Are you scratching your head over what to get for an anime lover this holiday season? All fans of anime are different, but as a whole, they’re easy to please. Take some time to pay attention to your fan’s likes and dislikes. Ask subtle questions about his or her favorite series, and you’ll be able to come up with a can’t-miss gift in no time! Here’s a list of anime-themed gifts to get you started!

Sailor Moon

An Epic Sailor Moon Puzzle

Sailor Moon is responsible for introducing hundreds of thousands of fans to anime. Some people got to know Serena/Usagi and the Sailor Scouts (or Guardians) via English dubs while others watched the original series in Japanese. Regardless, the series continues to produce die-hard fans who go on to explore the wide world of anime. This holiday season, you have the opportunity to give your friend a nostalgic gift that they will appreciate!

Instead of the standard Sailor Moon merch, consider an enormous jigsaw puzzle. Pick out a puzzle with 1,000 pieces or more. The recipient may enjoy completing the puzzle alone, but in the spirit of the holidays, pitch the idea of putting it together as a group. Puzzles are excellent activities for game nights! An entire group of you can assemble the puzzle while spending quality time as friends — everything Sailor Moon stands for!

Spirited Away Sneakers

Spirited Away Sneakers

Studio Ghibli is the end-all-be-all in anime. The studio is responsible for some of the most breathtaking animations and intricate storylines in animated history. Even people who don’t love anime can’t get enough of films such as My Neighbor Totoro, Princess Mononoke, Spirited Away, and Howl’s Moving Castle. Not so surprisingly, all four of those films are written and directed by Hayao Miyazaki.

As a result of Studio Ghibli’s wide-ranging popularity, it’s not at all difficult to find merch based on the studio’s top-selling features and characters. From figurines to 3D puzzles, nightlights, and apparel, you can get any type of Ghibli-themed gift for the anime fan on your to-buy-for list.

There’s nothing more stylish than a pair of high tops, let alone a custom pair decorated by a beautifully illustrated scene from the movie. Custom Spirited Away sneakers are on-point. Your recipient won’t have anything like these!

Wicked Wall Art

Wicked Wall Art

Home decor is a terrific gift idea for fans of anime. All you have to do is suss out the recipient’s favorite series and characters. From there, the world is your oyster! If you’re not keen to give your friend another basic wall hanging, then brighten his or her holiday season with high-quality art that goes beyond a simple poster.

How about an HD art scene spread across a panel of canvases? These setups are popular no matter what scene they depict. They’re designed to display a full scene across an array of canvases in various sizes so you can create your personally-themed gallery wall at home.

A modular canvas featuring a scene from Naruto is a can’t-miss gift. Everybody loves the eponymous demon or some other character from the series. Either way, an anime canvas will look fantastic in your anime lover’s home!

Awesome Anime Fashion

Awesome Anime Fashion

Here’s a gift for the anime fans and the art lovers on your list — A cheeky “Anime Eyes” tee shirt is an unbeatable present for an avid watcher of anime. It’s not something you see around all the time, so your friend or loved one can always wear it with confidence.

This particular shirt is a winner because of its cleverness and its versatility. Using popular artistic styles and films as references, the shirt reveals all the different eye styles found in the majority of anime series. From there, the design breaks it down for the viewer. Heroes have expressive, emotive eyes while the hero’s girlfriend always has a gaze that will melt your heart. Villains have a nasty stare while reformed villains are wise beyond their years.

An Anime Thing

It’s An Anime Thing

Want something to keep the anime lover in your life warm? What about giving the gift of a hoodie? Hoodies are functional and practical, especially around the holidays. Every layer counts when it’s snowing outside! If your friend has a good sense of humor, then they will love having a hoodie that pokes gentle fun at the fandom.

“It’s an anime thing. You wouldn’t understand,” is probably something that your friend or loved one has said about their anime love. People who aren’t fans of anime just don’t get it! Your pal will proudly wear a hoodie that proclaims the same message right out loud. Pick out the recipient’s favorite color. For bonus points, wrap the gift in anime-themed wrapping paper. Why not go all out?

It’s the season forgiving. Do some sleuthing to find out a few details about the anime fans on your list, then look for gifts that feature the anime series they watch over and over again.