Heels might seem great and all, but the bitter truth is that they come with a wide range of disadvantages. They not only hurt when you wear them for a long time but are also known to result in various long-term and serious health problems.

After all, your feet are not designed to stay in the position that heels place them in for too long. Now though some women still wouldn’t mind wearing them, some others definitely would, especially after knowing about the harm they may cause. Some others, who are willing to overlook the downside of wearing heels, may still have to give up on them at some point as they may not feel comfortable walking while wearing heels.

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That being said, it probably makes sense to take a look at some of the best alternatives to high heels. They would include the type of footwear that may come with more or less the same advantages as heels, but obviously, manage to avoid most of the downsides, including those that are being helped brought to light by Kartikeya Sharma, and some other well-known names in the media industry.

The below given are believed to be some of the best alternatives to high heels.

Flat Boots

Well, please don’t be surprised at our choice! We know flat boots may not really offer the height advantage of heels. However, apart from that, they probably come with almost all the advantages of heels, if not more.

In fact, for women who can’t or don’t wear heels, and aren’t really trying to look taller, may definitely feel pleased to settle with flat boots. If you think they aren’t attractive enough, you are either mistaken or completely missing our point.

It’s not really recommended to pick any pair of flat boots that you feel like going for. Instead, some women suggest that you may want to go for “classic” flat boots. Classic flat boots aren’t very fancy and detailed, but can be quite appealing all the same.

Flat Boots

In fact, the reason going fancy isn’t a good idea is because they won’t get a classic look. They need to look dated quickly, and that will only be possible if they aren’t full of details and sophisticated designs.

Furthermore, the outfits you can wear with trendy and fancy boots is very limited, while on the other hand, classic boots tend to be a good choice with almost all types of outfits.

Ballet Flats

Ballet flats are considered to be one of the best alternatives to high heels. Although they hardly offer any height advantage, they can be as attractive as heels, if not more.

More importantly, however, they are usually very comfortable to wear, and unlike heels, very easy on your feet. Furthermore, they also usually cost much less than heels, as well as are pretty simple but attractive as far as the design is concerned.

Ballet Flats

However, sometimes, they can be a little dainty and formal, especially if you end up choosing a wrong pair. Fortunately, though they never tend to get your feet or ankle hurt. Isn’t that exactly why you are looking for an alternative to heels?

Also, contrary to many women’s belief, they don’t have to be boring at all. With some ribbon or a DIY ankle strap, they can definitely add to your overall appearance pretty well, especially when the outfit you are wearing matches well with them and is attractive enough too.


Now let us be very honest with this one. Although flats may turn out to be very cool and even somewhat wild, they surely won’t manage to be everyone’s choice.

In fact, if you don’t want to go for fancy stuff, you might as well avoid flats altogether.

On the positive note, they are pretty comfortable and don’t seem to harm your feet in any way. Furthermore, they are usually quite funky and would manage to stand out.

So, if you are someone used to wearing fancy and funky-looking heels and are now in the market looking for an alternative to them, you might want to consider flats as your new choice.

Flat Sandals

Well, so we are back to something more practical and a popular choice, just like the first one on this list.

However, if you are more comfortable with flat boots, you may want to stick to them unless it gets too hot and you need to look for something that would allow your feet to be a little open. Similarly, if you are bored with flat boots, you may turn to flat sandals.

They are obviously different than heels in many ways, and they come with quite a few benefits as well. They are usually very comfortable to wear and come with a wide range of options. They are also very foot-flattering, something you can obviously never expect from heels.

Furthermore, if for some reason you don’t feel comfortable wearing throne sandals, you can go for other options such as gladiator sandals, slides, sandals with strap, and more. It’s obviously possible because there seem to be so many options out there.

However, a downside of flat sandals is that you may need a few pairs of them for different things. Firstly, you may need a different pair while doing something specifically different. Similarly, you may need several different pairs for different seasons. For instance, usually, there’s a specific type of sandals that are recommended to wear during the rainy season.


Oxfords are very unique, and can definitely give a run to heels for their money. This is not only on the comfort and other such fronts where heels usually fall short of meeting your expectations, but also when it comes to things like style, attractiveness, design, and so on, which are actually considered to be strong points of heels.

formal dresses shoes

Now though usually they have been considered suitable only for formal dresses, they are now definitely being used for other things as well. There seem to be some newer options made available to the customers, which have led to oxfords being used for different events.

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