Looking for a perfect gift for your girlfriend, we know it’s a tough job and scary too, but, don’t you worry, we are here for you. Choosing what to gift someone is a difficult task, but, when it’s your girlfriend, it definitely becomes tricky too. We know you respect her, take care of her and you’re putting your maximum effort to make her feel special and you want to convey all your feelings with gifts. Just think of what she likes the most or maybe what she does when she’s free. Now, you must have an idea around which you can think of something special for her.

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Still clueless? Don’t worry, you’ll definitely find something perfect for her by the end of this article. Below are our top 10 Unique Gifts For Your Girlfriend.

1. Unique Eyelash Curler

Unique Eyelash Curler

It’s true 9 out of 10 girls are crazy about makeup equipments, and when you get her something that is not owned by anyone else she would definitely love it. Not only that, it gives best and long-lasting curl to eyelashes. The price is also not much, it will fit your pocket easily.

2. Activated Charcoal Jar

Activated Charcoal Jar

Since we are talking about makeup, let’s stay under the same niche for this. Activated charcoal can be used as a face pack and even for teeth whitening. It suits almost all skin types and causes no harm to the teeth. It is definitely an out of the box gift that your partner can use in her daily routine.

3. Cute Plant Toy

Cute Plant Toy

Here is a DIY plant toy that grows real grass! Yes, it’s true, just water the plant for about 3 days and you’ll see grass growing on its head in around 5-7 days. It is really a thoughtful toy for all plant lovers. Apart from that it also acts as a great desk accessory.

4. Instant Camera

Instant Camera

When it comes to girls how can we not think about clicking pictures. We think most girls would love getting an instant camera as a gift. It clicks the same retro style pics that can be stuck on the refrigerator or just kept as a memory. Love for this would never end.

5. Personalized Magic Box

Personalized Magic Box

Because personalized mugs, t-shirts and cushions are too cliché nowadays, we think a block of wood in which a message is carved out definitely stands out. This is something that she would like a lot. You can also use it as a surprise, take her into a dark room, light up a candle and place the box above it. Leave the rest to your magic box.

6. Bath Bombs

Bath Bombs

We know how much you care for your girlfriend’s comfort. When she has a stressful day, all she needs is some relaxation. Bath Bomb to the rescue. Just put one in your bath, it dissolves fast and gives a nice colour to the water and a wonderful aromatherapy relaxation.

7. 3 in 1 Night Light

3 in 1 Night Light

Now this is a gift she can’t deny to. Who doesn’t love listening to some good music while going to sleep. This is a Night Light, an Alarm Clock and a Bluetooth Speaker. This is a great gift for her, and most importantly, she’ll think about you every night.

8. Unique baking Mould

Unique baking Mould

If your girlfriend is a person who loves to cook, we think giving her cute moulds for baking is a great idea. The moulds can not only be used for baking but also as ice trays with different shapes. The mould is made of aluminum and is a durable gift.

9. Tea Infuser

Tea Infuser

Yes, the same old tea infuser but with new design. As we have discussed above girls love unique and cute gifts. If your girl is a tea lover, this is something that he would love to have. It hangs easily on the cup and slowly brews the tea.

10. Bottle Cap Air Humidifier and Purifier

Bottle Cap Air Humidifier and Purifier

When your room smells great, you feel awesome. Most girls like their rooms to smell fresh all the time. Room fresheners are now old school, Air Humidifier is the new trend. Just fill a bottle with water and put a few drops of aroma oil in it, now place the cap, turn on the humidifier and see the magic spread all over the place.

We hope you have found a perfect gift for your girlfriend. And don’t worry; the secret that you took our help would remain between us.


Name- Garvish Khurana
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