If you own a business and manage a growing team, it is imperative that, every once in a while, you make an effort to acknowledge their hard work. Sure, a paycheck is compensation you’ve agreed to, but highlighting significant achievements or landmark anniversaries is critical to establishing a positive company culture.

In fact, a recent survey from World at Work showed that almost 88% of corporate organizations have an employee recognition program, as companies recognize these programs can improve team morale, increase employee retention rates, and lower the costs associated with hiring new staff.

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Below, we have 7 corporate gift ideas that your employees will actually use..

1. Office Slippers

Give your employees the gift of all-day comfort. Office appropriate slippers grant your employees permission to feel a little more relaxed on days outside of casual Friday. Plus, if your employees are more comfortable, they’ll be more productive, too!

2. Travel Stationery Set

Some employees hesitate to actually use vacation days, so remind those employees that you encourage them to take some time off with this travel stationery set. The travel-themed writing kit includes a rustic compass notepad, a solid brass pen, and a handmade leather sleeve. This elegant set gives your employees everything they need to write on the go.

3. Laptop Messenger Bag

Laptop Messenger Bag

Anyone who has a job that requires the use of a laptop computer knows that carrying your computer between your office, your home, and the commute in between can be a real pain–especially if you don’t have the right gear to carry it safely and securely. A laptop messenger bag is both stylish and practical, with storage pockets specifically designed to protect your computer when you’re on the go!

4. Coffee Sampler and Mug

Sure, a mug is a perfectly nice gift on its own, but go above and beyond by pairing it with an artisan coffee bean sampler for the Java Joe in the office. This coffee sampler set features a premium selection of four delicious blends from around the world, including Costa Rica, Ethiopia, Honduras, and El Salvador. The vintage style coffee mug that’s included is the perfect way to enjoy all of them!

5. Loose Leaf Tea Set

A mug of coffee isn’t everyone’s… a cup of tea. Some people prefer a steaming mug of black tea to get them through their morning commute and mornings at the office. A loose-leaf tea set can include everything your employee needs to enjoy several popular varieties of tea, including English Breakfast, Hot Cinnamon Spice, and Earl Grey.

6. Beer of the Month Club

Beer of the Month Club

If you know your employee enjoys tipping one back every now and then, why not give them a gift that keeps on giving all year round? Enrolling them in a craft beer of the month club is the perfect way to say, “let me buy you a drink” every month! With this club, your employee gets to try a variety of styles from different craft breweries.

7. Skydiving

Give your employees a gift they will never forget. A skydiving adventure can be an opportunity of a lifetime, and it can bring your employees together around the shared experience. It can even improve their interpersonal relationship dynamics, communication skills, and overall morale. If you think your team would be up for it, think of a skydiving excursion as an investment in your company culture.

When To Give Your Employees Gifts

One way to show your employees that you care is by giving them gifts on relevant occasions – birthdays, holidays, and, of course, Employee Appreciation Day. If an employee is celebrating a significant anniversary (five years; ten years; etc.), make sure you take a moment to honor them for their loyalty. After all, it says a lot that they’ve been willing to spend a significant amount of their lives working for you!

But if you really want to make an impression on your employees, don’t just toss them some promotional swag that is taking up space in a storage closet. Give them a gift from this list that they will actually use – or let these items inspire you to find something else amazing!