed the job you’ll probably have a little more freedom to wear jewelry and express yourself in ways that wouldn’t have worked in the job interview process. Hopefully, this article helps you always make the right choices for women’s necklaces and jewelry accessories and may all your job interviews turn into six-figure incomes.