Evening parties are a part of every woman’s life. Whether it is a friend’s birthday party, an office party, gala or any other such event, you have to look great. Choosing the right outfit to wear after dark is tough because you do not want to send the wrong signals.

One way of looking stunning during a night party is by choosing the right jewelry. In this article, you will get tips on the best type of jewelry to wear and on how to wear your jewelry. Keep reading.

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Why Does Jewelry Matter At a Night Party?

Whether you choose to wear an amazing little black dress or a flowing evening gown, the jewelry you choose to wear plays a crucial role in your overall look. For instance, while attending an evening or night party, your glittering pendant necklace instead of the beautiful dress you wear, will be the focal point of your look.

With the illumination you expect at a gala or other such evening party, you can avoid sending the wrong signals and yet create a lasting impression and glamorize your look by wearing well-selected jewelry. You have to go the extra mile to find elegant jewelry that suits the specific occasion.

Accentuate your features positively. If you have a nice face, a pair of diamond studs will work magic with your evening outfit. Better still, well-chosen jewelry lifts your mood and gives you the confidence to interact with other guests. If you are the host, the jewelry you choose will go a long way in boosting your self-confidence when mingling with your guests.

Jewelry Ideas for a Night Party

With the importance of jewelry in mind, it is time to look at some options. Let us take a look:

1. Colorful Stones for Your Necklace/Earrings


You may never have considered wearing fancy jewelry. However, this is exactly what you might need for an evening party. An emerald green necklace or earrings will instantly lift your outfit and make you stand out in the crowd. These will work best if you choose a Cinderella gown or some other flowing gown.

Make sure to choose an outfit that forms an ideal canvas for the bright gems. For the best impact, your dress/gown must stay within the same color family as the tone of your jewels.

2. A Pair of Statement Earrings



Earrings always work magic when worn to an evening party, especially if you go for a fabulous pair of drop earrings. For the best impact, go for diamond embellished earrings because they can go easily with any outfit including your LBD.

3. Stun with a Bold Necklace



Your evening dress will most likely present a good on which you could show off a brilliant necklace pendant. If you opt for a V-neck dress or a simple neckline, you can go for a bold necklace adorned with chunky stones, bold beads or colorful baubles. Such a necklace instantly calls attention to your face, which may be exactly what you want for an evening party.

If your dress leaves décolletage open to experimentation, do not shy away from wearing a beautiful emerald and diamond necklace or any other bold necklace that you may have in your collection.

4. Gold/Diamond Bracelet


Now, if there is one misunderstood accessory, it has to be the bracelet. Many women may wear them wrong of course, but that does not mean you should avoid wearing them as well. To wear a bracelet right for a night party, go for an elegant design and stack a few pieces if possible.
Avoid too many pieces because they will distract from the rest of your outfit. When worn alone, a single bracelet adorned with diamonds, stones, or crystals can work magic and will instantly lift your look.

5. Hair Accessories



If you have beautiful hair, there is no better way to highlight it than by wearing the right hair accessories. Hair accessories can easily enhance your outstanding facial features too by beautifully holding your hair away from the face. Avoid gaudy or large hair accessories because they will create a distraction from your face.

6. Rock a Designer Watch



A ladies watch is not just a practical accessory but also one that oozes class and elegance. Choose a beautiful gold watch or diamond adorned watch for an evening or night event and you will complete your look effortlessly.

7. Dazzle with a beautiful Ring


Choosing the right ring for any occasion can be a tricky affair. For an evening party, you will want to go with an elegant yet fun ring, which does not send the wrong signal. A diamond cocktail ring, for instance, shows a woman who is comfortable, confident and ready to have fun.
Make sure you wear the ring on the right finger and do not go for a very large one because it might hog all the attention away from your face.

While there are no rules on how to wear jewelry after dark, these tips will help you to get the look you desire. Remember to mix warm jewelry with cool colored outfits and cool jewelry with warm colored outfits, and remember diamonds are the easiest to wear to an evening party.