Are you ready for the holidays? If you are like most folks, the holidays are not complete without some travel. A family vacation is the highlight of the holidays, a tradition for most families. For many parents, however, planning the trip is one of the most stressing experiences.  It causes a lot of anxiety which affects the overall mood.  Do you stay a vacation rental or a bed and breakfast? Which destination suits everyone? There is so much planning required for the perfect getaway for your family.

Wherever you destination, this holiday season, it is possible to enjoy a nice experience without the usual anxiety and panic.

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This article highlights some tips from avid travelers on how to make your holiday travels nicer. Take a look:

1. Prepare for the Holiday Chaos and Be Flexible

If you want to get through the holiday season chaos, you need to enter the season with an acceptance that things will get hectic. So many things that can go wrong and a suave traveler will always have a contingency plan. From delayed flights, airport shutdowns lost documents to queues in every office, you should get ready to maneuver through all this.

2. Start Your Research Early

The greatest mistake families make is to plan a trip based on assumptions. You need to carry out intense research of your preferred destination to avoid disappointment when you get there. Take time to read reviews and understand the place well before making any decisions.

In addition, research the cost of every aspect of your travel including flight, hotel accommodation, local travel, sightseeing, entertainment and any other crucial travel item.

Holiday Packages

3. Pack Light

Most first time travelers have a hard time packing because they want to carry everything with them. This leads to logistical problems and increased luggage costs. To make life easier, check that everyone packs light with only the essentials making it to the list.

4. Consider Holiday Packages

A holiday package is a godsend for families arranging a vacation or any other trip. This package is competitive and includes perks you can’t find anywhere else.

Luxury hotels in top destinations offer bundled packages that include flight, accommodation and food. This makes planning easier and you will save a lot of money through these competitive vacation packages.

Prepare for the Holiday

5. Choose Accommodation Early

The choice of accommodation can make or break a vacation experience. You need to book accommodation early and find the most suitable deal to suit your family. Many families encounter problems with their accommodation in terms of space and quality because they don’t research.

You have a variety of accommodation options including vacation rentals, bed and breakfast hotels luxury establishments among others. Check for amenities and services you need as the family in the accommodation you choose to guarantee an enjoyable stay.

6. Compare Available Travel Deals

However great a travel package looks, don’t rush to book before you check other available deals. There are travel packages aggregation websites which show you available offers that would suit your deals. You can check up the cost of a custom travel package to find an affordable deal that suits your family’s travel needs.

When looking for the best accommodation, call the hotels directly and negotiate the price while also assessing the quality of their customer services. The rule of thumb is never to pick the first travel deal that comes your way because it is not always the most affordable or suitable for you.

holiday travels nicer

7. Avoid Peak Travel Days/ Dates

You can save yourself a lot of trouble by traveling on days that are not popular with holiday travelers. For instance, you should avoid the Wednesday before Thanksgiving at all costs. Most people love traveling on this day and you will experience more logistical problems than usual.

You should delay your travel plans to leave early or late. This is not the perfect travel time but at least you will avoid the crowds and the meltdowns at airports.

At the same time, you should choose early or late flights because studies show they are on time and there are fewer people going for these. The best time for a road trip is when everyone else is asleep. You will have the road to yourself for a long time. It takes some sacrifice but you will travel without the usual hassle.

8. Plan Connections Carefully

Most travelers get stuck when making connections and it is important to understand how terrible this can be for a family. You should ensure there is sufficient time during layovers and avoid tight connections because they don’t work at this time of the year. You should also plan for your hotel connection in advance for a smooth transition.

9. Always Leave For the Airport Early

On any other day of the year, traffic to the airport is always busy. During the holiday season, things are even worse and for this reason, you need to start early to avoid missing your flight. Nothing is as stressing as missing a flight because it can ruin all your travel plans. It might seem like you have a lot of time to get to the gate but anything can happen on the road.

10. Download Helpful Travel Apps

Traveling planning apps will come in handy for planning, safety and exploring the destination. These apps can pinpoint the luxury hotels in your area, request on-demand roadside assistance, and provide directions, motels on the road, gas stations and so much more.

You should leverage the latest technology to save yourself any problems that come with traveling to new destinations blindly. Gone are the days when you had to buy a map and use it on the road. With a good app, you have all the information you need on the palm of your hand.

These crucial tips should help you travel safely this holiday. Remember it all starts with research because as they say information is power. With the right information, you can get the best and affordable flights, accommodation and everything else you need for your trip. Whether you want to stay at a bed and breakfast or a 5-star facility, you can find the best deals by shopping around. It also helps to download the latest travel apps for a safe and hassle-free traveling experience.