Shoes are an essential component while we dress for any event. Wearing appropriate footwear is necessary as a shoe either makes or breaks our outfit. For women, every shoe has a different meaning: few pairs look best with long dresses, sneakers which compliment a sundress, pumps and stiletto which are perfect from formal to casual events.

There are shoes for every dress; be it a legging, sundress, maxi, long skirt, etc. and what you must know is that which footwear is best for which look.

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Best shoes which complement dresses

There are countless footwear for women – there are pumps, stilettos, sneakers, running shoes, formal wear, etc. With every dress, there is a perfect shoe sitting in your closet. There is no need to buy a new shoe for every new occasion. To accessorize your outfit is important; we have numerous items in our dressing tables such as jewelry, watches, scarves, etc. We’ve hand-picked primary footwear for women which are essential to have in your closet.

Before buying any footwear, the key point to keep in mind is: shoe must be comfortable, easy-to-wear, practical and above all matches with various outfits.

1. Mules

As precisely said by Coco Chanel: “A woman with good shoes is never ugly.” Mules are a perfect example of regal look it offers to your outfit. Mules are specially designed for women who like to wear something comfortable for eight long hours. You can easily out these shoes and take them off, looks perfect for office wear especially dresses consisting of short blouses. Unlike stilettos, they have a small heel which offers plenty of sustenance to your foot. An only disadvantage of mules is that your heels must be manicured perfectly – Mules are not for chapped heels.

2. Wedges

One shoe can change your life. – Cinderella

For Cinderella, it was the case – a shoe changed her life. From a mere damsel, she became queen just because of a glass slipper. A shoe is authoritative as it provides the wearer confidence. There are women who complaint they have sore feet due to extended working hours in pointed heels – wedges are what they should opt for. These heels were famous in the 90’s era, but they are always in fashion. Wedges offer support to heels, walking in them is more comfortable, and they are available in numerous fancy styles.

3. Platforms

I actually have more shoes than anyone will ever know. – Tamara Mellon

Shoes are never enough – you may get three pairs of black shoes, yet there will always be a new black pair of footwear which will beat all the old ones. Platforms are symbolic footwear at formal events. There is a history behind it: In the Greeks era, platform heels were worn by superior characters in a comic show. These heels indicated their poise in the primeval stage plays. Platform heels integrate elements such as simple designs, stylish look, easy to put on shoes which are worn in places like formal business meetings, gatherings, etc.

4. Stilettos

A woman can carry a bag, but it is the shoe that carries the woman – Christian Louboutin

As mentioned earlier; every shoe has a history, and the same is the case with stilettos. This footwear was not invented for women. Yes, you read, right. It was meant for aristocratic and military men back in olden times. The concept of stilettos came from Persian riding boots – they have a small heel attached to the end of the shoe for support and riding purpose. Another historic happening converted stilettos for women was in the royal era of King Louis XIV, who announced red heels in his court for women and instantaneously prohibited men from wearing them. This revolutionizes the stilettos for women. With their sharp heels, it is among the most reliable footwear for women. They are manufactured of leather, tall, and are quite comfortable to wear.

5. Knee Boots

Life is short; your heels shouldn’t be! – Brian Atwood

More than half of the female population is crazy after heel shoes; and why wouldn’t they be? Heels provide a regal yet chic look in the outfit. You can transform any dress, be it casual or formal into something sophisticated by donning heels.

Knee boots are vital to have in your wardrobe. There are various materials which are used in making of knee boots such as velvet, leather, and other thick materials. They’re quite comfortable in winters, as you can pair them with any outfit – they will make it look perfect. You can pair them with skinny jeans as they accentuate the slender profile of your legs, with a skirt, or dress.

In Conclusion

There are a wide variety of shoes available for women, for every occasion; but these shoes, as mentioned earlier, are classics and are a must-to-have in your collection. There are colors, styles, and of course, your choice as to which shoe you prefer. There are sneakers which are important as well, but these few shoes will make any outfit perfect for occasions.