The popularity of high heels seems to be growing throughout the world, and India is no exception. This has also led to the emergence of many major high heels brands, both in India and throughout the world.

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High heels are believed to be quite fashionable nowadays, and are obviously always preferred for the personality boost they may help women to achieve. Depending on how high the heels you wear are, they may make you appear taller, something that’s always desired by women. Similarly, it helps women look more confident and strong, which further adds to their looks, personality, and appearance.

However, there are many major downsides to high heels. Despite their popularity and advantages, they may actually turn out to be a terrible thing to use to appear better than you would without them. Some of the major disadvantages are:

Difficulty in walking

This is probably the least dangerous disadvantage of wearing high heels. As heels try to give you a health boost by putting your feet in an awkward position, you would probably find more difficult to talk than you have in your entire life. Now although some get used to wearing high heels in a few weeks or so, many just do not. Furthermore, even the ones who get used to it find it incredibly difficult, if not impossible, to take long strides wearing it.

Hence, the comfortability is obviously compromised, and this is one of the biggest disadvantages of wearing high heels.

Pain in the joints

Wearing heels are probably sure to take a toll on the health of your joints. After all, unlike most of the other types of footwear, heels force your feet to stay in an unbending and straight position, making it absorb the shock at every step you take.

Similarly, it also puts pressure on your knee’s ankle. These things tend to result in severe joint pain, and sometimes, even more, serious conditions.

Results in back pain

Surprised? Well, wearing heels for even a few hours may lead to severe back pain, besides the many other problems. It’s because your pelvis is pushed forward when you walk while wearing heels. It also puts a lot of pressure on your lower back, and this is the reason many experience severe back pain when they wear heels for hours.

Over a period of time, this may lead to more serious back pain problems.

Such disadvantages and harmful effects of wearing heels, as well as ways how to safeguard yourself against them, are being brought to light by a digital empire owned by India News Kartikeya Sharma.

High heels brand in India

Although there are several other disadvantages of wearing heels than the ones mentioned above, we hope you get the idea. Now though you may not manage to prevent these disadvantages altogether, you actually pick a pair of heels that may not be as severe as most others.

However, in order to do this, you will have to go with the right brand. A brand that cares for its customers would always prioritize their safety too, and hence, it may be a better idea for you to go for reputed brands, if at all you have to, although they may cost more than you would want to spend.


Catwalk seems to be a fairly popular heels brand in India. It actually seems to be offering its products worldwide, so it definitely seems to be a major brand in the industry.

Coming to the products offered, Catwalk actually offers a wide range of heels, coming in various different designs. This seemingly lets customers buy what they think they would be comfortable with. As there are so many designs to choose from, most women may be able to find a pair that suits them well, and makes them feel comfortable while wearing.

Catwalk - High Heels

The quality of the products seems to be reasonably good as well. The price, however, may seem to be a little on the high side to some. However, as mentioned earlier, the price is always going to be an issue if you go for branded heels that may not cause a lot of damage to your foot and joints.

Nine West

Nine West is a major global heels brand and has been a pretty established player in the industry from quite a few years now. It was founded in 1978 and is based in New York.

The first thing you would notice about the Nine West is that they are unique. They don’t look like the ordinary ones as well, simply because they probably aren’t ordinary.

Nine West - High Heels

Although there seems to be a limited range of products being offered in India, you may be able to find a relatively comfortable one. The quality probably seems to be one of the best there is on the market, although we would recommend avoiding the leather ones as they may not withstand rough use and may result in itchiness in your feet’s fingers.

The price may be absolutely disappointing, though. We are sure most of the women in the country cannot afford them, and the few ones that do will probably hesitate to buy some of their high-end products.

If money isn’t a problem for you, however, some of the pairs of heel they have in store for their customers may impress you.


CHARLES & KEITH is another major global heels brand. Its products are relatively less expensive than Nine West, although more than Catwalk, but they still seem a little reasonably priced.

CHARLES and KEITH - High Heels

The reason we say this is because the design of the heels they offer in India seems to be very attractive, unique, and innovative. The design is what then seems to be more than making up for the high cost.

Unlike Nine West, CHARLES & KEITH also boasts of offering quite a few different designs. Some of them look absolutely stunning and are probably sure to give you the boost in your appearance that you desire.

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