Everyone has budget restraints of some sort. Some greater than others. Having to decide how much to spend on a particular apparel item, accessory, or shoe, can cause a great deal of anxiety.

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As per I’m going to lay out 7 tips for helping you decide whether or not to splurge or spend.

Trendy Pieces: Save

I’m all for the black, fringe kimono, but not when it costs you an arm and a leg. If a piece is very much on trend, I suggest you find a deal. The same goes for patterns, fabrics, and finishes that are new and popular, and will most likely out next season. Find ways to incorporate these pieces into your wardrobe without breaking the bank.

Daily Footwear: Splurge

Imagine you buy a pair of boots for $200 that last for 5 years. At the time, it may feel like an investment, but let’s say the alternative is buying cheap quality boots that cost $40, 6 times within that five years. Not only will you probably like the expensive pair better, but they will serve you better in the long-run. And you’ll spend less money, if you invest at the get-go.

Footwear that is worn on a regular basis, for work, or for exercise, should be a splurge. Other shoes can be purchased at lower price points without sacrificing much else.

Workout Gear: Save


I’m all for buying workout gear. But I am not of the opinion that running shorts should cost an arm and a leg. Make exercise a priority in your life, and purchase workout clothes you feel good in, but don’t go over the top. If you exercise regularly, these pieces will start to smell over time, and you’ll be glad you didn’t spend $100 on the workout tank you’re now throwing in the “donate” bin.

Classics: Splurge

The title gives this one away. A classic, is something that will not go out of style. It is a foundational piece of the wardrobe that is not an of-the-moment cut or style. When purchasing classic pieces like black pants or a blazer, invest. Buy pieces that are well-cut in a timeless silhouette, and fit you like a glove.

T-Shirt: Save


You most likely wear t’s on a daily basis. Not only do you wear them frequently, but they lay very close to your body, close to all that perspiration. After many washes over a number of months, they will start to smell, fade, and have pit stains. These are something you do not want to invest a lot of money in, so that you can afford to regularly replace them.

Jeans: Splurge

If you recall your most recent shopping trip for jeans, you know that finding ones that are a good fit can feel impossible. You can try on tens of hundreds of pairs, and still not come out with ones that are right.

If you find a pair that fit you well, but are too long, consider spending the money to get them hemmed. This can be done inexpensively.

Jeans that cost more, often do for a reason. They are well made in a dark wash, with just the right amount of stretch. A good pair of jeans will stand up to many wears and washes, not stretch out, and not fade. You’ll be glad you splurged. The right pair of jeans will make you look 10 pounds lighter than a cheaper-quality pair.

Lingerie: Splurge

No matter what my financial state has been over the years, bras have been non-negotiable in my book. If you have to save money over time to invest, do it. The larger your size, the more important this is to do.

A good bra makes all the difference. Go to a shop where a professional measures you. I cannot tell you how many women are not in the right cup and band size. Once you’re in a good bra, in the right size, you’ll feel like a million bucks.


million bucks

For the items you decide to splurge on, consider buying items on clearance at the end of a season. Or check the web for coupons before you shop. Subscribe to email newsletters or “like” the Facebook page or brands and stores you love, to receive coupons and notifications of upcoming sales.

You get the gist. Splurge on pieces that sculpt your body like a bra or jeans. Spend on those items that will be in your closet for the coming decade and pieces that affect your overall comfort.

Save on pieces that add fashion and flair to your outfit, that might be out next season. Don’t spend too much on items that will need to be replaced sooner rather than later, due to use.